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    Alexandra Bruce
    May 1, 2014

    This impromptu conversation between South African Presidential Candidate, Michael Tellinger and retired Austrian economics professor, Franz Hollman was filmed in Austria on April 12, 2014.

    The interview begins with a discussion of the ironic turn-about in the thinking of this lifelong economist and how he has faced major life challenges, as a result of being public about his views, which are in complete agreement with Tellinger’s that “The entire world financial and economic system is the largest organized crime perpetuated against humanity that we’ve ever seen.”

    Tellinger goes on to say that what used to be considered “fringe” has actually become “mainstream” and that there is an increasing gap between the “mainstream” “news” propagated by the large corporate conglomerates and what’s being reported in the Alternative Media – as, for example with Flight MH 370, where the bald-faced lie of a lost commercial airliner has dominated the airwaves for almost 2 months straight. Tellinger suggests that when a critical mass of people wake up to the complete lies perpetrated by the MSM, the latter will lose all credibility [*and* “market share” and the advertising revenue, that the MSM depends upon to survive].

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