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Greg Reese has put together the work of many researchers who we have been covering closely in recent months, from Whitney Webb to Amazing Polly La Quinta Columna, into this jaw-dropping 4-minute video.

It is the stuff of science fiction but everything detailed here is completely documented and has been publicly stated as the goals of the World Economic Forum, DARPA and others.


Ricardo Delgado has a masters in biostatistics. His postgraduate studies included microbiology, epidemiology and immunology. He is the founder of the Fifth Column [La Quinta Columna].

Delgado has published videos of electron microscopy at the University of Almería in Spain of the Pfizer mRNA vaxxine, showing what can best be described as self-organizing nano structures.

The videos show that as the mRNA vaxxine evaporates, nano-sized structures begin to form; multiple structures that appear to be the same things.

Things that look like microchips and electronic circuitry.

Pfizer has reportedly made 33 different batches, which have all been catalogued in a database, some dangerous and others, seemingly innocuous, so these things maybe aren’t in every vial.

But the FDA has said that they need 75 years to tell us all the details, so maybe they are.

At a World Economic Forum 2018 conference, the Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer expressed excitement for invasive nanotech, referring to the recent FDA approval of a tablet with a sensor that can notify medical authorities of compliance.

Later that year, a nano transistor chip is unveiled that replaces silicon with air.

Just this week, a COVID implantable microchip developer claimed we will be chipped, “Whether we like it or not!”

There has been much talk about graphene oxide and nanotech in the vaxxines, which the media vehemently claims is not true.

But how would they know?

And why would anyone trust a word that they say about any of this?

If there are nano circuits being created within the bodies of the vaxxinated, this would explain the videos we’ve seen displaying IP addresses coming from the jabbed; a newly-activated network of nano circuits, unique to each individual.

One of the leading experts of nanotechnology, Charles Lieber has written patents describing a technology that has the potential to self-assemble into tiny computer systems capable of controlling human neurology, which is exactly what Delgado’s electron microscopy of the Pfizer jab appears to be.

Charles Lieber was just convicted on numerous crimes for working with the Communist Chinese in Wuhan, where Pfizer ran a research and development facility.

Elon Musk expects to be implanting his Neuralink into human beings later this year and claims that they could put you fully into Virtual Reality, as if this is somehow important for humanity.

For humanity, it isn’t – but for the transhumanists, it’s a necessity.

And if you listen to the psychopaths orchestrating all of this, transhumanism is officially their stated goal – and they won’t need Elon’s implantable chip.

With injectable nano-sized circuitry in the human brain and nervous system, non-intrusive wearable tech will do the job just fine and this is rapidly being developed by Wellcome Leap, a privately-run umbrella corporation connecting DARPA, Silicon Valley and the military, who has tripled their network in less than a year, boasting success for the deadly mRNA vaxxines and pushing to accelerate new ones, designed to correct every so-called flaw of the human psyche that stands in the way of productivity to an authoritarian state, run by Artificial Intelligence that monitors and controls their neurological functions 24/7.

This is exactly what they say they want by the year 2030.

So either the vaxxines are a way of interfacing the new transhuman-with-AI technology or they’re lying and it’s all about depopulation, which is what the latest data is showing.

Natural News recently estimated billions of deaths if it isn’t stopped in the next year.

It obviously isn’t about public health and whether it’s about depopulation or transhumanism, it is a threat to all of humanity.

We could ponder until the end about why anyone would want to do this but the real question is why are we letting them?

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  • I’m not sure it matters whether we let them do this. Most likely the tech has been snuck into us already or it’s being/has been sprayed in the air and who knows how long. Read the article about the Russian orthodox church position. We are not only the image of God we are a cell of God. Let’s activate that technology and see what happens.

  • Although it is disturbing beyond description this comes as no real surprise to me, as some years back, maybe 9 or 10, I was left dumbstricken while listening to a nwo ‘scientist’ on TedTalks describe what he referred to as the “smart-vax.” The unceasing promotion of an annual flu-shot – FREE! they caw – also had become horrifyingly suspicious. Anyway, from that day (the “smart-vax” video) forward I began to realize that anything labeled “smart” (pretty much everything these days, even including underground infrastructure pipes … bcz big-brother wants to monitor everything we flush down the toilet, I guess) was connected to the Orwellian big-brother – or, the ‘internet of things’. The notion disturbed me to where I could not finish watching. Today, I can’t for the life of me find this video anywhere on the web. Maybe that’s a good thing, though.

  • Self assembling….Inventor, entrepreneur and visionary Ray Kurzweil explains in abundant, grounded detail why, by the 2020s, we will have reverse-engineered the human brain and nanobots will be operating your consciousness.
    Pay attention at around the 8 min. mark listen for the new paridigm of transitors self assembling ..

    . I admit his prediction timing seems to be off but their all in on it.Their all in lock step with the usurpation of humanity!

    Combine this ted talk video with a 55 min lecture from professor CharlesMorgan at west point military academy on the subject of nano biological war!

  • Sorry, but the kid playing the virtual reality game looks like an idiot. I’m from the generation that does things, instead of pretending to do things. I’m about to break out my rollerblades.

  • What is “blind faith”? It’s faith in God and I personally place my life and soul in His hands.

  • Excellent question, indeed! Why are we letting them do this? Two principles I see at work here: 1) Control & manipulation (You can’t live your life, travel, shop, etc unless you take the jab) 2) ALWAYS, follow the money. (Billions are being made by big Pharma while millions die. and WHO else is making big bucks? Certain members of Congress?) Fauci is a lying, scheming megalomaniac who needs to be stopped…NOW. May our Lord bless the USA and open the eyes of those who do not see the truth.

  • This is so stupid, at every level. Every liquid you evaporate or freeze will become a geometric shape. Think snowflakes.

  • Why would anyone do this? Answer depends greatly on who you think “anyone “is. If you think it is Fauci, Gates, Soros and the like that is one option. If you think it is either or both of the following options 1) one or more 4th dimensional or higher predator species such as Draco reptilians, and/or 2) demonically possessed humans then we need outside help IMO.

    If you have not seen this article you may find it of interest.

  • The graphene devices assembling themselves in your head will give the authority’s audio and visual access to all you are aware of . The all seeing eyes and ears on the world will turn you into a cyber rat against your family and friends. Nobody will trust anyone anymore we will either become saints or serial killers. Anonymity is synonymous with criminality giving rise to transparency through total surveillance a police state and a prison all in your head.

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