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Robert Scott Bell: Part of our problem, or of the many problems we may face today, is our lack of knowledge of history. And even if we know a little bit of it, we kind of go, well, shrug, what am I going to do about it? Well, knowing about it is one of the first steps, and apparently there’s a documentary that’s either coming out or come out called Alexandra Bruce is here to tell us about it.

And I know at some point, SuperDom, we’re going to play a little clip about it as well. And you can check out also But yeah, there’s the SplinteringBabylon website.

SuperDom has put that up there for you. And there is Alexandra Bruce. Welcome to the Robert Scott Bell Show.

Alexandra: Thank you, Robert. I just learned so much in your intro. Oh my God, Selenium, all these other things.

I was listening to other shows, all these machines; things that I definitely would have wanted 10 years ago when both of my parents were dying the worst possible cancer deaths you could imagine. And I was caring for them, and they were divorced. So it was just, wow.

RSB: Yeah, there are certainly many times that we learn about these things and say, oh, if I only knew, right?

Alexandra: They got it from Rockefeller Medicine – and we go to the Rockefeller Cottage here in the trailer. Yeah. I’ve always known since I was 13, because I had a very intense UFO sighting, that, “Okay, everything we’re being taught is a lie!” because it was breaking the laws of physics, it wasn’t on the front page, it wasn’t on TV. So I knew, oh my God, at 13, I knew they’re lying to us. But I’ve spent the next 50+ years really getting how everything is a lie.

RSB: What do they say? “Reality will not be televised”, even though they say, well, we’ve got this reality TV show. Really? How real is that? So much of what we are discovering and uncovering has existed, and people have discussed it in quiet circles, but much of it has been suppressed.

And I feel like as much as I’ve learned about what I consider real history, I probably only know a fraction of what the real history is. We have been smoked by those who win the wars, right? They rewrite the books, they erase history. And one of the most glaring examples in my life was realizing they erased pretty much everything about the medical history of America.

That included herbalism, homeopathy, naturopathy, and they wiped it out in the 20th century to the point where I never heard some of these words that I use regularly today that helped to heal me. I didn’t learn about it until I was 24 years of age. I’m like, if they can erase entire systems of medicine from the history books in the span of less than a hundred years, what else has been erased from history? A lot.

Alexandra: But yeah, I mean, I’ve even heard that they’re collecting all the old medical textbooks and pulping those because they still have something –

RSB: They’re very indicting of the current schemes to poison us for profit. So, you know, one of the things I know that you’ll cover is something that is not so unknown, certainly not in this audience, this thing called Operation Paperclip, post-World War II, where they smuggled in a bunch of the Nazi scientists and others, brought them into the United States for the purposes of gleaning whatever they learned, however horrific the ways or methods they used to learn them.

And that may have infiltrated the culture of what was to become 20th, 21st century America. Even today, the impact is still being felt. But many people, even though they’ve heard of it, might not know that impact.

Maybe you can share a little bit about that.

Alexandra: Well, sure. We can talk about Project Paperclip, which happened after World War II, where, for example, Reinhard Gehlen was brought into the OSS to, really then form the CIA because he had been doing counterintelligence for the Nazis against the Russians and he knew everything about the Russians.

So that was the justification for that. But basically, we had a Nazi general found the CIA. But who, you know, and the CIA itself is modeled after MI6, which is British intelligence.

And what we see is that this is just a ruse. Everything has been – ever since we won the American Revolution, it’s just been this incremental clawback by the British crown and the aristocrats, the Black Nobility, of taking America “back”.

You know, they believe that the world belongs to them and that they need to rid the world of us. You know, they only need a few maybe robots to tend to them.

RSB: I think there’s a naïveté associated with the dawning of America that, you know, because we were founded and rooted, and we talked a lot about that last hour with my friend Jonathan Eymord, on a basis of individual liberty and that rights come from God, not government, unprecedented in recorded history, at least, that that would be enough. We have a Declaration of Independence.

