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    Many are wondering why some geographic areas, such as those surrounding Silicon Valley are not seeing nearly as many adverse reactions to the vaxx as other areas, with Prudential reporting a 87% increase in death benefits paid out in the third quarter of 2021, compared the third quarter of 2020. Pacific Life and Annuity is reporting that claims are up by over 80% and other insurers reporting increases of between 12% and 40%.

    According to Dr Jane Ruby, we the people of Planet Earth are being subjected to mass unethical drug testing, without informed consent, against all ethical and regulatory rules; tests that are supposed to be reserved for rats and mice.


    Dr Ruby joins Stew Peters to relay how she spent 3 hours with researchers who have been painstakingly identifying the lot numbers of the most deadly vials that are now in circulation.

    She says that hackers were able to break into the systems of Pfizer and Moderna and the researchers were able to put together a comprehensive list of all the lots and the code numbers of the most toxic batches.

    According to the hackers, 5% of the batches have generated the 21,000 deaths reported to VAERS.

    She says that in the Moderna analysis, the death rate in the United States was 10 times higher than in the EU and that the EU had ten times more disabilities, as compared with the US. She says that it is clear that this was by design.

    She says they’re not testing doses within the therapeutic range, they’re testing lethal doses. She says she will be coming back with a more in-depth report but says, “Before you let your child get in line for these bioweapon shots, if you don’t believe anything we’ve said, at least ask them for the lot numbers.” The lot numbers can then be checked on the researchers’ website, HowBad.Info.

    Dr Ruby says, “What they’re telling us is that this is a worldwide human experiment, it’s intentional and there’s a subplot to this; that there is an attack on the American People.

    “What they basically told me is that all three companies, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – which is essentially Janssen – are testing. They’re actively testing and it’s worse than we thought, because there’s evidence that these companies are intentionally deploying toxic batches.

    “They’ve also identified what they call ‘super toxic’ batches and they’ve released these lot numbers. And I felt like this was an emergency to get this to the American People and the people of the world.

    “I want to show you what they found, in terms of most dangerous lots. And when we’re done with this segment, I urge everyone to go to HowBad.Info, where you can check the lots and you can know which lots are deadly and dangerous if you’re thinking or on the fence about getting any of these bioweapon injections.

    “When you look at the first column here, for Pfizer, I want you to know that the most deadly, dangerous lot [for children] will begin with ‘EW’. Second to that is ‘FA’ and then ‘FC’…

    “The most harmful lot for children, under this EW, FA, FC…the whole lot number is: EW0182 but you can go to HowBad.Info and look up the company and put your lot number in.

    “Under Pfizer for adults, the most toxic, deadly batches begin with ‘EN’ and then, second to that is ‘ER’…

    “Under Moderna [all ages]…their toxic, deadly batches end in ’20A’.

    “Their ‘supertoxic’, under Moderna, have in the middle section – they got very clever…all companies coded their lot numbers so that they would know where the most toxic batches are and I’m going to share with you why that’s important in a little bit.

    “But Moderna took it a step further, with a little cleverness, because they embedded their code for their most toxic amount, either in dose or chemical composition under the letters in the middle of that lot number, J, K, L, M.

    “The analysts were a team that included the well-known [former Pfizer VP] Dr Michael Yeadon, Craig Partikooper from Africa, a woman named Alexandra Ladipova, who’s in California, our well-known Jessica Rose, who we’ve interviewed on the Stew Peters Show before and another analyst named Walter Wagner.

    “Look, this ‘EW’ lot for children – anything that starts with ‘EW’ is responsible for almost all adverse events in children, all ER visits, all hospitalizations, all life-threatening events, disabilities and all deaths.

    “This is serious. And here’s the kicker, Stew: All of these deadly lots that we’re going to show you are all already in circulation, remembering that there could be up to 1.5 million doses per lot. This quantification is set by each company. And the way they know that is because they have looked at the companies and they’ve gotten into their systems to see how the companies have laid this out.

    “They made the assertion, Stew – and this was shocking – that what these companies are doing is they’re exporting ‘disability’, as defined by the VAERS system, itself out to Europe; ex-USA. And what they’re doing is they’re exporting, if you will, death. More death, more lethal doses in the United States.


