Because the Criminal Mainstream Media is not shooting straight about the plight of Malaysia Flight 370, and several countries are wasting tons of resources for the TV cameras in a bogus search for the plane, the only thing left for us to do is to try to put the pieces of the puzzle together, ourselves. This YouTuber, with the handle PressResetEarth has done an excellent job and I think he’s probably in the ballpark.


He points out that, although hundreds of Maldives Island residents of this country in the Indian Ocean reported sighting a ‘low flying jet’ matching the description of Flight 370.

At roughly 6:15-6:25AM local time and that this would match the 5-hour flight time required to arrive there, from where it was last detected by radar in Malaysia, that the 3-hour time-zone difference was not accounted for, placing the jet seen by people in Maldives at 8 hours LATER than when Flight 370 was last detected by radar.

Flight 370 Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah reportedly had simulations on his home computer programmed for landing at Male International Airport in Maldives, three airports in India, Sri Lanka, and to the US military base in Diego Garcia. All have runway lengths of over 3,000 feet (1,000 meters):

The plane seen over the Maldives was reported as flying in a southeasterly direction, this suggests that it was coming from a northwesterly direction – and that it was possibly a separate flight, ORIGINATING from a northwesterly direction – namely, another Malaysia Airlines Twin 777, purchased by the company, GA Telesis (a company that is 49% owned by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch) and delivered to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, just a few months ago, on November 4, 2013 and in “storage” there, ever since, as reported by others (and possibly retrofitted to function more like a fighter jet), also recorded on the websites Planespotters.


The Maldives are 310 miles (500 km) due north of the strategic US Navy/NSA base at Diego Garcia in the otherwise-desolate South Indian Ocean and it is reasonable to suspect that plane witnessed by hundreds of people in the Maldives was headed exactly there. Only military personnel specifically deployed to this base or its civilian employees are allowed on this wisp of an island, which is actually a coral atoll. Israeli Dolphin submarines also dock there.

So, who owns the controlling 51% in this company which bought and has been storing this plane in Tel Aviv?

GA Telesis is based in Fort Lauderdale and was founded and is co-owned by an American Citizen (whether native-born or naturalized is unclear) named Abdol Moabery, son of wealthy Iranian immigrants to the posh Los Angeles suburb of Woodland Hills, California, where he graduated from Taft High School in 1985 and later received a degree in International Business Management at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), located in Boca Raton.

According to his Bio as a Boardmember at FAU, Moabery was “An honorably discharged veteran from the US Navy and US Naval Reserve” before working as an executive at two George Soros-owned aviation companies: Aviation Systems International and C-S Aviation; going on to be a business partner with Rudolph Giuliani at another company called Skywatch, during the 9/11 attacks, prior to founding GA Telesis, as reported by Yoichi Shimatsu on

Journalist, Christopher Bollyn, who broke the story about the “twin Twin 777” suspects that Moabery is a Navy Intelligence operative and that the above-mentioned companies he’s worked for, past and present are cut-outs. Very little else is known about Abdol Moabery except that he was born on November 18, 1967 (unclear in which country) and that he’s registered to vote in Delray Beach, Florida.

Given Moabery’s associations with Soros and that a subsidiary of his own company, GA Telesis is the Miami-based Ultimate Aircraft Composites (which retrofits airplanes) is chaired by Aviv Tzur, who is also the Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Israel-American Chamber of Commerce for the Florida Region, it is safe to say that Moabery has affiliations with Zionists but my best guess (not knowing him personally and from what is available on the Internet) is that Moabery is probably an American of Assyrian-Iranian Christian heritage, as Moabery today has affiliations with six child- and youth-oriented charities, two of which are expressly Christian, including His House Children’s Home and Food for the Poor (Founded by the Christian Lebanese-American, Ferdinand Mahfood), with the rest being the non-religious Kids in Distress, Florence Fuller Child Development Center, the ISTAT Foundation, the Factor Foundation and the March of Dimes.


The US Navy/NSA Base, leased from the British Government at Diego Garcia, in the Chagos Archipelago of atolls in in the South Indian Ocean has an abominable past. Per the request of US, that they be given access to an unpopulated island in the area, the original inhabitants were terrorized, starved, abducted, then dumped by the British government, between 1968-1973 into the slums of their neighboring island Crown Colony at the time of Mauritius. In fact, Mauritius re-gained its own sovereignty from the UK in the deal, by selling them the Chagos Archipelago, of which Diego Garcia is the largest atoll. The UK then promptly leased it out to the US.

Over the past 13 years, Diego Garcia has been used as the main air base in the US’ unconscionable wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.


Zionists and US Neo-Conservatives have been looking for an excuse to nuke Iran for a long time and the early-reported Iranian nationals traveling with stolen European passports, with the airport security photos provided by Malaysian police showing very sloppily photoshopped images of two men – with the exact same pair of legs.

This suggests the total collusion of the Malaysian government in this cover-up.

It is possible that online discussions of this poorly-executed special effect, started the process of unraveling of this botched false flag operation and within a couple of weeks of the plane’s disappearance, Israel shut down all of its embassies, worldwide, allegedly due to a general strike of its diplomats, in a “dispute over pay”:


Although these details have become lost beneath a blizzard of disinformational “updates,” the Rolls-Royce engines on the Boeing 777 plane of Flight 370 were broadcasting flight data. (a.k.a “data sent via a satellite communications system”) for an additional 4-7 hours after the transponder was turned off, as reported obliquely in the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and the Washington Post.

This period of time is the window that would have allowed the Malaysian pilot to land the plane at Diego Garcia, the program for which was fully loaded onto his home simulator. While Natural News Editor, Mike Adams mystifies, with claims that Captain Zaharie diverted the plane to protest the “oppressive anti-civil rights police state” government of Malaysia, and claims that someone with such humanitarian values would not murder 200+ passengers, estimating that the passengers then had a 1 in 2 chance of still being alive (as of the March 16 publication of the article), his argument loses coherence, when it comes to explaining where the humanitarian Captain may have landed the plane to safety – a plane that has yet to be “found”, after almost 2 months, which is impossible with the technology on hand, almost everywhere today.

PressResetEarth opines something very different: Zaharie was a “paid mercenary,” with the smoking gun being that the Captain had Diego Garcia and all adjacent landing strips which could accommodate a Boeing 777 programmed into his flight simulator.

PressResetEarth thinks the Philip Wood photo, allegedly taken and emailed to his own social media account using the Siri voice commands available on all iPhone 5 smartphones, which logged his GPS coordinates, leading straight to a building on Diego Garcia was falsely planted as an item of ridicule to divert attention away from the base, that even if it wasn’t what he’d thought – then the the photo only bolsters the case that Flight 370 did land safely at Diego Garcia, as planned, and that it is possible that his own family were prepared for his actions, leaving their home the day before the flight left, according to the Daily Mail.

PressResetEarth is of the opinion that the twin Twin Engine 777s, which are built two at a time by Boeing, were both flown to Diego Garcia, in order to perform some kind of “bait and switch”, where the “missing plane” will be used in an false flag operation, coming to a TV set near you.

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