We have a Constitution. But those are mere, as it’s been said, “parchment barriers”, unless the people stand up and defend Liberty. And as you point out, the moment the Constitution was ratified, there were people within our government and others trying to undermine it and continue to do so.

Jonathan Eymord wrote a book about the Progressive Rra from the 19th century forward, post-Civil War, how it accelerated the move away from the origins of America to collectivism. And, you know, here we are, looking at losing this beautiful, you know, basis of a government that is limited by design by those who recognized that government would be the problem, not the solution for what ails us.

Alexandra: It’s really sad. So, yeah, so Paperclip, the thing is, there’s a deeper element to Paperclip. Yes, we brought in, you know, what is it, like 10,000, 15,000, I don’t, you know, we don’t really know the real number, German engineers to help with the space program, to help with spying on Russia, to help with various technologies, maybe exotic technologies, maybe UFO-type technologies.

But really it’s, racism, as we understand it, really was born in the United States during the slave times because it was the first time you had people who looked so different that you could just identify them and go, okay, you’re a slave and you’re a slave forever, and they can escape and you’d know that they were a slave.

Because there were plenty of white slaves in America at the time as well. Irish people who were, you know, enslaved, but if they escaped, you couldn’t really tell that they were, had been a slave necessarily.

So, and the Germans just loved that. The Europeans were, you know, these Black Nobility, because their whole worldview is one based on slavery. They’ve been so angry at post-war America with our consumer culture and everybody has a barbecue, everybody has a lawn, everybody has, goes to school, everybody has shoes, you know, they don’t like that. They want, they want peons. They want people that they can manipulate and dominate.

And so incrementally, this is what they have been trying to do. And, and, you know, and they helped, there’s no way that, for example, the Jewish conspiracy, right? The, the Kazarian mafia could have pulled off the third Reich without the Black nobility. Okay?

Or without the help of US and British bankers to finance and supply them throughout the war. And the same goes for the Communists. These were Wall Street financiers who financed the Russian revolution.

I mean, so what we’ve been taught about history and who won and who lost is, “No, the teams are not what we thought they were.”

It’s basically, it’s the elite and the rest of us – and the lies that they tell us.

RSB: Well, and they play the rest of us against each other through Hegelian Dialectic, “Reindeer Games”, I call it.

And, you know, realizing that it isn’t Black versus White, you know, it isn’t, it’s a, it’s an artificial divide or even Jews against Arabs and Arabs against Christians and, you know, on and on it goes. These things are manipulated artificially by these elites that want to rule us and, and put us in, you know, in squalor, in dirt and misery so that we beg for scraps from them, which is like, you know, they’re overtly telling us you should eat bugs. Really? Who would do that?

So, and look at the history of America in the 20th century, Prescott Bush, you know, the Bush elder going down in that lineage, how he provided financing to the, you know, the rise of Hitler and the Nazi regime.

Alexandra: He was one of the people who made, you know, who made the Wehrmacht run, who made the Luftwaffe run, you know, that was Prescott Bush. And then, he was never – their assets were seized – but he, he was a senator. He was a Connecticut senator at the time. We’re talking about the grandfather of Dubya, right now. And he was never, it just, he was never –

RSB: Never tried for treason or anything like that. In fact, his son, George Herbert Walker Bush was head of the CIA for a time and then became what? A vice president under Reagan to keep Reagan in check, that he wouldn’t go too far for freedom. And then became President for a term.

Alexandra: He was behind the assassination attempt.

RSB: Yeah.

Alexandra: And probably involved in the JFK Assassination, as well.

RSB: Right. Now we talk about the CIA, the butt ugliness of the political realities. You know, we had our Boy Scout, so to speak, Jonathan Emord, who believes with all of his heart in this Constitution and is a man of great integrity and cannot be bought, you know, ran for the United States Senate and, you know, unfortunately didn’t get in at this point, but doesn’t stop him or us from wanting to reestablish this limited form of government, believing it is a lot easier to maintain while we still sort of have some semblance of it than to lose it completely and try to engage in revolutionary activity, because the history of overthrow of governments and revolutions usually results in tyranny and more tyranny. Very rarely does it, if ever, become a revolution of freedom, which was, again, unique to at least recorded history with the American Revolution.