    “Now, let me share with everyone – there’s another chart with a scatter plot, it’s called ‘Pfizer Batches’. And when Pfizer batches were arranged alphanumerically along the X axis, the following patterns emerged. And you can see these dots, these vertical dots represent batch numbers.

    “And again, there’s that ‘EW’, you can see the green stack of dots. Those are children’s doses. Even though the company claims that the amount is less than the adult dose, supposedly, we have no idea what’s in there…

    “They are conducting what we call ‘lethal dose studies’. Now, in pharmaceutical drug development, lethal dose studies look at how much you need to cause death and obviously, they’re not done in humans, in people. They’re always done in animals, though they’ve slowed down in recent years, because people have become concerned. Even though they’re rats and mice; they’re ‘lower forms’, people are concerned about the cruelty to animals. But they’re never done in people.

    “And what’s happening here is they are basically, from the analysis, these analysts tell us that these three companies are actively, right now conducting lethal dose studies.

    “Let me explain ‘lethal dose’. They take the highest amount of chemical, in terms of dosage and chemical and what they do is that they determine what lethal amount to test half the population.

    It’s one of the means to assess acute toxicity prior to going into human studies. And like I aid, it has been largely phased-out. They are conducting it without informed consent, it’s against all ethical and regulatory rules. In other words, we believe these companies are just proceeding with impunity, because there is nothing stopping them.


    “I want to also show people something – before we get into a larger look at the lots and what’s happening and how these analysts are so sure that this is not by randomization, that this is not by chance, I want to take a look at the parts of a Moderna batch code.

    “I mentioned earlier that Moderna got a little ore complex and clever. Remember, these companies, we now know are actually embedding into their lots a code to tell THEM which lots are toxic, which ones are causing disabilities and what types of disabilities! This is absolutely outrageous!

    “When you look at the parts of a Moderna batch code, you see ‘011’, the letter ‘L’, and ’20A’.

    “’20A’, as we mentioned before, in the first chart I showed…denotes the most lethal batch of lot codes in the Moderna program right now. And remember, all of these numbers I’m going to show you are from the middle of November, all the way up until s late as December 16, just a couple of weeks ago.

    “So when you look at this number, 011-L-20A, what you’re looking at in the ‘011’ is the temporal batch order; so how it’s being developed over time and deployed by the company.

    “The ‘L’ is the concentration. It tells he company the toxicity and number of adverse reactions.

    “And then, the ’20A’ is qualitative; it’s the ingredient. And either ’20A’, which was the most toxic of their batch lots or ’21A’ came up, as well.

    “So this is their clever scheme…The reason they’re not concerned with safety issues is because this is an a priori design. This is designed ahead of time to send out toxic batches and then, to gather their information.”


    Dr Ruby explains that professional hackers got into Pfizer and Moderna’s systems and they were able to verify the whole lots. Dr Partikooper has a list of all the Moderna batches deployed so far. And Moderna also has a web tool for checking the expiration dates for the batches and these computer guys hacked into the Moderna and Pfizer websites and got entire lists of all their batches and batch code numbers.

    She says, “I just want to make something very clear: This exporting death to the USA and disability to the EU, what they found, for example, in the Moderna analysis. There was ten times the death rate in the United States than in the EU and in the Moderna group, there were ten times more disabilities in the EU group compared with the USA.”

    Dr Ruby says they’re clearly not testing doses within the therapeutic range, they’re testing lethal doses. She says she will be coming back with a more in-depth report and says, “Before you let your child get in line for these bioweapon shots, if you don’t believe anything we’ve said, at least ask them for the lot numbers.”

