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I am issuing a correction.

I am being taken to task (rightly) about the central claim of this video/article by The People’s Voice (TPV) that I have shared here, namely, that a CIA agent testified and leaked documents which confirm that the COVID mRNA shot was “designed to kill.”

I assumed that this information had recently emerged from the investigations of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, or else from the cases being represented by Tom Renz, who works with Todd Callender, who says he has 500+ military and government whistleblowers.

Otherwise, why would you make a video and publish an article about something that didn’t happen and that doesn’t exist to your millions of followers around the world, when there is actually no shortage of official evidence of criminality and malfeasance everywhere to report on – that is, unless you are a Disinformation Operation?

TPV did not provide direct evidence of this alleged testimony or leaked documents. They talked about other reports that have been recently publicized from Brad Wenstrup’s Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, such as how the CIA bribed its own agents to reject the lab leak theory in their public assessments of the origins of COVID.

I fell for the TPV headline, because, like I said, there is no shortage of evidence that the COVID Hoax and the Death Shot were planned for decades by the United Nations and the US Government and I would not be at all surprised if the documents and testimony referred to in this TPV piece (or similar) eventually do emerge.

In short, I posted this because it seemed highly plausible, though I admit that I did not vet TPV’s statements carefully enough.

In his book, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, published in 1991, the late Bill Cooper detailed how House Bill 15090 provided $10 million to the DOD’s 1970 budget, to produce “a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.”

Cooper said the Special Access Project that produced the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was called MK-NAOMI and that it was carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

SARS-CoV-2 contains HIV and it appears to be an outgrowth of this same old depopulation project that was publicly launched by the Club of Rome in 1972, with their book, ‘Limits to Growth’, which was followed-up in 1980 by ‘The Global 2000 Report to the President’.

I believe Fauci and many others in our 4th unelected branch of government were involved in this depopulation project for decades and if we win this war, it will all come out.

This also brings us to the astute comments, below of Steve, which address the British Crown’s 300-year involvement in this dastardly genocide plan; lest we forget that the Battenbergs (“Windsors”) are major denizens of the Black Nobility and Steve’s suspicion that this British TPV presentation is attempting to offload the blame for this genocide away from the very British Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust and to lay it all on the CIA, which was founded after World War II and modeled on the UK’s MI6 but commandeered by Nazis, both Paperclip and homegrown. In any event, the CIA does not and never did represent US interests – that is, unless those interests aligned with Cabal, Black Nobility interests.



The CIA invented mRNA technology, in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and the Rockefeller Foundation, according to bombshell testimony of a CIA agent who admits that COVID vaccines were developed as a bioweapon to control humanity.

According to the agent and leaked top-secret documents, the COVID pandemic was a psyop, run by the CIA to frogmarch humanity towards a total surveillance state.

And COVID mRNA vaccines were not developed during Operation Warp Speed, but were ready and waiting for deployment for at least 10 years prior to the pandemic!

These revelations are all backed-up by fully verifiable documents and sources, and they will spell doom for the elite if we spread this information to enough people.

Three years ago, Klaus Schwab openly bragged that the World Economic Forum and their globalist stakeholders were on track to have total control over the human race by the year 2030.

How wrong he was. Unfortunately for the globalist elite, their authoritarian vision of microchips, open-air prisons, CBDCs and mandatory vaccination is receding faster than Yuval Noah Harari’s hairline!

The people of the world are waking up, and the elite are now in panic mode, terrified of being served justice for their crimes against humanity. It’s not just Gates. Schwab has emerged as a global hate figure, as ordinary people finally wake up to his agenda to enslave humanity.

When historians look back on this year, it will be remembered as the moment the Globalist elite revealed their hand and began to lose grip on power. Every week now, we’re receiving more good news on this front. The World Health Organization has been forced to suspend the launch of its controversial Pandemic Treaty, due to pushback from millions of citizens who were demanding justice for the crimes perpetrated by the elite during the pandemic.

Sorry Tedros, the people are rising up against your Globalist vision and rejecting your plans for Agenda 2030 and the New World Order. But don’t think you are becoming irrelevant. We will be seeing you at Nuremburg 2.0 trials, where you will be held to account for your crimes against humanity.

In even better news, the list of perpetrators to be held to account at Nuremburg 2.0 just got a whole lot longer, thanks to the testimony of a CIA agent who admitted that the COVID pandemic and mRNA vaccines were a CIA PSYOP planned years in advance.

