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    The Mercury Retro trot continues. Kelly Jones, who divorced Alex Jones in 2015 and in 2017, sued for custody of their three children joins David Parkman on his show. She claims that she’s not there to dis her ex- because “He’s a guy with serious problems, that instead of being helped by the court or by people who could have helped our family, they empowered his narcissistic rage.” Kelly believes that Alex should “not have a YouTube channel.”

    Kelly couches all of her statements in hideous legalese and Parkman frames all of his questions about Alex Jones’ “conspiracy beliefs” as a symptom of mental illness. Kelly confesses to having at one point been “indoctrinated” by Jones. She describes how they met and were married and how her sudden realization that she was in a domestically violent situation was akin to a boiling frogs moment.

    It’s very rare that we ever get to see Alex Jones’ former “Better Half” so this is a video document worth seeing for that fact, alone. The primary motivation for her appearance is to voice concern for the safety of their eldest son, 15-year-old Rex, who recently began broadcasting on InfoWars.

    She says Jones’ supplement business is extremely profitable and that people need to know that every time they buy his products, they are supporting an endless juggernaut of litigation that is keeping “kids away from their momma.”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • This good woman must sue in a TORT FOR PAIN AND SUFFERING, EMOTIONAL DISTRESS..AND CLEAN THIS JERK’S CLOCK…WITH 6-8 FIGURE PUNITIVE DAMAGES.. Many of us are suffering under the narcissistic ex-partner, corrupt judicial..and the loss of our children…It’s epidemic!…and mostly due TO JUDICIAL CORRUPTION…

    • This was so valuable to hear…I stumbled up it…I’ve always suspected this
      poor woman’s plight…know what I see in that narcissist…MANY THANKS…

    • I worked for the Genesis Communications Network, Inc from 2002-2015, which is owned by Ted Anderson, and the national syndication company for Alex Jones. I personally have met Alex Jones and witnessed first hand the paranoia, the separation and isolating himself from other hosts, which eventually ceased completely. He was even responsible for the cancellation and dismissal of any broadcaster on the network who he saw as a threat to his status of being the best, or #1. He was a very demanding, had tantrums during commercial breaks, yelled, screamed, was verbally abusive and held GCN hostage by constantly threatening to leave and begin his own network, and get his own sponsors.

      Our parent company, Midas Resources employed mostly alcoholics and addicts who had no problem convincing the elderly and the naive to hand over their hard earned money, and even trade in IRA’s, then sometimes never deliver or take 4-6 months to receive their precious metals…Ted Anderson and Alex Jones made piles of cash, but thankfully Midas Resources was shut down by the state, but now is used to push Youngevity products.

      I have 15 years of insight about Alex Jones, and shes right. Alex Jones is very sincere with his initial concern for his country, freedom, and overall defeat of the Globalist Agenda, yet as he pursued the trending news of each day, and began to get notarized by the increasing amount of celebrities who he would utilize as much as they would allow him. Ted Nugent, Jesse Ventura, Chariie Sheen, Joe Rogan, just to name a few..

      He continued to follow the daily news trends, while over dramatizing any and all stories while the characters began to play out and his mental stability became increasingly concerning…but he was making us all money so I remained…that was until I became the operations/sales manager in 2013. In October 2015 I resigned, after 13 years with the company and walked away from a 175k a year, once I was able to witness for myself the money laundering, ponzi schemes, along with Alex Jones’ tyrannical reign and control he had over the man who was suppose to be his superior.

      Yet Ted allowed it, but with the state investigating our parent company for fraud, and Alex Jones’ mental health deteriorating, and finding it completely acceptable to profit from dead children…I wanted no more part of it.

      I was unable to work for 2 years in an industry which I had built my career, without being able to get a job, addiction took over, I got my vehicle repossessed, I was evicted, and lost my family.

      I went and completed inpatient treatment, and moved to North Dakota to start over and rebuild with as little as I had when I left home for college. Yet, the knowledge I have, and the book I could write about Ted Anderson, his creation Alex Jones, and the tens of millions of dollars they both have made simply by Problem. Reaction. Solution..

      Karma is real. I experienced it, and recently so is Alex Jones….Soon enough so will the man behind the curtain, Mr. Theodore Richard Anderson..

      • You have an amazing amount of courage to speak out the way you did..and to go through what you described makes you also very strong…you deserve whatever your heart desires and more….Stay Strong.