Alexandra: That’s right. And the CIA, which was formed as part of the National Security Act in 1947, sadly was never about protecting US interests. What did they proceed to do? They proceeded to destabilize every Third World country on the planet, infiltrate every other country and control all the European countries, control their news outlets.

Remember that guy, Udo Ulfkotte? Who was a journalist, mainstream journalist in Germany for decades, who came out and then, like two weeks later was dead, saying, “You know, I’ve been paid by the CIA to write this stuff for decades and I’m sick of it and it’s wrong.” And then, he was dead of a heart attack.

RSB: Well, and the CIA still embedded in many of the mainstream news organizations. They were consulted on even movies, you know, as far as creating or changing, altering consciousness.

Alexandra: Yeah. In fact, Tore Says does a lot of work on this. CAA is basically like a brand, you know, which is the huge; the most important artist management agency in Hollywood. Like, you’re a god, if you get them to represent you, but what they really are is like an arm of the CIA. Many of those actors become read-in or they become assets of the CIA.

RSB: Yeah.

Alexandra: That’s what we’re looking at, in Hollywood.

RSB: Greatly deficient of principles in, you know, defending individual liberty or true, what we call the goodness of America.

Alexandra: They’re gonna push the Woke stuff, they’re going to push the, just the negative, you know, anti-human stuff. And that’s what they’ve been doing.

RSB: So this, I’m assuming a documentary, there’s a trailer here and it says Jekyll Island trailer.

Alexandra: It’s a little teaser. We decided to go to where it all began. This is where the Rothschilds and the Warburgs and these other Titans, these other Olympians in the American government put together the plan for creating a central bank in the United States.

Now, I didn’t even learn until two weeks ago that a central plank of the communist manifesto is to create a central bank.

RSB: Yes.

Alexandra: But we’ll get to that on the other side. Why don’t we play the little teaser here and then we’ll talk about that.

RSB: Now, let me see if I can get this to work. Stand by. This is where it happened. I don’t know what happened with that echo there. I’m sorry for that.

Alexandra: I didn’t get an echo. Oh, you didn’t.

RSB: Okay. Hopefully it went out okay. But some people are saying there was an echo there, but it looks pretty devastating.

We were just with G. Edward Griffin and the crew at the Red Pill Expo. Of course, he wrote The Creature from Jekyll Island. Again, so much of the history of America hidden from us, erased or hidden.

In fact, we look at the history of the Titanic sinking and you realize there were a lot of wealthy industrialists that were opposed to the central bank formation of the Federal Reserve System, and that went down. There were issues about the Charles Lindbergh kidnapping, what that was all about. He was also opposed to the central bank.

That kind of history is considered fringe or conspiratorial in theory, but it’s like who writes the history books? They get to say what’s real and not, and then everybody is programmed into believing hypnotically through government indoctrination centers, a.k.a. public schools and even the private school curriculum that has adopted it, a whole different worldview based on the erasing and rewriting of history.

Alexandra: Right. That’s, of course, a very Marxist thing to do, and when you really look at the creation of the Communist Manifesto, it was financed by one Lionel Rothschild, who was working in the British government [He was a member of Parliament] at the time, and Queen Victoria was the queen.

He subsidized the production of this book, so you could almost say that the Communist Manifesto was a product of the British crown, and this is not talked about enough.

All the young people who think that Marxism is going to be the end to this “evil patriarchy” and whatever gloom-and-doom thing that they have about our culture right now, they don’t understand that it’s the other wing of the same bird. It’s the same aristocrats, the same Black Nobility that wrote the Communist Manifesto, and all of these things, all of these utopic dreams for you — lies.

