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When the Fake News geared up the sabotage machine in 2016, claiming that Trump was a homophobe, antisemitic and a racist, anybody who lived in New York City knew these were lies.

New Yorkers may not have liked his hairdo or the gaudy décor of his Trump Tower apartment or the cheesy beauty contests or Trump Steaks and Trump Wine but the reality was that Donald Trump was regularly seen out late at night, cavorting at New York City nightclubs with denizens of the gay, Jewish and Black communities. I was there. I saw this on numerous occasions.

And I remember reading in the 1990s that Trump had opened membership to Mar-a-Lago to Blacks and Jews, causing outrage among the Old Guard of Palm Beach, many who to this day, do not accept Black and Jewish members.

I was surprised at how these 2016 Mainstream Media Lies stuck but I’m not surprised at this video filmed by The Random Side on June 2nd with Black Panther Party founding member, David Hilliard, who was friends with Donald Trump during the 1960s and received donations from him to his political party.

Hilliard says, “I knew Trump when Trump was a college student in New York and he supported the Black Panther Party. That’s how I knew, Trump then.”

The Random Site host, Carol Mitchell asks him, “What kind of person do you think Donald Trump is?

Hilliard responds, “Trump is a person who’s a decent man and he supported the Black Panther Party – that’s what I just mentioned – he was someone who gave us money and Trump was a decent guy.”

Mitchell persists, “When you say ‘a decent guy,” and Hilliard interrupts, “I was one of two Black – Trump, yes Trump’s a friend of Africans Americans and I knew Trump from the 1960s in New York, where he comes from and he’s a friend to African Americans.”

Mitchell continues, “Now when you say a ‘friend’ to African Americans, what do you mean by friend?” Hilliard answers, “I mean he’s not a racist. He’s not a racist, fascist white man, he supported Black people. He owned every Brownstone in a place called Harlem, New York.”

Mitchell asks, “Do you remember the time that Trump supported Jesse Jackson?” Hilliard replies, “No but I remember when he supported the Black Panther Party.”

Mitchell continues, “So, in your opinion, Trump has always been – and now, that he has these 34 counts of being a felon – Trump has always been part part of the Black Community or familiarized, at least with the Black Community.”

“That’s exactly right,” Hilliard says, “Trump was a friend to people of African-American descent and he owned all of Harlem.”

The interview continues in this vein for a couple more minutes before she wraps it up, “Thank you very much. This has been your host, Carol D Mitchell on the Random Side.

“I think that was pretty much self-explanatory: Trump helped the Black Panther Party out with funding and also was friends with all the African-Americans and owned a lot of property and was probably a landlord in Harlem, the Bronx, etc.

“I think that Biden’s got some real troubles. Where is he going to come up with 85 million votes again? God bless you and yours. Please share, subscribe and always remember: Anything’s possible in Bizarroworld!”

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  • Yup–100% true!

    I got puhlenty of “crittercisms” fer the Comb-Over Guy but I can tell ya two things that are TRUE from a New Yawker myself:

    1. he gave one of his swanky Trump Tower apts. to a homeless black lady–paid her rent an’ covered food, utilities–see she kept campin’ out in the lobby an’ his staff finally called him b/c they couldn’t get her out an’ his response was not “call in the police” but rather “give her Apt 12B (whatever), I’ll pay for it… (sorry no link)

    2. he wuz really good to his staff on the Apprentice–I know this cuz I used ta know folks that were there behind the scenes (crew, makeup folks) an’ they said he ran a good ship–no funny bizness on set, hired many capable women (nobuddy forced him ta do this) including a couple “women of color” who were high-up producers, etc. (All this wuz WAY before any diversity hirin’ stuff or MeeToo pressures–he just did it), wuz generous with bonuses an’ personally helped folks under his wing– if ya know much ’bout this biz, ‘specially TV / Hollyweird — there are many cut-throat tactics an’ dangerous sets an’ ugly nasty producers (not ta mention “handsy ones”) all behind the shiny exterior the public sees… So that he ran a clean set, placed capable black women in high positions, an’ was generous to all folks / all faiths, etc. ain’t nuttin’ to sneeze at in a very sleazy environment