    • It is ever “suprising” that in any gender fight, the other one is guilty.
      Such behaviour will change only, when there is a quest for finding out who/what I am.
      After this it is possible to take the total responsibility for the own actions and activities.
      When there ever will be peace on earth, this is a need……….

    • Kleine Ergänzung noch zu dem Buch von Olivia Jones: Dort verliebt sich nicht nur ein Kindergartenerzieher in eine Bauarbeiterin, sondern Homosexualität ist dort Normalität (wie da die Kinder zustande kommen, wird ewiges Geheimnis von Frau Jones bleiben), ergo ist die Liebe von Mann zu Frau das Unnormale. Das Problem ist, dass Kinder, die gerade beginnen sich in ihrer Welt zurecht zu finden, die Mama und Papa als verlässlichen Halt empfinden, die Familie als Ort erleben, der Sicherheit und Orientierung gibt, nun mit allen möglichen Spielarten von Sexualität und vor allem den Problemen und Neurosen von Leuten wie Jones konfrontiert werden. Es geht hier nicht um Aufklärung, sondern um Propaganda und die Zerstörung traditioneller Familien. Der Grund ist ganz simpel: Neid. Wer aufgrund seiner verqueeren Veranlagung nie eine Familie mit Vater, Mutter, Kind erleben wird, muss dieses traditionelle Lebensmodell diskreditieren und denen, die es leben, ins Handwerk pfuschen auf Kosten von Dreijährigen und mit tatkräftiger Hilfe der CDU.

    • Who diagnosed Mr. Jones with NPD? Mrs. Jones? LOL! It is so easy to throw out armchair diagnoses of personality disorders when we don’t agree with others. Newsflash: Almost ALL spouses level this charge when in a custody battle.

      The fact is we are all narcissists, without the Spirit of God living in us. That includes Mrs. Jones, I’m afraid.

    • Having two ex-wives myself, I can testify that you CAN NOT believe any kind of allegations from them. Too much hate and revenge feelings. You MUST take it with a grain of salt. Maybe a salt lick…

    • Know someone by their message. If she says by one comment that conspiracy hunting is bad, then she is evil as hell.

    • All I know is if you want to know what’s really going on in the world
      then watch the Alex Jones show.
      Of course he spins it into the good vs evil zone for whatever reason so just
      take in the facts and leave the spin behind.
      He speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. It’s obvious
      he speaks from his heart and doesn’t read from a teleprompter. He’s real.
      Leave his personal life out of it.
      Peace be with you

    • Alexandra,
      First, if I may mention how I found your site. You are a regular contributor and co-host with The Dark Journalist, aka Daniel. Of course your comments and witticism are always insightful … but can you make me laugh despite of the gravity in subject matter? Yeah, you made me laugh. A good sense of humor amongst all the crappola is a formidable weapon, imho.
      As I recall, Alex’s Ex didn’t get custody in the original divorce settlement because of a drugs problem that warranted rehab for 18 months or so. We all know the family court default is the mother gets the kids, and the father pays child support ’till they’re 18. The exception is if she is a demonstrative danger to them.
      As to this last settlement, Alex had his lawyer on a week or two after it ended and he said they share custody, 50/50. But, that upset her because child support is not awarded to either party then.

      You are spot on, Alexandra! The divisiveness among the ‘awake’ is growing, exponentially it seems. At a time when the people and patriots of this Republic should recognize our need to be a cohesive community, one or more groups or persons have issues with another or others because of whatever. Usually about something, in my view, petty compared to truths we’ve witnessed or uncovered about the Powers That (Shouldn’t) Be.
      However, lately I find the contentions have become a battle for who’s truth is … well, true. Sounds funny, but it really is happening. To the detriment of all who wish to be free of the kabbala, (or whatever we’re calling them this week) the dominant voices who have garnered the respect of many like minded folks are now pitting themselves against one another, and tearing the collective movement asunder in their wake. To the point of doing more to destroy us then the PT(S)B ever could. We really are our own worst enemy. That is not an admonition of surrender on my part. Just a realization that this will be harder than it should be.

      • I had very little awareness of the details of their custody battle. I knew he was awarded full custody in 2015 and I remember seeing him say it had to do with her mental health.

