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    Five young men describe their experiences with gender dysphoria as they wrestled with feelings of inadequacy as men, and their ultimate pursuit to find peace in their natural bodies.

    ‘The Lost Boys’ completes the trilogy of films which explore the topic of the transgender gender affirmation therapy as the main treatment for minors and young adults experiencing a misalignment between their body and their feelings.

    The film, ‘Trans Mission: What’s the Rush to Reassign Gender?’ explored the medical ethics of puberty blocking and cross-sex hormones in children. This film was quickly followed with the release of ‘The Detransition Diaries: Saving our Sisters’, told through the stories of three young women who felt their life would be easier if they transitioned to living life as if they were men.

    With the release of ‘The Detransition Diaries’, parents of young men, experiencing similar feelings of distress encouraged the making of this film to tell their stories of their sons who are growing up against the backdrop of the negative attitudes towards maleness and masculinity and confusing messages around what it means to be a man who may or may not conform to traditional views of manhood.

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    • Thank you for this information. I had a bias starting in. It’s gone now. I can see how this whole issue came to be. Good job!

    • Wow. I guess these guys set up the next few generations of psychiatrists and lawyers to sue whoever mangled what body part. They ruined the lives of so many families. When I was 19 I got in some trouble and had to go to 5 classes about drinking. I noticed Paxil notepads and pens all around. The ex- crack addict diagnosed me with bipolar, showed me a naked picture of himself with his son in a champagne glass hot tub for some reason, then gave me a script for Paxil which went in the trash. They have played out the antidepressants for normal reasons, now they can give them to these people who will be depressed because they made them depressed by butchering them. That would have been like that counselor getting me more drunk before every session so I could be more of a mess at my sessions.
      I keep saying we are at a point in USA where the guy that fixes windows also employs a guy to smash windows all night.

    • The most important thing that we can do to stop gender confusion is to
      stop putting endocrine disruptors in our food, water and air.

      • mike,

        “The Lost Boys” ( Absent Fathers ) :

        Gender Dysphoria is mainly caused by
        divorce, 68% of which is initiated
        by women :

        Forward Message :

        Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

        Gender confusion is part of a
        NATURAL maturation/develop-
        ment stage for all pre-puberty
        boys and girls—as this scribbler
        has been trying – but FAILING –
        to explain, to
        on the LOGIC-driven RIGHT
        ( the left-hemisphere directed
        folks ). But the nation has been
        so DUMBED DOWN, nobody I’ve
        contacted gets it :

        Forwarded Message :

        Dear Dr. Naomi Wolf et al.,

        Re : The Psychology Underpinning America’s Decline in Civility

        Keep in mind, every male and female on
        planet Earth has a brain configuration
        capable of expressing both LOGIC ( left-
        hemisphere rational/masculine ) and
        EMOTION ( right-hemisphere emotional/
        feminine )—the two sex-related expressions
        – logic and emotion – mostly correspond
        morphologically with MALE ( logical guys )
        and FEMALE ( emotional gals ).

        G E N E R A L L Y :

        So-called “gender dysphoria” results from
        children raised without two male/female
        parents—as absence of either one during
        childrearing years may prevent MODELING
        for each boy and girl, to LEARN, by
        example, what “boy” and “girl” means in
        at-large society. Genetics/heritage drives
        that NORMAL inclination in either sex,
        to be a boy or girl ( matching genitalia
        with genetic masculine or feminine be-
        haviors ). However, lack of modeling can
        cause gender-dysphoric C O N F U –
        S I O N and resulting CROSS-MODELING
        outcomes, where a boy wishes to dress
        like a girl, and a girl like a boy ( yes,
        Freud was correct ! ).

        Above post found here :



    • We didn’t have this and other social problems until a certain tribe of immigrants that dislikes manly labors, started what we know today as the behavioral sciences, psychology, psychiatry and so on, which the medical profession at first rejected. Sigmund Freud comes to mind.

      There are as many variations of human responses as one can imagine, but I can’t imagine a sustainable society that makes public policy out of the exceptions. Nor can I imagine a sane society that endlessly obsesses over its exceptions. Especially exceptions that occupy most of the entertainment industry which is made up mostly of such disturbed people who also don’t like manual labor or self control, so they love lionizing the exceptions and demonizing that which has forever represented the sustainable normal family relationships. They mock it!

      Further, it would appear that corporations and such professions that specialize in catering to the exceptions, enjoy entertaining audiences with their hypothesis about causal effects. I got sick of it years ago and stopped watching TV because of it.

      Possibilities are numberless, the sky is the limit. it won’t be long until we have a class of pet lovers who’ve longed to be whatever their pet is so they could more intimately enjoy them. Why not? When a nation is on a voyage of such possibilities anything is possible. When a boy longs to wear a dress, that too is open ended. We’ve already bitten off more than we can chew on that account. There is no end to possibilities to divide humanity, especially certain species of humans of lesser value according their estimation.

      But I promise, once the cat is out of the bag and codified into law, species and tribes wont much matter. Americas enemies could not think of a more clever way to tear the nation apart.

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