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Sidney Powell revealed that she’s discovered that the Department of Defense patented an algorithm in 2006 that can predetermine the outcome of elections. The DoD then gave that patent to a University in New Jersey, which Sidney calls an “international think tank.”

She also says that Dominion Voting Systems assigned all of their patents in 2019 to the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank, and then there was an “infusion of over $400 million to State Street Capital which owns Dominion now.”

It’s all tied together and it looks like we are starting to get a better understanding of how they’ve rigged our elections for years and more importantly, WHO has been doing it.

This is mind blowing stuff. If you watch the full 8 minute clip, you’ll understand why they are trying to destroy Sidney.

As she says, it’s appears she is over the target 🎯


On her Telegram account,. Tore Maras posted the following:

Do you all know why Russell Newman and I fell out?

He was working for Joe Flynn and said “Trump won’t be President we are focused on making General Flynn President because he’s viable. “ This is after he started working for the America Project.

This is the truth. He said it’s going to be Flynn or DeSantis Trump is not going to win because it was always about General Flynn coming into power.  That is why they were pushing the VP slot for him.

Ask me. I have receipts.

He worked for them and said it.

God as my witness he said it.

There may have been some texts too.

He even said it in our chats in fact Horseman Bill called him out.

Again President Trump is all about loyalty. He sees all through his eyes and his conduits.

Joe Flynn derailed Sidney Powell.

She sensed something was off and ran.

We all know my affidavit is solid.

Halderman reinforced it

In addition, I will tell you this. They say shit about me cause no one CLAIMS me.

Example: clique ABC says XYZ is my operator .

As for me? No one OWNS me and CLAIMS me which means they don’t know who I am.

Friendly? Foe?

They don’t know. My fruits should be enough.

But control freaks realize they don’t KNOW and that is what terrifies them- and no one claims me.

In fact they have tried relentlessly to profile me- God knows how many warrants and investigations had been done.  They use everyone and you know what – they still come up empty.

Hence the #PeopleLikeMeDontExist

Rarely is anyone unclaimed or cussed.

My fruits – compare them to others?

You know who does law claim to me? God, He is the only one I lean into and look at for guidance.

I have said this before and will say it again.

General Flynn showed me a good side of him at one point with his actions, so did Christopher Wray. Do not misconstrue my statements – to allude to my judgement of someone.

I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Whats new about this? Sounds like same ole same ole to me and we still don’t have names. Names, we need names of real people, corporate names hide the names of the perps. We already knew about Smartmatic, China, Venezuela and more than mentioned here, namely Ukraine where these infernal computer controls were allegedly located in 2020. They have likely since been conveniently blown up in the war.

    Hard, convicting evidence would be nice; we already have enough circumstantial evidence, but the Justice Department is controlled by the club and congress is impotent to do anything about it because they fear the club. Until that rat pack is excised don’t expect whistle blowers to risk their lives and futures for nothing.

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