    3. (bonus point) He & Ivanka are workin’ “behind the scenes” to stop some of this horrific sex traffickin’ stuff — Jennifer Guskin (SRA suvivor from CT) singled him out–she’s just an ordinary young woman, not a big $ funder–her voice meant sumthin’ ta me… NOBODY else tried ta help her–in fact the others (gulp) par-tissy-pated

    So sure, Warp Speed wuz brutal an’ I gotta lotta beefs with him politically (an’ bein’ pals with Roy Cohen? egads) BUT I’d say these are all positive gestures in his real-life dealins with folks–blacks, gays, jews, etc.

    ALSO—he came to Palestine, IL (should be ILL) when those poor folks had toxic “everything” dumped on them. Biden didn’t show up. NOBUDDY else showed.

    That man shows up… Everyone sez he’s kind, gracious, attentive, many I know siz Biden (in person) is purdy nasty.

    Trump may have many skelly-tons in his closet (soitenly Mob connections with the casinos) but at the end of the day he’s likely MORE of a decent human than many would assume due ta all the bluster… just sayin’ what I know (an’ nope, I don’t think it wuz “all for show”)

  • All medias lie on different topics, depending on their agenda, and there are no true friends out of politics.
    Also makes me feel like (while I’m no fan of God / Gods) who that F is he to bless others in the name of God?

  • Mind-frack, the entirety of the video.

    Keeping people in the completely faked (theatrical) left-right paradigm by actors willing to proselytize. That is called mind boxing. The woman interviewer (note her blue masonic shirt), the interviewee actor and this video’s invisible director (and intermittent commenter) are keeping their audience’s minds inside a specific (“right” in this case) mind box. By any and all means at their disposal, from street level to national level, all agents are participating in one single production called ‘Splitting the nation down the middle and keeping the masses split until they cast their votes while channeling their anger against each other’.
    In this video’s case: exploiting artificially manufactured “good name” of Panthers (by the MS- and ALT-media) in the past productions for achieving very particular goal in the present.
    Why film this person (personae=mask) in such a way that mainly only half of his face/mask is visible? Are these theater stooges hiding something? Is this man actually David Hilliard?
    Note his name David. What does wiki say about him:

    “Fellow Black Panther Party member and BPP Central Committee member Donald L. Cox has suggested that during Hilliard’s stint as BPP Chief of Staff, Hilliard became an autocrat highly influenced by Stalin. Cox has stated that as the party explored Marxist theory, Marxist-Leninism became the party line and that in particular Stalin’s book Foundations of Leninism was read and practised. Reflecting those principles, Cox alleges that Hilliard began to place loyalty to the party above all and dealt out punishment, denouncement or expulsion from the Black Panther Party to those who opposed him or the party line, even for the slightest of offence, with his orders being carried out by internal enforcers known as the “Black Guard” and “Buddha Samurai”. Simultaneously, Cox says, Hillard dismantled the power and authority of all other members of the Black Panther’s central committee aside from himself, and that of Huey Newton, in a vicious drive for power.”.

    The first part is telling us he is a staunch Leninist hardliner, a zealot Commy, who is supposed to hate all the rich, especially landowners. And here he wants us to believe that he likes capitalist Trump because he gave money to Panthers. Reminds me of international banksters Schiffs and Warburgs financing bolsheviks in Russia. David’s final words are “fight the power”. Is he fighting the powerful capitalists (the likes of Trump who are relentlessly presented by the MS and ALT-media to be a business wunderkinds), the enemies of working class, or is he playing his life-long role of fake revolutionary and a fake representative of the black people, like his role-model Lenin faked he is on the side of working class of Russia?
    Which is it: is he ‘fighting the power’, Trump, Biden and all other rich leaches of the swampy West, or is he a phony, a payed stooge to lead, in this case the black, ‘sheeple’ to a new grazing grounds prepared as a trap by the fascistic international trillionaire bankstering elite (who pay for presidential candidatures of all wanna-bee POTUS stooges in all parties), a ‘voting’ trap (voting as giving consent) laid down for the people of the US, to be milked while building their own digital prison as their souls are harvested as a qualia source for the Big Machine?
    His slogan ‘fight the power’ only makes sense If by ‘the power’ he means the people, since that is what David-stooge has been doing all of his life, fighting people for the trilionaire club’s benefit. I think that he knows what he’s doing, that is why the escapades into doing drugs to hide from his ‘blackened’ karma.