It was always fake, and it was only to deprive you of your rights, ever. That’s what it is.

RSB: Yeah. Well, we talk about that real history as much as we can here, and I know that it is shocking to some still, but I think this audience is mature enough overall, but it is difficult to talk directly about these issues without offending people or causing them to turn away, and like, I can’t listen to this. This is too much. It’s too hard.

It’s too harsh. This is asking for people, as I say, to become very mature, and I mean that spiritually, to recognize the planet you live on is a planet of illusion, and these illusions are conjured, not necessarily for our benefit, unless you begin to understand you can do that for your own benefit in terms of, I would call it co-creation with God, but the reality is recognizing that we have a far higher and deeper spiritual calling than these demonic agendas that are duping us into believing they’re godlike by appealing to authority, authoritarianism, ego, etc. And so we’re all vulnerable while we’re here to fall in prey to the deception.

The question is, you know, how do we navigate our way out of it? Part of it is learning that it exists and that history, and then what? What do we do? Does it become too daunting, too overwhelming? Do we run and hide, or do we say, hey, now that I know better, I’m going to do better?

Alexandra: Hopefully the latter. I mean, that’s what we feel like, you know: we’re in a race against time to wake people up with information that’s like easy to absorb – and the agenda being rolled out. Like, we want to get them to wake up before they can fully roll out the agenda. That’s the game we’re in. That’s the race we’re in.

RSB: So what else is about this? We just viewed the trailer, and again, I apologize if anybody got the echo. Some didn’t, but this thing looks good as far as a real historical presentation that many people may not have been exposed to fully or partially even yet.

Is it full? Is it done? Or is it just in the works? What’s happening?

Alexandra: I think that we have one more interview to wrap the production part, but we already simultaneously do have two editing teams working on the post-production end, and we hope to have it out by mid-July, hopefully by like July 15.

RSB: And it’s called Splintering Babylon?

Alexandra: Splintering Babylon.

RSB: Okay, and is the website if you guys would like to take a look, participate, learn about it, and there’s even contact information or support it in some way.

This could be good. There’s a little contact us sheet or page. You can put your name and email and message there as well. (Please do!)

I see also there’s something called What is this website all about?

Alexandra Bruce: It is my website that I’ve published for 13 years, and it has been so devastated by censorship. I was able to make a decent living with just a few advertising banners on my website, and I never asked for money for anything from my subscribers, and I was able to live an okay life. But now, within the last couple of years, NewsGuard and other things have just basically blacklisted me from any good advertising network, so I cannot survive with ads.

And so, I started to look for a cheaper email service, and it was so cheap and it was taking so long to set up, that I went over to Substack to just try to continue to publish – and amazingly, within four days, I became a “Substack Bestseller”, which means I had over 100 paid subscribers. And it’s exploding. My Substack is exploding right now.

RSB: Do we have that linked up?

Alexandra: That’s what happens, when I’m taken out of the Google ecosystem and I’m in a protected environment – I also don’t have my name anywhere on my Substack account – and it is I think that’s what it is.

RSB: Okay. Oh, SuperDon’s got it, forbiddennews.substack. ‘Wall Street Nazis with David A. Hughes’ is the ‘Unrestricted Warfare with James Grunvig’. That looks like the latest, and Superdon opened it up, made Obama. So you’re hitting news that is not going to be covered as well or at all by what we call legacy news sources, certainly, but even to some degree, I can sense that you’re doing things that what we call alternative media is not going as deep on, and it sounds like you are.

Did you have a history of digging deep on things before this awakening and you just took that talent into this?

Alexandra: It all started with the UFO experience when I was 13, and so, I always had it in the back of my mind. I didn’t make it public, because people would just make fun of me, so I didn’t talk about it. But then, sometime around in my late 20s, I began to be interested again and to subscribe, and that’s when I ran into GE Griffin. That’s when I ran into John Coleman. That’s when I ran into—what’s his name, Bob? ‘Behold a Pale Horse?

