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Here’s Black Pigeon Talks’ latest rant, which I’ve paraphrased in part, below.

The Left controls academia, the media, Hollywood and most importantly, Silicon Valley. They are intensely focused on suppressing any speech that goes against their political narrative. This consortium of oppression poses a serious threat to democracy and to the individual rights of the common person.

The Left today is absolutely and disgustingly censorious when it comes to political speech, believing that that Free Speech only means speech that reflects their values. Witness the massive censorship by the tech monopolies in the wake of Hillary Clinton’s disastrous defeat in 2016 and the mass de-platforming of dissident YouTubers and bloggers in the run-up to the November 2018 Midterms.

The idea that off-shoring our industrial base to China and hollowing-out the Rust Belt would not create political disruption is ludicrous on its face. Both parties paved the way for untold amounts of wealth to be redistributed to China, giving the Chinese immense systems of pressure over the US they could never have dreamed of just a few short decades ago. This should technically not be a partisan position for anyone. However, the controlled media continually attacks Donald Trump for being the first president in generations to make trade agreements that take American interests into account. What does this tell you?

In any country where you have the breakdown of the social contract and an inability to find consensus, the center will dissolve and polarization will increase. You can see this going on to a greater or lesser degree in Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, the Philippines, Turkey, Mexico, Brazil and in America, with Donald Trump. This is why you are seeing parties like the SPD in Germany, Labor in the UK, the Liberals in Canada and the Democratic Party in the US doing everything they can to rapidly import a new voting bloc that will be dependent upon them and their form of tax-and-spend government. In the increasingly heterogeneous America, with so many different interests and competing groups, tensions are not only increasing but inevitable and they can only grow.

Neither Classical- nor Archaic Liberalism nor Republican-style governance structures are compatible with the hyperdiversity of interests now attempting to live in the same space in the United States. It’s that simple. Many comment on the growing economic imbalance, as well as the growing chasm between the classes, with the middle all but disintegrating. This is giving rise to extremism on both sides. However, the extremism on the Left is unironically supported by the massive tech conglomerates, as they censor the Left’s political rivals, while simultaneously underminining the Left’s economic position via the globalization of labor.

In a fractured society moving evermore apart to embrace radical ideologies, defending the center and promoting pragmatism is needed, now more than ever. This is why the First Amendment is so important in a diverse and disharmonious society. Diversity of thought cannot be silenced by large tech firms, as it will only find outlets that are much less desirable, to the detriment of all. If Big Tech censorship continues, America will continue its slide and the bitter divisions between communities can only increase.

The US must move away from the cliff of Socialism that the Democratic Party is now trying to push it toward. Positive signs are everywhere and none more so than the increasing inability of the controlled media to set the political and the social narrative of the country. The United States needs to recreate a new group identity around freedom, democracy, self-sufficiency and real equality. If it can do this, anything is possible – “if” being the operative word.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • The American experiment will need to go through a cleansing to remove all ofnthe toxins that have come be be in this country. Keep in mind that the invading toxins will need to be purged entirely and completely from this country in order for it to be renewed..

  • I was watching a nine year old video about N.A.S.A., and scrolled down to read some old comments when I came across this little gem, and I could not stop myself from copying it. I think it also applies to the rest of government.
    4 years ago
    why do we continue to fight wars over shiny stones and bubbles when we should be directing this aggression towards the people who continue to deceive us using our money[taxes] to do so is the truth about our universe not more important than money and material possessions? We need to redirect our energies and force these people to reveal the truth about what’s really going on! I continue to wait in anticipation for the day when we ALL realize this and begin an affirmative action! These people are committing crimes against humanity and are criminals and the enemy!

    • my shiny stones and bubbles are mere rubble
      because of printed money and leaves that burn
      ‘tween petro wars and false flag flames
      to make heads turn

  • i had vivid dream that whoever won the democrat primary for president had to choose Hillary Clinton as vice president.
    The person chosen as potential president had to agree to be removed by illness, accident,or incompetance,they would be paid well to agree.
    The number of people vying for the leadership would make the position of “take one for the team” easier.
    Joe Biden would be favourite given his age and history. A woman picked for leadership would have to be “following the money” more than the position.
    When awake i realised the job of fixing the rise again of Hillary would involve a lot of plotting by the left. and a lot of hush money.
    Hillary and the country would be controlled by the elite, or deep state,or?
    More a nightmare than dream maybe !

    • LOL. Terrifying! Even scarier, it’s widely believed that HRC will enter the race this November or December.

  • White Supremacy folks NEVER wanted “Equality” between the races, and NEVER will.
    They would NOT have carried out that “Fake Terror” Event on 9/11, and Should have just followed through with NESARA Law as was Actually Planned to be announced THAT VERY MORNING at 8:45am.
    This STOLEN Country (By Corporate US) is NOT the Original AMERICA occupied by it’s INDIGENOUS Native people…So How can it ever become UNITED???

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