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This latest turn of events with Iran is concerning, particularly as it feeds into both Christian and Shiite End Times prophecy.

The Ayatollah Khamenei is heavily invested in the belief in the return of the Redeemer of Islam, known as the Mahdi. According to Shia tradition, the Mahdi’s tenure will coincide with the Second Coming of Jesus (Issa), who will assist the Mahdi against the Dajjal (Antichrist) to bring justice and peace by establishing Islam throughout the world.

We are in a war of narratives.

With the Swamp, the Fake news and Hollyweird now terrorizing the public about World War III, after having said nothing when Obama dropped over 26,000 bombs in 7 countries in the year of 2016, alone – nearly 3,000 times without with approval of Congress, I think it’s important to offer another narrative about Iran that you will never hear in the Mainstream Media but that you will hear referred to in QAnon posts, on InfoWars, the X22 Report and in the words of Dr Dave Janda, who joins Sean at the SGT Report.

The alternative narrative is this: the theocratic regime of Iran, of which Ali Khamenei is the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution was installed by and is a part of the Globalist Deep State – and the Iranian people have been hostage to them ever since.

As Dave Janda says here, “[Maj. Gen. Qasem] Soleimani…was the head of operations for terrorism for the Deep State.”

Once you understand this version of reality, that Iran is a secret ally of the Globalists, which is diametrically opposed to the official narrative, that Iran is a rogue enemy of the Liberal World Order, certain recent episodes in the Middle East suddenly make sense.

You then understand why Barack Obama gave the Khamenei regime $1.7 billion in unmarked bills on pallets, in the UN-EU-brokered 2015 Iran Nuclear Deal. You then understand why the King of Globalism, himself, Pope Francis sang the praises of this deal.

You also understand why CNN aired Soleimani’s funeral on Saturday and why the late leader of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was referred to in the Washington Post as an “Austere religious scholar”.

Dr Janda also gives his views on other things that are on deck, like the 2020 election, the coming DECLAS, the expected indictments of coup-plotters from US Attorney John Durham and the brewing flashpoint for civil war, with Virginia Governor Ralph Northam’s Unconstitutional gun grab.

Northam is finding the local sheriffs will not enforce it and neither will the National Guard, who he’d threatened to call in. Janda opines that Northam must be blackmailed to within an inch of his life to be attempting to infringe on the Second Amendment Rights of his constituents.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Tried to post an educational comment but for some reason they won’t post it.
    Guess censorship is all over now.

    Like Hillary wrote in her tweet =
    Hillary wrote in a tweet – ‘”The Dem followers are completely fooled and dumb and easy to manipulate so we can make them believe anything we want to, and we need to keep them
    that way ! ‘”

    • I have to install a spam filter in my comment section that gets automatically triggered when a commenter uses a lot of URLs in their post. Otherwise, spammers put links to naughty movies, etc.

  • Quick enough to cover Trump’s blooding trails. Murdering, slaughtering, and assassinating
    anyone, anywhere, anytime, by any means of USA is always free of charge and
    Indictment. So called “Exceptionalism” a nation. Truly farce and travesty. This man
    in the video distorted the realities and victimized the victim is the foreign policy gams
    that US playing well.

    • I get that you’re a member of the “50 cent army” and from the point of view of the PRC, I suppose what you say is valid.

      You’re exceptional, too, in different ways.

  • Let’s see… Bush, Obama, and Clinton are responsible for millions of deaths in the Middle East…How would America like it if some country took out Bush or Trump? America needs to get out of the Middle East and start to invest in life and the American people…The Congressional Military Industrial Complex will be then downfall for America…enough of these political games and macho egos…Enough!

  • Trump has made a huge mistake that will probably cost him the election unless he radically changes his course and gets out of Iraq as the Iraqis want. I listened to Syrian Girl on Alex Jones and her version of the story is likely correct. Israel did not want a Hezbollah friendly Iraq allied with a Syria friends Iran–so Iran, Syria, and Iraq on the same page. They managed to get Trump to start a war, a war that 70% of the American people do not want. This General fought along side of the Americans to get rid of ISIS. He is the most popular leader in Iran. The Iranians have no choice but to attack the U.S. This is the war that Israel has been pushing for, ever since 2003. Now Trump has gotten us into it. This is putting the interests of Israel before those of the United States. I am personally devastated because I believed him when he said America First–now he has betrayed Americans for the sake of Israel

    • The Sheriff has the utmost authority in his county – over courts, governor or any Fed or anyone.
      The Feds have NO authority outside of their DC borders. THAT is law since the Founders. There is no one higher then the Sheriff in his county – not even the President !
      This Communist coup in VA is TREASON and they all need to be arrested and hung !
      Do that and you will never see another attempt here of this coup action again !
      I’m shocked that so few know so little of the real AMERICAN law. .
      A coup is happening in Va. A coup is TREASON ! TREASON GETS ONLY ONE PENALTY = IMMEDIATE EXECUTION !
      The Sheriffs can tell the National Guard to go in and arrest every Dem in office because they are ALL are part of this coup ! This is the DUTY of the State National Guard to do to protect their state and people ! !

      DC cannot lawfully get involved state affairs unless what a state is doing endangers other states or the country as a whole.

      Good grief its unbelievable how few authorities know the real law !

      And here’s another law none seems to know about – Hillary CANNOT LAWFULLY RUN FOR PRESIDENT BY LAW ! And BTW Hillary or any criminal can be arrested no matter what political involvement they have ! She CAN be arrested while running for office ! use common sense ! If no one running for office could be touched then what stops many criminals and killers from running for office just so they could escape arrest ! THAT does not even make sense !
      How would a people be expected to let a well known criminal to run to lead their country !?
      That is insane !

      FYI – Oprah is as bad as Hillary – she is also a black Crowley witch – a high priestess – and a Satanist just like Hillary is. Oprah was also a trafficker for Weinstein ! Doesn’t anyone do their research and vetting ?

      Right now in Calif via “vaccines” is killing babies and adults in mass ! The so-called “vaccines” are a OWG population REDUCTION agenda ! Vaccines are a Satanic death weapon for the OWG ! God forbids them ! Former military doctors who worked on them have exposed teh truth that these have been bio-weapons for warfare from day one ! And you get chipped via vaccination as well.
      Hillary Or Michael Michelle Legally Ineligible To Be President – by LAW !


      VACCINES: NOW EVEN YUMMIER!And more deadlier !

      Read comments too.

      Do some research !


  • Running, for cover! LOL All of the deep state swamp rats are running for office, cover.
    President Trump needs to fire the S.E.S. eliminate them all at once, they cannot be fired separately. If fired they will retain everything they are receiving now. I could go on and on.
    Thank you, Alexandra, for all you bring us.

  • All the hand wringing over this dead terrorist is silly . the white hats have the Looking Glass that see the furture . No mistakes taking Place

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