RSB: Oh, yes. We’re talking—oh, good Lord. You asked me that, and it goes blank momentarily.

Alexandra: He’s like the greatest, okay? He’s like the Godfather of truth. He was telling us all of this! He gave us—come on, we have to remember his name! Bob…

RSB: No, it’s not Bob. I would know it. It’s like crazy. SuperDon: ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, the author
This is silly, because I interviewed him back in the 1990s, before I had this show, and we have video clips of that. I haven’t played it in years, but yeah.

Alexandra: Total brain fart! Well, anyway, he gave us the actual NDAA law that passed [the creation of the HIV bioweapon]. Bill Cooper. Bill Cooper.

RSB: Thank you, Chris. Not Bob. Yeah, Bill. William Cooper. He was in the military. The things he described, the technologies that he witnessed on the Navy ships.

My eyes were wide open. I gasped hearing the stories that he was sharing back in the day in the ’90s, when I first encountered him and interviewed him.

Alexandra: It was because of all of his stories that then I got really into the Montauk Project, and I actually wrote a book about the Montauk Project.

I interviewed all the major players of the Montauk Project, and that was unbelievable. It was like the universe split, and it was terrifying. It was like the barn doors of reality were ripped off. Dealing with that, it was like the Montauk Project came into my life.

It was terrifying, and I don’t know exactly what happened there, but I did write the book on the project, and really that started around with the death of Phil Schneider, who was a contractor with one of those big sort of RAND-type corporations that build underground bases. He was a geologist who could talk about the strata and where it would be better to do shaped charge explosives to build these underground bases.

He apparently was peripherally involved. His father was the chief medical officer in the Philadelphia Experiment.”

RSB: You go deep. I’m looking at some of the titles.

Alexandra: It’s been 30-plus years of me looking at the weirdness and the not-truthness of history, but still, it shocked me to understand, when COVID happened, I was like, “Okay, this is not America.”

This is not America, and then when you really look at the WHO, the UN, and NATO, and the CIA, and NASA, all of these institutions were not just founded by Nazis, but in many cases, they are still being run by descendants of Nazis, and how those people didn’t get strung up in the Nuremberg trial and then got to create these institutions that are now dictating to us and impoverishing us with their insane policies and seem to have a grip, stranglehold on everybody in every government…

Then you realize, well, the Nazis, it’s almost like what COVID did is it revealed the secret that the Nazis didn’t lose the war.

RSB: Yeah. In many ways, they came in underground and were brought to participate and shape the future here in the United States of America and our government has not always operated as our government, as we’ve heard more recently in the term deep state, for instance, where people have become somewhat aware of the capturing, if you will, or the kidnapping of our du jour government.

This also goes back to the international bankers, the reason why they needed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 to establish an unlimited printing press that would be backed up by ultimately nothing than gunboat diplomacy, and the Saudi kingdom giving us oil and petrodollars, which seems to be coming to an end soon. That changes the equation economically for every American. I don’t know if you’re preparing for that or if you’ve discussed that as well, Alexandra.

Alexandra: Well, I have a lot of silver and gold, but that was from back in 2015 when this was happening, back then. I have piles of silver and I’ve been angry that I had it because it went down. Since 2015, but it’ll be okay.

I’ve got my silver, but yeah, BRICS, I happen to be half-Brazilian. I was born in America. My mother was born in Brazil, although she was half-Brazilian, herself, but I got to move there when I was 13 because Donald Rumsfeld was my stepfather’s boss when he was at Searle Pharmaceuticals.

I used to hang out with Donald Rumsfeld. I got a one-handed pushup contest with Donald Rumsfeld when I was 13. I made a gentlemen’s bet with him. I still have the letter, because we both lost. I was kind of around the Deep State. I was not of the Deep State. Also, my stepfather’s brother was a head of the DEA for three administrations, in the late ’70s and early ’80s. I think being around this stuff kind of perked my ears up.