    And the second part of the wiki citation (above) tells us his role in the Panthers was to find and clean all the internal opposition, all those who didn’t go along with Huey Newton’s “vision”. Knowing that Newton’s life-long role was created by the FBI, I can only conclude that David’s Panther role was scripted by the FBI as well.

    The Black Panthers Were Created by J. Edgar Hoover:

    • Dejan,

      Regarding “left-right paradigm,” you have two
      brains : Left-Hemisphere Logical vs. Right-
      Hemisphere Emotional, which two personal-
      ities effect Right vs. Left politics (( keep in
      mind the body/brain Cross-Lateralization,
      where the Right-Hemisphere controls
      LEFTISM in politics and the Left-Hemisphere
      controls RIGHTISM in politics, and which
      divisions, as expressed in human behavior,
      CAN’T be avoided )).

      Regarding BLACKS vs. WHITES :

      Black on White Crime—FBI Crime Statistics, Hidden by MSM :


      • Like Obama when the camera & Lights show up, Old 45 magically appears, surround yourself with freakish DC zoo animals and you’ll shine in the eyes of dEmOcRaT
        Party.. Rachel Levine, Ladybug Buttigieg, General Milly, and the latest Lab trans gender creation 🙄

    • Panthers wuz def. maipulated and mebbe yes, a full-out commie spook invention.

      That said, a lotta “well meanin’ celebs” (Leonard Bernstein fergawsakes) wanted to “do right” an’ hosted the Panthers, shoveled money their way (see NETWORK–some priceless scenes thar ’bout that con).

      They were “rebellious” but not quite considered dangerous the same way from all I’ve read–edgy–sure. Not sayin’ that the bleedin’ heart liberals (I grew up ’round ’em, I know from this stuff) were anything but dead wrong about which causes to fund–or whom to trust–BUT I’m guessin’ The Donald (then a democrap) was drawn inta the sympathy corner like SO MANY others… decent-hearted / well-intended, fully CONNED.

      Spooks (FBI, CIA, etc) were in every movement if they didn’t create ’em too–feminism, etc–so I don’t blame someone tryin’ ta throw their sheckels at a “good cause” even tho’ they hadn’t a clue they were doin’ the oppysite… anyway, crooks were always on both “sides” — a false construct too… (sigh)

      (speakin’ of spooks, Miles Mathis is velly “spooky” so I don’t trust “all” he puts out, much is pure banana oil studded with “gems” of truth–just a caveat…)

  • I think all this is true, including Alexandria’s testimony!

    My personal knowledge of Trump harkens back to 1985 when he purchased Mar Lago across the creek from my home town of West Palm Beach. From there he proceeded to reshape my home town in the image of his home town of NYC. He was not the first NY high-roller to do this and he was followed by another NYC high-roller real estate developer by the name of Henry Kravis, who after turning West Palm completely upside down, built a memorial to himself in downtown West Palm Beach called The Kravis Center, a little like Fido marking his territory after making a deposit.

    The Trump I have always known is not the fictional media Trump who used his great wealth to project himself as a modern savior of America in the visual media. He has literally bamboozled rudderless Evangelicals out of their gourds!

    My advice to anyone on any person who proclaims anything about them selves, is look at their walk. Does it match their talk? Clearly in the case of Donald or Biden or most of those who project themselves as something its mere theater with themselves cast as the star.

    As concerning for whom I am inclined to vote, I will say in advance neither of these two plutocrat flunkies. There are several far superior qualified names I can presently think of writing in. A morally straight reluctant candidate is much to be desired.

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