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    The Leak Project’s Rex Bear interviews Joseph Five Eagles Reyna, author of the book, ‘Incredulous’, released in June 2016 and currently ranking quite high on, with great reviews.

    Although not the focus of this book, Reyna’s main focus as a researcher is on the origins of humankind and the apparent ongoing manipulation of human DNA by off-world beings. His research is based on many sources, including Old Testament scriptures (Torah).

    Buckle you seat belts for some super-strange revisionist history, as Bear has Reyna describe a “Pre-Adamic” race preceding Homo sapiens. They were characterized by elongated skulls, very much resembling the surviving representations of the ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Akhenaten, with elongated skulls. Hundreds of such skulls which are not the result of deliberate cranial deformation that have been excavated all over the world, notably in Paracas, Peru. Reyna goes on to describe what’s happening in Antarctica, the deal President Eisenhower struck with a regressive group of extraterrestrials, human abductions, the alien hybrid project, quasars, catastrophism, what caused the end of the last Ice Age and more.

    You don’t have to agree with Reyna to be entertained by his storytelling.

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    • I haven’t even watch this vid, but by all these negative comments, I doubt I will now.

      But I bring a message from the Seth books.
      They have little to do with other history systems nor belief system. Buddhism comes closest of the present day worldviews.
      Here Seth casts his pearls to the one who can feel the knowledge tingle in your soul-fragments.
      Do you feel the enlightenment bestowed upon your craving minds?
      Thanks for your time and effort,

    • His first statement was already false. A quasar is not the mas of a galaxy becoming a star, it is a supermassive black hole with the light being generated at the accretion disc. Why bother listening to another word if he already got something so fundamental wrong from the start?

    • 12,000 years? Sweetie, OMG. Step out of the box! 12,000-yrs is nothing–a speck. The freaking Sphinx is though to be at least that old or older based simply on weathering marks. Why do people persist in these beliefs!? Oh yes, I forget. They are “beliefs” together with the 6,000-yr box they’ve been put into but refuse to step out of. Now the Earth is 12,000-yrs old?

      I wasn’t going to listen to this interview, but thought even a blind pig can find a truffle. Soooooo, I did hoping to find a fragment of information that might fit pending dots in my box. Nope. His entire explanation of every subject discussed reminded me of the infantile, twisted logic and expanded explanations centered on questionable Bible truths given to me as a child. That was a crock, too.

    • We humans are the third round of existence on Earth. In the past Earth used to be closer to the sun but was knocked out of that orbit when the Earth’s twin planet crashed into our Earth. That would instantly freeze all life on Earth. Mechanical androids are true and it’s written within the Hebrew and Christian Bibles which stories came from the Sumerians.

      We humans are far too xenophobic, too war like, so extra-terrestrials won’t interact with us, yet they do monitor us from afar. Yes, they do perform so-called “abductions,” not only with humans, yet that’s no different to a scientist taking an animal out of its enclosure to check its health and progress. They can, and will, perform test as any scientists does and therefore, nothing to worry about.

      The true history of Earth is not written within history books of today and humans are not the highest form of evolution, in fact, we are one of the lowest.

      • Sadly, we humans only believe the history that’s taught in schools and universities which is NOT the real history of earth, much is just a hypothesis.

    • This guy covers a lot of ground, a lot of it rings true, however, he kinda fades away about half way through. Now I could be wrong, but then so could he. What’s your “feel” of his story? I could go on, however I’m not the greatest typist in the world…LOL! Learn and live while you can, for tomorrow may change things about that.

    • Started out with a degree of plausibility, then began tripping himself up on words and terms. Nothing was “left out” of the Bible. There are reasons why apocryphal literature isn’t Biblical. It’s not appropriate to adequately elaborate here. This hypothesis falls into the same kind of fiction as the Da Vinci code. Disappointing.

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