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  • In my opinion Michael Flynn is a POS. The entire Flynn/Flam family is another branch of the Irish/Catholic mob along with the Biden family. Flynn has had everything restored to him (military pension and benefits) in addition to all the donations that poured into his pockets while he was being soooo boo hoo persecuted and mistreated by the FBI and Justice Department. Yeah right! Meanwhile millions of Americans murdered due to the jab and he goes around collecting money from his “Save America Tour.”

    All of the Trump BS from the beginning with Admiral Rogers coming to the rescue to warn DJT and poor Flynn being setup and fired was all a psyop. Now Flynn is suing and will probably make millions more off of that lawsuit. Personally I do not believe the American people will ever learn the truth or live long enough to see justice served.

    Someday people will wake up and ask themselves if Flynn was the head of US Military Intelligence and the US Government had been planning the Covid scandemic for over a decade, why didn’t Flynn warn the American public before hand “What Storm Sir?” “You’ll find out” Trump, Flynn and the whole administration are nothing but grifters and scammers taking advantage of purposely uninformed and vulnerable public.

  • Israel first-er and homegrown false flag terrorist watchdog Gen. Flynn exposes the FBI as a existential threat to our country . As the DS policy failure pileup has grown into a massive money sinkhole and we can no longer afford the level of war funding necessary to insure american supremacy abroad thereby squandering our gift to mankind of endless war and election theft .
    This guy makes more noise than grannies old rambler wagon on a white rock road .

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