The Globalists are trying to make us all poorer and destroy what’s left of the economy. The Biden regime is following all of the WEF dictats to the letter. They literally want you to own nothing and pretend to be happy. It’s no joke…

Tom Renz is an Ohio-based attorney who has risen to become a legal force in the fight to hold the Global Elite to account. Renz has developed a legal case against EcoHealth Alliance, alleging their involvement in creating SARS-CoV-2 with the CCP and Wuhan Lab.

[Video of Tom Renz testimony in court regarding the 2014 medical records that he obtained from an Army soldier stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas that show that he received five Moderna “immunization” shots for COVID-19].

Tom Renz: I’m not going to go out and tell you that this proves that this was built five, ten years ago or that the timeline was entirely fraud. I’m going to tell you that we ought to look into it. And if we’re going to ask questions, we ought to ask real questions.

Our DOD and CIA were involved with this. To what extent? How long has this been involved? This was created in a lab in one of the greatest enemies to the United States of America!]

It’s not just the DOD and CIA who were involved in the murky origins of the pandemic.

It’s all the usual suspects that make up the global elite. In 2021, Moderna hired and tasked a supposedly new pharmaceutical manufacturing company called Resilience to mass-produce their COVID-19 mRNA vaccines to roll out to the entire world.

The company goes by more names than P. Diddy, including Nanotherapeutics, Nanosphere Inc., Ology Bioservices and Government Resilience Services. Do you get the impression that they might be trying to hide something?

As Destiny Resendes reports, Resilience is rife with conflicts of interest,  especially within the intelligence community. Investors in Resilience included Google, Lux Capital, Magnetic Ventures and 8VC. And the chief operating officer of the company also served as a senior advisor to Pfizer, according to database website Crunchbase.

Resendes revealed that board members and investors tied to those companies include Council on Foreign Relations members, a board member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CIA affiliates, Merrill Lynch and the Rockefeller University. Additionally, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb served as a Resilience board member.

Also, Nanosphere and Nanotherapeutics, aka Resilience, has countless contracts with the government concerning biological warfare and gene-specific sensors wanted by the DoD, Resendes noted.

To add insult to injury, Resilience was even tapped by the World Economic Forum to lead the Davos panel on cybersecurity. They really do think we are stupid. “A biopharmaceutical company on cybersecurity? Okay, sure, go get that Moderna booster if you dare,” Resendes posted.

Don’t forget, the CIA bribed its own COVID-19 origin team to reject the Wuhan lab leak theory, according to several agency whistleblowers.

Intelligence dangerously compromised, warned CIA and FBI whistleblowers. You’re not the only one to report this, of course, but I was reading your report on it this morning.

This is something that you have been warning about for quite some time, and

[Video of Congressional testimony of Michael Shellenberger before Sen Josh Hawley].

Josh Hawley: The allegations stem from a whistleblower who has come forward to the House, a whistleblower from the Central Intelligence Agency. I have the letter, the relevant letter here from the House Oversight Committee. The whistleblower alleges that a CIA team was paid to change its assessment of the origins of COVID-19.

Do I have that broadly correct? Is that your understanding of the report?

Michael Shellenberger: And just on the very specific point of we were the first to identify the three people that contracted the coronavirus in China. They were the people working on gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Wall Street Journal confirmed our reporting two weeks later.

And then, I think it was one week after that or a few days after that, the ODNI report came out and it did not reveal this information. And we had multiple sources, the Wall Street Journal. We have no idea if the Wall Street Journal sources were the same, but I think we’re clearly seeing a lot of abuses of power occurring in multiple executive agencies.

So we’ve seen it with the FBI. One of the things that we noted yesterday was that we saw perverse incentives in the FBI to go after so-called “Domestic Violent Extremism”, pulling an agent off of things like child exploitation onto really hyping a set of cases that particularly appeared to be aimed at spreading disinformation around the idea that there is a significant increase of domestic extremism when we don’t think that the evidence shows that.

And now, we see this report that came out that suggests that there’s an FBI whistleblower who says that six of the seven analysts had said it was a laboratory origin and that they had reversed their position in some exchange for some sort of a salary bonus or some sort of financial incentive.

There is no turning back. Many of the elites are fleeing like rats leaving a sinking ship while others are pounding the panic button, in a desperate attempt to replace the front men and move forward with a diabolical bloodlust.