        I just had to fix dozens of broken YouTube links because James Corbett has deleted ALL of the Boiling Frogs Post videos that he produced, many of which were excellent, like “How to Steal a Plane,” about MH 370, which is why I’d posted them to my site. Luckily all of those he deleted had been mirrored by various people years ago. I wonder what’s gotten into her?

    • Yes and we all know how reliable the opinion of a harpie in a Divorce case is, especially when looking for custody and no doubt( financial ) support and on david pakman the only place to go when no one of any credibility wants you . And she has taken money from Surus? case closed.

    • I used to watch (study his show, actually) Alex Jones for a couple of months, but I began to see that he was nothing but a “lackey” for President Trump (I voted for Trump). He’d say that he’d call the Pres. out if he started going sideways, well, he’d call him out for about 30 seconds, but then he’d proceed to tell his audience (practically everyday), and list all of his accomplishments. I just started getting sick of him telling us all the things he’s doing what’s right, but doesn’t keep the President’s feet to the fire, especially when it comes to his stance on guns, his picks for cabinet members and now, last of all picking someone who was head of the CIA. Speaking of which, he never calls out the CIA. He’s never said anything derogatory about the CIA on air. Why? Neither does Trump! Why is that? Especially, when the CIA is funding the war by creating, funding, arming ISIS. The CIA is the “Deep State.” So, for those reasons, I no longer watch Alex Jones and I think that the CIA got to him. I think he’s a sellout and a loud mouth.

      • If you have a public voice, you have to GIVE THEM SOMETHING BAD SO THEY WON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT WILL COME OUT OF YOUR MOUTH. They don’t like to worry. Comes to that you will have either a fatal accident or a fatal warrant serving or a fatal “shoot yourself twice in the back of your head” suicide. What’s going to be Trump’s reaction when “somebody” tells him that if he steps out of line, some “lunatic” is GOING TO THROW ACID IN HIS DAUGHTER’S FACE: he’s pretty much going to go along with whatever he’s told from that point on (like on “day 1”). If Obama had actually been going to change ANYTHING he would never have made it through the primaries alive. Alex still being alive has “agent provocateur” written all over it. Gatekeeper. See LOC-archived alanforcongress (NOTcom).

    • Well, I guess both have their own use for this interview. Pakman takes the liberal side and also does his fair share of downplaying conspiracies and those that promote them. Kelly may have her own intentions as well, but she did state something I would agree with. Alex has said for quite some time that the system is rigged and that both parties are different sides of the same coin. So, why is now any different? Still can’t understand people jumping on the Trump train.

      I think part of what’s going on is the desire by “those in the shadows” to create a lot of infighting amongst the alternative press. There is also something going on now with Sibel Edmonds and Patrick Henningsen (and others, including James Corbett chiming in). I think we’ll be seeing more of this.

      But Alex really lost me when he started supporting Trump and when a particular article appeared on his site. It was entitled “10 TIMES THAT GOD HAS HIT AMERICA WITH A MAJOR DISASTER AFTER THE U.S. ATTEMPTED TO DIVIDE THE LAND OF ISRAEL” and talked about how the US was cursed because Obama did not veto a UN resolution on Israeli settlements. The article was not written by Alex, but he surely must be aware of it. Wow, talk about jumping the shark. Article link below:

      Been following Alex less and less over the years. Don’t bother with him at all anymore.

      • Rudy, thanks for your thoughts. Yes, the point of this post was about the distorted behavior I’m seeing in the space, to which you allude. I am totally freaking out about Sibel Edmonds’ bizarre behavior and I’m also disappointed that James Corbett, as someone who collaborated with her for years and who together with her created great work would turn on his heel and behave as if all of their content has now been discredited. She seems to have a mental health issue going on and he doesn’t seem like a very good friend.

        • Thanks for that. Yeah, with the huge push about controlling so called “fake news” and these disruptions in the alternative press; someone is trying to discredit any voice opting for a narrative opposite that of the establishment (see video link below if you’re not already aware of it).

          I just wonder if some energetic component is creating this discourse, and some are just more susceptible to it than others. As you say ‘bizarre behavior’, to say the least.

          California Bill Creates “Fact-Checkers” To Filter Your Online Content

          “Newly proposed California Senate Bill 1424 will create “fact-checkers to verify news stories” and aims to “mitigate the spread of false information through news stories.””

