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This used to be a science blog and I used to be a Democrat. We’re living in extraordinary times and if it seems that I can’t stop covering the coup, it’s because the tides are finally turning in this unprecedented chapter of our lifetimes. It’s like 9/11 all over again, except that this time, the PSYOP served to divide the population against itself.

There are no words to describe how angry I am that most of my family and friends have been so brainwashed by the Globalists and their Democrat toadies and that this has put a wedge between us.

As a lifelong Democrat myself, who was not a Trump fan prior to the 2016 election, the horrendous and obvious collusion of the Mainstream Media with the DNC and the Globalist agenda is so blatant and horrifying, that I can’t believe that they can’t see it!

I also can’t believe our incredible luck now, that we actually have a president who is fighting against it and rolling it back. How can the Dems and my family members be sad that the Neo-Liberal, Corporo-Fascist Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was averted in 2016?

I’m very grateful that things are finally breaking the other way and I look forward to a future time, not long from now, when I’ll no longer feel the need to chronicle the grisly details of this outlandish episode in our history, because we’ll have finally won against the Globalists.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I hear your seethe. I share it. So many of us share your angst with family members in opposition just not seeing, we conclude they do not wish to and are unable to. I can easily see it turning into a physical civil war if things don’t get revealed. T is seething also according to insiders, and he is out for bear now. It is absolutely infuriating that no matter how well spoken and researched we are, they demean us. I just say, “Well, you will soon see.” They answer “Not in our lifetimes if ever.” I wonder if they will remember how they have been and the hatred for T they’ve shown? I wonder if they’ll instead say they knew it all along? I wonder how the ladies in my class will feel after having sworn “T’s coming DOWN, he just doesn’t know it yet!” While the opposite is true? I don’t think there’s been a single false flag I haven’t immediately seen through — when I saw on TV the planes “flying into the WTTs,” I knew they weren’t real and have been astonised everybody’s eyes did not know it. The Bldg 7 implosion was too obvious, yet that too they didn’t see. They have prided themselves on believing Susan Ford but not Kavanaugh, when it was obvious to me her voice changes and body language made a prima facie case she was lying. The Sandy Hook participants were fake, the casting calls for participants, the sales of the houses, all of it. Ditto Boston bombers. I wonder if we came into this world of different dna eyes and ears even with the same parents? There is a lot more than dna going on here! We see so much, they’ve known us our whole lives, yet they tell us we’re crazy. I cannot fathom how they cannot see!!!!! They will agree there is corruption yet not where it truly arises from. I hope and pray that with the Mueller and subsequent revelations they will finally be forced to acknowledge these truths! I personally have made the decision to just zip the lips so as not to start WW3 with those I love or care about. X22 report, Serial Brain 2 and others are my only comfort and I pray they are not just the hope “porn” some I respect think they are?

  • Hopefully its not five years in a country club prison but I’ll believe it when I sees it. I also hope that all Foundation money gets taken along with their other assets, along with the witches broomstick.

  • I sometimes wonder how the mind manipulation that is so obvious to certain people cannot be seen by others. I certainly have a high regard and respect for you Alexandra for not only seeing but valiantly working to add your voice and shining your lamp on the truth. I join you in rejoicing at every little victory against those who have ruled in darkness for so long and the thwarting of their aim to subject us all to abject slavery. For too long it has gone their way. Here’s to the victory of the light.

  • Dear Alexandra, I certainly hope you are right, and the truth will be reveled. We have been waiting so long for the truth. I hope we get it.

  • ALL, “Corporate Government” is a “Manchurian Candidate” controlled by what is Now being called “Cosmic Criminals” Now being called “The Alliance” by the “Operation Disclosure” site.
    Their MOTHER is none other than the VATICAN, also known in their bible as “Babylon the Great, Mother of ALL Harlots (Religions/Bankers/Corporations)…This of course includes their NWO.

  • If I could get lots of exposure of my various papers to the public, such as The Scam of the Legal System, The Legal System Equals Gambling, The Holes in the Legal System and The Achilles’ Heel of EVERYTHING in the Universe, we would see a sudden reversal of all of this suppression of ideas and truth by the MSM and Globalists.
    We are kept ignorant and dumbed down for a REASON!! It is so that we don’t realize there really are no chains around our ankles like we have been led to believe are there! This brainwashing and indoctrination comes at us from all quarters and angles, beginning in our homes, because our parents get it first! This programming did not suddenly come upon us all at once, it was done slowly and slyly by the newsprint media long, long ago, and even before that by the churches, where only the clergy knew how to read and write so they could keep the masses ignorant and under their control. So this idea of mind control is really nothing new at all, it’s just that we were not told how far back all of it really goes.

    • Randy– if you are so eager to share your insights, WHY did you not leave a link to your site? do you have a website? Or put your stuff up on Google docs and share that link?
      Sincerely dude, are you so amateur you don’t know how to do this?
      If you lack this modest expertise, WHY would anyone want to look further?

      • I’m sorry… I just automatically tune out anything anyone has to say the moment they invoke Q… As soon as I see anyone mention Q as a reasonable source of information… They lose all credibility with me.

  • there are as many universes as there are people. In our case it is the “the lonely planet”. It is good for the development of character there

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