Should we forgive and forget, grant them amnesty and allow them to regroup and rebrand? Or is it time for Nuremberg 2.0? The people have spoken and so it shall be.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Karen Kingston which worked at Pfizer prior to 2019 as a legal analyst, has docs showing they developed the covid bioweapons in 2016 . Does anyone not recall or know that? I am astonished that most think this is new news.

    DJT’s warps speed was NOT the development of the Bioweapon against Covid. He was just told that by Fauci & others entrusting them in their field as trustworthy using Trump as the pawn. I recall a podcast providing Bush, & Obama didn’t want this lab created Bioweapon released during their administrations. It’s been their plan and shows you how big it is and how demonic it is and to allow We The People to fall into it and use us as pawns.

    So, those accusing Trump for this is FALSE and should reconsider your vote and support form him.

    We The People SEE YOU and are about to walk all over you !

    Walk Worthy Trump 2024

    • All the wishing and defending Trump will in no way alter the truth. Trump was well aware of Covid 1 day after taking office. After his staff meeting Fauci stormed the room with 3 CIA agents telling Trump there would be a pandemic during his term. His staff confirmed this to Secret Service. Trump admitted to military he already knew when he received NSA INTEL before being sworn in.
      It’s clear you still have no clue that ALL OFFICIALS of the Fed/state/local govts work for the same illegal/unlawful Foreign Corporation… US INC. and have for a century. Trump does what he is told, just like the rest of them. For those who wish to use selective truth will obviously remain clueless.

    • How much faith do you have in a man who has shown he is easily deceived, repeatedly, a “pawn”, and still lauding his Warp Speed ‘efforts’, as if he even now, admits or understands…his part?
      Have you EVER heard an apology for pushing these shots?
      Who ever vetted Fauci, for instance? How can Kennedy and others gather Fauci’s past, killing kids with AZT, and the WH couldn’t identify his psychological pathology?

      I think Trump uses young inexperienced kids and staff, and adult Americans have had to eat the blowback.
      No, I cannot overlook this.

      • OK, well then go ahead and vote for Biden or Big Mike or Newsom or whoever the Dems decide to “Finish the Job” with. It’s a free country. LOL

  • GCHQ, Mi5/6, GLAXO-Wellness Trust’s Jeremy Farrar is as GUILTY as all those outlined in the U.S. About time the full connections are reported and marketed instead of these usual Dr. Evil’s.

  • You can never trust CIA, including with what they claim as they are capable of.
    But people don’t get it (while some seems to be catching up about V scam).
    So this sh*t ain’t gonna stop, as majority still blindly goes along with this kind of craps.

  • Yes, grant them amnesty. Get them allllll in a big, wide, open field full of daisies so they feel really really good and sweet. Have colorful, brightly painted biplanes drop confetti and cotton candy from the sky as manna. Play hauntingly beautiful music to relax their nerves and put them in a mood of forgiveness and understanding.

    Then drop an ocean of napalm on them. Furthermore, go to all their bunkers, pull up a train-yard of tanker cars filled with dioxin, dump it down the chute, and light it up b****.

    Then we’ll sing kumbaya.

  • International Public Notice: Corporate Crime:
    Today we address the British Intelligence Community Cover-Up Narrative, blaming the CIA for the development of the mRNA Bioweapon.

    It seems that not only were the U.S. elections “more rigged than normal” by a CIA cell of Fabians in Frankfurt, Germany, plus complicit Italian intelligentsia and Chinese hackers, but now, the CIA is more generally being blamed for developing the mRNA bioweapon that has already killed and/or maimed nearly a billion people worldwide.

    Our CIA isn’t that intelligent and doesn’t plan things out and finance them for a hundred years in advance; no doubt they had their part in the crime of the century, just as “THE PEOPLE’S VOICE” is reporting it and just as the most recent CIA Whistleblower has said: “We Designed mRNA to Kill”.

    But it’s only a part, and a relatively small part.

    No doubt that the evil intent of the mRNA vaccine development is true, so far as it goes, but notice who is pitching this narrative of “the CIA did it” and China is at fault? Hear the British accent?

    Notice how they say that the weapon was developed in a Chinese laboratory and yet fail to say that it was research paid for by Anthony Fauci with National Institutes of Health money, and was also knowingly done in violation of the moratorium on such research?