RSB: Sure. Of course, Rumsfeld, when he was with Searle, I believe had the ear of Reagan to help promote ultimately the thing called Aspartame to the marketplace. That was known as NutraSweet. That, interestingly enough, was on a short list as a potential chemical warfare agent at the time.

We can sell it. We can market it. We can profit from it.

That also destroyed the health of many who adopted the idea of going low-calorie, sugar-free. Look, isolated sugar is not healthy for you, but in its natural state, your body is designed to deal with it, not these synthetic chemicals that result in devastating impacts. Wow.

Fascinating history.

Alexandra: I was around in the background of that, when NutraSweet was spun off from Searle, which was then acquired by Monsanto.

RSB: Correct. Yes. They’ve been poisoning people of planet Earth for a long time, now owned by Bayer, which, by the way, Hest and Bayer were part of the demon spawn of IG Farben, the breakup after World War II, when all these Nazi corporations kind of continued on in a different way, but then still dominate much of the planet with their toxic poisons, whether they be called drugs or other chemicals for agriculture.

Alexandra: It’s interesting how they acquired Monsanto, sort of not caring about the profit margin situation, because it was really hurting at that time.

RSB: It made no sense economically. They didn’t even want Mexicans to, I don’t know, circle their wagons or something. They didn’t care about profit, just like they don’t care about profit when they de-platform half the country from social media.

I’ve been de-platformed by everybody, except for the ones where I don’t post anymore, like Instagram. I never posted on Instagram, so that’s the only reason why I have that account. It was absolutely paramount for me to be de-platformed, for the reasons were completely bogus.

They needed to get me off. I’d like to talk a little bit about that and sort of the disenfranchisement of just regular, everyday, non-woke people, non-shrieking whatever this new generation of vaccine-damaged kids is going on about.

My niece and nephew, they’re in their 30s. They’ve gone to the best schools in the world. They have genius IQs, but they believe that gender is a choice, I guess.

Yeah. Well, you talk about capturing the minds of young people. They’ve done it. There’s a complete disconnect from what we would call a reality of life and nature and the existence that we’ve been given by that which created us.

A demonic underpinning here is to disconnect people from their true source, and these kids are lost. Absolutely. It’s very sad.

Alexandra: The thing is that it’s almost half-done because these two nieces and nephews, I have 15, but this particular pair are British. Their mother is British. They’re born there.

They really have that atheism really strong. I was raised in atheism myself, but nobody is a harder core atheist than a Brit. There’s nothing like British Atheism.

RSB: There’s a lot of them there, yeah. We’ve got a big audience in Great Britain, so those that listen probably are not of that bent, but it is problematic. I’ve seen that in Canada as well, and I recognize to some it’s a rebellion against orthodox religion because of much of what they have been compromised.

Alexandra: There were horrible abuses by the Catholic Church and others. That’s how I justified it, growing up. My grandmother wanted us to get baptized, but my parents wouldn’t let her because they were rabid atheists.

RSB: Alexandra, I’m out of time here, but I’d like to follow up with you as you get closer to the completion of this. You’re doing amazing work, and I’m sorry it’s taken us this long to connect, considering we both knew Bill Cooper. All of that was brought out.

It’s so shocking and horrific, but we must confront it so we can get beyond it and help others to do the same. I appreciate all that you’re doing, Alexandra.

Alexandra: I appreciate you.

Thank you. Check it out. Links are up in the show notes today at to Alexandra Bruce and the things we’ve discussed.

We’ll follow up with her as that documentary gets closer to completion because that’s something I would like for you all to see. I thank you, and I thank everybody in the audience that’s chiming in as well, helping us remember names that even I can forget sometimes just at that moment. Thank you, Alexandra.