    • I carefully researched Jone’s supplements and they are top rate and within an appropriate price range. Therfe is nothing fake about his supplements. The only fakery is that of the big pharma shills that attack supplements. Remember, supplements have never killed anyone, the pharma industry kills between 150,000 to 300,000 yearly.

    • I smell a Demo demon. Has she taken $ from Soros? She is beginning to sound like some of the deranged melting snowflakes and their savage behavior.


    • Dirty Laundry! we all have some! Half of America is Narcissist! The Jones fight continues…publicly!

    • Alexandra, I’ve followed FKTV for about 10 years or more and enjoy it immensely. I voted for Trump because he has wielded power all his life and is not intoxicated by it like Clinton, Obama et al. This David Parkman is obviously just another right/left propagandist. As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle.
      I was once married to a woman who was a Jezebel Spirit and a Succubus; I barely escaped with my life (Thank God) after a traumatic 14 year marriage. Her second husband wasn’t so fortunate, he’s dead.
      Parkman failed to ask Kelly Jones one very important question. Why did she keep Alex Jones’ last name? Ms. Jones might say it was for the children; don’t believe it. She’ll always be Kelly Jones even if she remarries. It’s for the fame, trust me on that.

      • Thanks for the kind words, Gary.

        I received many angry emails (not viewable here) from virulent AJ supporters, telling me that I was trying to knock him down with this post. Hardly. Anyone who actually reads what I wrote will know that’s not the case. There are very few people I want to knock down and you’ll know it when I’m doing it!

        I was showing another example of the decoherence I see manifest all over the place, lately. I’m hoping it’s just Mercury Retrograde. Others are calling it End Times Madness.

        • Yes, end times madness, between the chemtrails, the lithium, and activated by the “D” wave, there are some very real, and observable changes happening on this world. Intensifying emotions, etc. I’m not much on doomsday scenarios, but, we are seeing, I believe some of the effects are showing. Hopefully just Mercury Retrograde. Not Mercury Poisoning.

    • Does this woman have documented proof that the supplements are false.
      I think she’s a sore loser. And that he’s using $ for litigation. He wants his kids. And she is sour grapes and a potentially good actress.

      • Yep, Randie. I tweeted her a couple things.

        @AlexJones_Ex It’s pretty disgusting that you’re clearly taking big money (very snazzy website) to carry out a smear campaign on your ex-husband. Many people in high places clearly wish to see Alex fail. You can’t expect people to take your alliance with them seriously?

        @AlexJones_Ex Kelly, it’s pretty obvious that you’re just using Alex’s anti-establishment verbiage, combined with liberal feminist victim lingo, to turn around the circumstances of your custody loss. From transcripts and interviews, it looks like he had an honest, cogent defense

        I had my account temporarily locked this morning after sending her these last night. Luckily, I was able to get it back by adding a phone number.

        • Rob I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s all for the fame.

          You mentioned feminist. My definition of a feminist can be summed up with just four short sentences. 1. When it comes to child support, a feminist will say: Their his children. 2. When it comes to child custody, a feminist will say: Their my children. 3. When it comes to abortion, a feminist will say: It’s my body. 4. When it comes to responsibility, a feminist will say: He got me pregnant. Shit.

          • we are all actors, some are good at it. alex, has woke more people
            then anyone. when one becomes a zenith, and is one of the most
            popular personalities for liberty, he becomes a target for anyone
            who’s head is still up their buts. believe in this system at your own
            peril. we are killing the fake, false, left/right propaganda machine
            that they have so cleverly constructed for generations.

          • Haha. The contradiction between 1 and 2 is the most heinous I would say. You can’t have it both ways. Did you also notice in the interview that she portrayed her work at the company as significant enough that she should’ve gotten more than 10% (“I helped him build the business, especially the very profitable supplement side—which by the way, do not work, you’re right David”), but not significant enough that it represented her personal (“I found the content frankly disgusting by the time I left”) . You can’t have it both ways, lady.

      • I use Alex’s supplements and love them. The BRAIN FORCE has increased the quality of my art work exponentially. I can understand that the man might be hard to live with; he’s VERY intense. But I find his ideas compelling and a welcome rebuttal to the fake news so prevalent in the mainstream.

        • I couldn’t agree more with the comment on Alex Jones behavior. I have not tried the supplements but you kind of make me want to do my research and maybe even try them..

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