    Brits are pushing this information blackwashing the CIA and they are pushing it for a reason. They desperately want to obscure their own part as the genesis of the entire pandemic scheme and the source of the replacement-of-government crimes we are suffering.

    Nonetheless, when you work backward from the final DARPA patents all the way to the first patents giving rise to this technology, what you find is that, once again, the Brits are at the bottom — and we do mean the very bottom — of the dogpile they have landed on our doorsteps.

    We can safely observe that the current tragedy began with Amschel Rothschild’s scion, Henry de Worms, also known as Lord Pirbright, and the Pirbright Institute funded by his estate.

    Pirbright, together with his contemporary monster, Cecil Rhodes, not only promoted the quasi-science of Eugenics from which the current mRNA tragedy derives, but pioneered the “Corporate Government” model tested by Rhodes’ British South Africa Company more than 100 years ago — the results of which we are also suffering now.

    The CIA, plagued with every political nuance known to Congress, doesn’t plan much beyond ten years at most, and doesn’t fund much of anything by itself, Black Ops notwithstanding. It’s ridiculous to think that “our” erstwhile intelligence gathering service is the source of this immense multi-generational fraud scheme laced with British elitism and war for profit.

    The CIA’s Bad Boy reputation, like America’s bad reputation, has been deliberately promoted by the actual source of the problem — the Government of Westminster and the British Monarchs and the British patrimony et alia, Privy Council, Pirbrights, Rhodes, Sanger, and all the rest.

    What began in England 130 years ago has borne its loathsome fruit and now they want to blame their favorite Errand Boy, the CIA.

    Good luck with that.

    There is an unbroken chain of title with respect to the source of the surreptitious replacement of our lawful governments with incorporated foreign corporations in the business of providing government services, and it goes back to Pirbright, Rhodes, and British Imperialism.

    Just as there is an unbroken chain of research, funding, affiliation, and economic profiteering connecting Pirbright, Rhodes, and their American co-conspirator, pharmaceutical giant Henry Wellcome — as the primal Causative Agents and funding sources for the present mRNA disaster.

    Bad men and bad ideas enlivened with vast funding sources can easily cause ruin and misery a hundred years after their own physical deaths, and so it is with this British Ballad concerning the Night of the Living Dead Eugenists.

    The very first patents attached to coronavirus benefit the Pirbright Institute and the whole ball of wax rolls onward from there.

    No amount of self-interested British Spin can obscure the actual source of both the British Raj system and the British Eugenics madness that have plagued the world for over a hundred years.

    No smokescreens and blaming of the Errand Boys will do. The blame and the correction must be properly applied to the Source, or we will all be facing another such “harvest” of British Spleen another hundred years from now.

    Some people have misrepresented our offer of General Amnesty as allowing the criminals to escape, but that is not the political or social reality we advocate.

    We very much agree with, and indeed, insist upon, a reckoning and criminal prosecution of the criminals and criminal institutions involved in both the pandemic and the substitution-of-government schemes.

    What we do not promote is any political response to an a-political problem.

    What we are witnessing are crimes of a particularly heinous but known and well-defined nature. They need to be addressed as crimes and those responsible need to be addressed as criminals.

    Even if the denizens of Whitehall don’t like it, they must nonetheless own the evils they have spawned and profited from. This day has been a long time in coming; for more than 300 years, the ancestors of these same Players have been unjustly enriching themselves and setting up other nations as the Fall Guys for their infamy and the victims of their greed.

    And now, though they can scarcely believe it, their chickens are coming home to roost in an orderly and sensible fashion.

    We do not propose to make the common people of England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales suffer for the evils of their Government. They have suffered enough by being subjugated to these poltroons, and they are not at fault, generally, for the evils promoted by that same government in other corners of the world.

    Likewise, we do not propose that Roman Catholics should be massacred (again) for the evils of their Church Administration.

    Let the innocent live and learn and the guilty be shown up and punished, even if that means looking back a hundred years and more for the source of our present dangers and results in the nationalization of guilty corporations — their liquidation, forfeiture, or lawful conversion under new management.

    For starters, the endowments of Pirbright, Rhodes, and Wellcome need to be seized upon and distributed to their victims. Their “legacy” must come to an end.

    The evils these men promoted must be shown up for what they are. Elitism based on genetics must be observed and recognized for the hideously harmful hokum that it is.