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  • If you keep letting others make your laws and run your affairs, they will steal your money and property and enslave you. All Representatives are bribed, bought off, blackmailed, compromised and controlled by The East India Trading Company located in The City of London. This Representative form of government came from the Roman Slave System. What we need desperately is Direct Democracy. And in this day and age of technology and computers, it’s a no brainer. And anyone like Alex Jones and Mike Adams, who claim that direct democracy is mob rule are in fact controlled opposition. Because of course it’s mob rule. It’s the whole damn mob of us Daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs. A German philosopher once said that, “… no one is more hopelessly enslaved than he who thinks he’s free “. And the Globalists know this. That’s why they already have a Continuance of Government in place for “the day after” and when the smoke clears, they will emerge from their holes to not allow any sort of freedom to be created. Don’t like what I have to say, slave? Thanks anyways, for allowing me to speak, Capt Joe.

  • Great interview Alexandra. I grew up an hour from Jekyll Island where I spent a lot of time vacationing. We used to drive by those mansions – I could never understand why anyone would want to live there with the intense summer heat and endless mosquitoes. Little did I know that it was a crime scene far worse than everything I learned in school or watched in films. It’s good to see you’re working on this project. I know it will wake up many who are still asleep. All the best – Jeff

  • If you think Hitler was the problem, or even Jews, you have a long way to go. I suggest you go back to 1815 and Meyer Anschel Rothschild. There is a secret book. Get hold of it, if you can. Then ask why DNA tests are illegal in Israel. Read the original American Revolutionary Manifesto, named ‘The Rights of Man’, by Thomas Paine. Consider his phrase : “All authority resides in The People”. then match that to Lincoln’s definition of democracy “Government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Understand why he was assassinated, and read about the Populist Movement that followed. Then read the meaning of the word “corrupt” when Acton said “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Yes, today that means psychopathy. Look at almost every American’s understanding of democracy. Then go to the mirror and see who to blame for this mess. As long as you believe elections and congress are democracy you are truly lost souls.

    • Exactly! But the corrupt Agents of the Crown, like Thomas Jefferson, etc., changed the power of the people and gave it to a corrupt congress when he wrote the first five words in the constitution, “…All power is in Congress”. That document should say, All Power Comes From The People. And when they give it away to others, they loose. And then of course George Washington took Rothschild money to start the First Bank of The U.S., which started the journey of great debt. Thanks, Capt Joe.

  • Soooo… the 2 parties are nazi and commie?

    Thank you again, Alexandra. It was nice hearing from you directly.

    • Yes. The “isms” are just tools invented by the same bastards to manipulate us and make us fight each other.

  • Good Stuff. I never knew that about your bio/history, Alexandra. I am really looking forward to this documentary!
    It is all coming to the surface into the Light of Truth. Many voices, big and small, young and old have the real-eyes to see. It seems to be almost at the midnight hour. BTW, it is emerging in by a few that host substack channels that substack is being hijacked. I recommend going over to Attorney Todd Callender’s CloutHub.

  • Prescott Bush was a Senator “at the time” only if you actually mean “10 years later”:

    “on October 20 1942 the alien property custodian seized the assets of the UBC, of which Prescott Bush was a director.”

    Bush was elected to the Senate in 1952.

    The remarkable part is, remember those “seized assets”. Somebody thought it would be a good idea to just sit on them for a while (until the story cooled off) and then GIVE THEM BACK:

    Quoting wiki,
    “The assets were held by the government for the duration of the war, then returned afterward; UBC was dissolved in 1951.”

  • Alexandra, Candice Owens just nails Macron and the trans husband , well worth a watch! I did not know you Rumsfield connection, I call them Rensfield and Cheney, The Classic Horror Show!

  • Solution :
    Locally Owned & Operated PMAs
    County Community Centers, operating as
    Tax-Exempt Public Food Utilities, and as schools
    Incubating Local Independence Technologies.
    Shareholders only get one vote. No monopolies.
    PMA – Private Membership Associations
    in virtually all 3,143 counties across America
    and 10 times more abroad to stop the refugee crisis.

  • Pleasant interview.

    The Trailer had audio problems, but the video pictures, created a curiosity, as to the project over all….so it equalled out.

    The interviewed guest, made the difference.

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