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Mike Adams says we should have no illusions about the fact that the Globalists intend to level and destroy the Western nations and that we are currently experiencing an extermination of the West.

Aren’t you glad that DHS let all of these Middle Eastern sleeper cells in across the border right before Biden announced he was authorizing strikes in the Middle East?




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Alexandra Bruce

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  • 100% True. The globalists intend to destroy the western nations : because their non-Humain masters need this in order to reset the planet for a new cycle of “Humanity”, a Humanity modified with bodies that could allow the parasites to incarnate in matter on earth. Otherwise those parasites are finished.
    But their intent is wishfull thinking. It is in no way binding us.
    Our intent is radically opposite.

    Do not consent !
    Keep your minds and hearts full of good strong vibrations, Americans !

    A quick update on the situation in France, to tell you it is to late to cut the internet : the People know. Now even our overworked and oversuicided farmers know.
    Officially 30% of the european People were not jabbed : that is to say much more if you add all those who found a way to display false certificates. The parasites are aware of this fact.

    Our fake prime minister declares how so beautiful it has become in France that a prime minister can be overtly homosexual.
    Next : in 6 months, expect a goat to declare at the same microphone how beautiful it is that even a goat can become prime minister of France.

    Our fake gouvernment might get away with their tons of lies for a while.
    But their collaborators might no more.
    French farmers attacking a police station with a manure cannon :

    Cerveaux non disponibles
    Dans la Creuse, des agriculteurs ont attaqué un commissariat de police avec du fumier !
    10:18 PM · 30 janv. 2024

    The Paris public transports main union has just declared a strike, the longest ever, from February first until September.
    Don’t expect there could be “olympic games”. I think this event, that was used to set-up in plain sight an unprecedented state-terrorism structure in Paris, was only meant to be a cover-up for the “seeding” of a new outbreak of a new and “deadlier” plandemic.

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