    Likewise, the evils of the “Corporate Government Model” they promoted must be recognized and put firmly under foot.

    All nations and all people on this planet have been harmed by ideas and practices that these few power-mongers in England and America promoted and pioneered using their own personal fortunes. Bill Gates is merely the most recent addition to the Harmful History of Half-Baked Billionaires.

    We propose that an Automatic Binder be applied to all forms of incorporated entities upon enrollment or registration, such that when and if a corporation — be it a Foundation, a Cooperative, a Non-Governmental Organization, or whatsoever — promotes violence, injustice, elitism, “research” or anything else resulting in harm to the living public, that corporation must be immediately overturned and must suffer the loss of its assets.

    This would go a long way toward controlling and ending the abuse of personal fortunes for ignoble and harmful ends. It would motivate shareholders and board members to care about the results of their policies and their effect upon the public.

    Most importantly, the worldwide adoption of such an Automatic Binder on all forms of corporation would redefine the meaning of “profit” to include broad spectrum and long term social benefit.

    Pirbright, Rhodes, and Wellcome had no respect for life; their arrogance and meddling knew no bounds; empowered by social position and vast wealth, these men have left a legacy of evil ideas and practices that have continued to expand into the modern world and inspired men like Bill Gates to follow in their wanton footsteps.

    If the rest of us want peace and sanity, action must be taken. The Source of these evils must be recognized and disabled.

    Not only are Pirbright, Rhodes, and Wellcome and their respective endowments directly responsible for the pandemic and the substitution-of-government scheme that has left private, for-profit government services corporations masquerading as governments all over the world, they and their legacy are responsible for the corruption of the courts and the educational system, and the genocides that have plagued mankind, including the genocide of millions of unborn babies each year, and the genocide of AIDS/HIV, a prelude to their current culling of “undesirables”.

    It’s time for the Source of all this evil to be recognized and for the guilty Corporations and those running them to pay the consequences of their uncaring pursuit of profit and unthinking adherence to policies put in place by misanthropic madmen.

    • Don’t rule out amnesty, because this generation of rebels is rudderless and have their hands on the levers of power.

      How does anyone bring them to justice without violence?

      Some are hoping (again) in the ballot box. Look who is controlling it and counting the ballots! There is no accountability there! “Well, we just have to overwhelm them with volume so they can’t cheat so much.” What?

      The electorate is under a mind numbing televised spell!

      At least with amnesty there is an opportunity to plug holes in the system that allowed this nightmare. Sure the same cast of characters would regroup and try another strategy. There ain’t no free lunch, liberty is maintained only by vigilance.

      Vengeance is costly.

      Just sayin—don’t rule out amnesty!

  • the trump trial proves that the court system can not be trusted to deliver justice under any circumstance in USSA Inc . this foolishness of demanding justice for the retarded sheep these damaged goods GMO’d humanzees are no longer considered human and have no standing so sayith the supreme court cunts making up the law of the land , sea or air .

    so scopes 2.0 then .

  • A KING sized psy-op, laying false trails for the sheep scouts….to follow, and they all meet back at the starting point.

    Meanwhile, two billion gallons of special white paint have been producted and warehoused, on the ready, just in case a Nuremburg 2.0, stage presentation is needed…..a white wash just like the original, will take place.

    All the picket fences, will be painted white, with dead and dying sheep, behind the fences.

    Psychotronic weapons will be overheating, producing a mist for the human conciousness; this mist will blown around the world by weather control forces, when the mist is dissipated.

    2051, finally no more humans on the planet, or anywhere else.

    Is that a success story or what?

  • [The U.S. Inc. ended on September 17th, 1999. The US govt. is playing on the ignorance of the people to stay in a position of power.
    One American w/ native American blood figured out how the American people had been played and had the courage to stop it!

    I have a claim of the life w/ the Postmaster General of the world. I confirm that he is who he says he is. I prove it daily by driving my class A motorhome all over Salt Lake City Utah with no plates because it’s not [re]gistered !
    (Supreme Court citation: 169 N.E. 22), I do have insurance.
    In fact, I just had an officer knock on the door, and when I opened the door, he asked if I was ok ! I told him yes and thanked him for his concern. We chatted a moment and he respectfully told me to have a good day! No mention of plates, [re]gistration, license!
    Now to be fair, I have a posted notice about my status and give my current drivers license number on the rear of the motorhome. Because it would be insubordinate of any safety officer to NOT check that first before approaching this driver.


  • Wonderful to see the truth coming out! Thanks so much for your magnificent efforts to make this happen. It will be gratefully remembered.

  • I have devoted much time and energy to discovering who and what the people are that are behind the WEF movement and I am overwhelmed by the task. It is one of the biggest can of worms one could imagine. Interlocking corporate, university, government offices, chairs, positions, etc. All religiously, philosophically tied to Artificial Intelligence and/or some other form of intelligence agency!

    President Eisenhower warned us while it was yet in it’s infancy.

    What is also apparent is the incestual relationships with private investment firms, a tangled web of sharp leveraging private equity firms and hedge fund skimming schemes. Keep in mind my Old MacDonald had a farm definitions of these entities—on his farm he had some: Venture Capital chickens – targets mainly early stage business start-ups but also change agencies, and some Growth Equity ducks – targets more mature businesses and some Private Equity (PE) pigs – targets vulnerable to take over publicly traded businesses with the objective of acquiring a controlling stake, providing guidance for a fee, forced restructuring and either selling at a profit or forced liquidation often following transfer of private equity debt to the doomed corporation, ee-yi, ee-yi, ohhh!

    University Economic Schools teach students how to work these economic fields for profit and these firms in turn donate heavily to such schools and sit in university trust seats therefrom guiding those universities. As a reminder, universities were in the beginning of our republic, an extension of church institutions that were intent upon submission to the rule of the principles and precepts of the kingdom of G-d that protected mankind and his garden from being turned into commodities to be used and consumed by rebels.

    Little wonder the rest of the world is now terrified by this New American Century “capitalistic” rule spectacle.

    Below is a redacted copy of one such individuals rap sheet.

    Mr. ______ is a Venture Partner with Lux Capital. He is also the Managing Partner of the ________ Management Group LLC. He recently started a new machine learning company, ___________, which is focused on automated text analysis of public and private companies worldwide.

    Prior to forming _________, Mr. ________ was with _____________ Company for 30 years, where he is an Emeritus Director and served as a Senior Partner and Director for 22 years. Mr. _________ co-founded the firm’s technology, chemicals, healthcare and private equity practices. He also led ___________ worldwide knowledge development and served over fifty leading global companies primarily in healthcare, electronics, and chemicals as well as a number of nonprofit institutions.

    Mr. ________ was elected a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and the President’s Circle of the National Academies. He is a member of the Policy and Global Affairs Committee of the National Research Council, National Academies. He led the Study Group for the Council on Foreign Relations on Innovation and Economic Power, which led to the publication of Technological Innovation and Economic Performance.

    Mr. ________ is also a member of the board of directors of: ___________ (Chairman, Governance Committee); _________ Company of the West, a wholly owned subsidiary of ____________ (Audit Committee); ______________ Cancer Center (Executive and Finance Committees); ________ School of Medicine Dean’s Advisory Board; __________ Foundation (Executive Committee); Council of Foreign Relations (Nominating and Membership Committees); Council for Aid to Education (Chairman, Strategy Committee); a member of the _______________ Executive Network of Goldman Sachs; and a member of the advisory board of the Institute of Genomic Biology at The University of Illinois.

    What is the greatest innovation of the past decade?

    What are you most looking forward to in the future?
    Machine learning and the discoveries it will enable

  • Excellent news, but one really shouldn’t call the Court that will try these genocidal vermin “Nuremburg 2”, because Nuremburg 1 was a wicked kangaroo court.

      • Hjalmar Schacht, as director of Reichsbank in 1920′ orchestrated on behalf of Wall Street the IG Farben. Decade+ later they owned numerous factories around KL Aushwitz and were renting slave labor form SS (delivered for cheap by Deutsche Bahn).

        He was put on trial at Nuremberg, but his friends from Wall Street got him off the hook.

      • What were the French doing at Nuremberg to begin with? They should have sat on defense bench, not on court’s bench. French were collaborators of Germans, to the point of Churchill ordering bombing of their entire fleet at Mers-el-Kébir.

        First charge at Nuremberg was waging of offensive wars. Germans immediately protested, pointing out that Soviets were sitting on wrong side of the courtroom. They should sat along them on defense bench, as USSR invaded Poland as German
        partners in 1939.

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