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      In the pharmaceutical world of economic durable competitive advantages, having a patent on a best-selling drug is about as good as it gets. The next best thing is having a monopoly on selling a country’s national health program the vaccines it needs for its childhood inoculation programs.Both of these businesses are hugely profitable and GSK excels in both these categories.
      The vaccine business is particularly attractive because an individual shot (or jab) costs GSK approximately 1.50 USD to manufacture and it sells to national vaccine programs for approximately 9USD a shot. That gives GSK a net profit of approximately 7.50 USD a shot. This markup gives GSK a very healthy profit margin that improves with and every new disease that the company develops a vaccine for. Consider this: GSK’s profits rose 10% with the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak – a disease for which the company had a state-of-the-art vaccine ready to inoculate the masses.
      In addition to its patents and the durable competitive advantage GSK has with the vaccines, it also established the relationship with the world’s governments, and it has the financial capital to create, manufacture and sell vaccines on a world scale. If you were in charge of the health of a nation’s 30 million-plus children, who would you buy your vaccines from? Every year? Year after year? You’d pick the biggest and the best. There are only four pharmaceutical giants that control most of the vaccine production in the world and GSK is one of them.
      There is another component to the vaccine equation that also spells BIG MONEY: Every year, women all over the world give birth to approximately 133 million new babies, 4.3 million in the US alone. With the United States Centers for Disease Control recommending that children aged birth through six receive thirty four individual vaccine shots/jabs, that means the market for those thirty-four vaccine shots/jabs increases every year by 4.3 million in just the US alone. This in turn means that the vaccine manufacturers selling in the U.S. have the potential to earn a profit of 1.09 billion USD every year. (4.3 million x 34 x 7.50USD = 1.09 billion). Consider the number of yearly vaccines worldwide and the numbers are staggering – approximately 34 billion a year (133 million x 34 x 7.5 = 33.9 billion USD). After ten years, in the U.S. alone vaccine manufacturers will see more than 10 billion USD in net profit. On a world scale, the number jumps to a potential 340 billion USD in profits.
      And wait, it gets even better. With the invention of each new vaccine comes a patent that is good for twenty years and guarantees that no one else can make the vaccine. In other words, the company has a monopoly.
      And wait, it gets even better. With the invention of each new vaccine comes a patent that is good for twenty years and guarantees that no one else can make the vaccine. In other words, the company has a monopoly.
      And last but not least, vaccine manufacturers in the U.S. are completely immune from lawsuits. Back in the 1980s several bad batches of vaccines injured so many children that the resulting successful lawsuits threatened to bankrupt the manufacturers, so the manufacturers lobbied a bill through Congress making them a protected class.

    • What are they giving the senior citizens? Anyone know?

    • Are they getting results from the nano bots? Only 1% fills out Vaers data base. I heard they’re turning on 5G within the next couple of weeks. If that will have anything to do with it.

    • You must be crazy enough to take any of the shots, and virus hasn’t been even isolated
      When we don’t even know what we’re trying to fix, inject poison and expect anything good from it??
      I start to think that some of sheep really deserve shot, because their brain incapability of before/after shot will be the same

      • Your right. You can only educate sheep to a certain level. Is it some Klaus bloke used the term Useless Eaters? See where he’s coming from.

    • “She says they’re not testing doses within the therapeutic range, they’re testing lethal doses.”?

      These injections have ZERO ‘therapeutic’ attributes. ‘THERAPEUTIC’ for WHAT?! WHAT ‘therapies’ is it giving individuals? So, DEATH is now ‘THERAPEUTIC’?

    • The problem I see with this lot number knowledge, is how many people do you think were told, shown, or asked for their lot number when they were vaxxed? I’m guessing hardly any.


      The components ( GHO/ Fe03 etc) packaged in the lipid nano capsids are being addressed using RNA and delivered to particular matching organs , the brain, the bone marrow, the heart, the reproductive system. The batch numbers keep track of the specific target or mis of targets.
      it is a planet wide experiment in designing an intelligent bioweapon designed to track, kill or sterilize.

      • Personally I don’t think this micro technology is of human design.
        You have an evil race steering the world cult leaders in this worldwide brain washing.
        Their goal is total control of those that manage to survive.
        We have been referred to as a prison planet. The bars just got a whole load thicker

        • I agree, though you and I may have a different description of the inhuman design. I believe it’s Satan, he hatched the plot. It’s too well orchestrated to be just a bunch of greedy over fed psychopaths.
          Whatever you think of Trump – and I’m disappointed with his Warp Speed – but I think it interfered with the Luciferian Plan, and made the globalists unthinkingly hasten their plotting and planning, and become a bit reckless. Yes, this is all from another world – and one we want no part of.

    • SHARED!
      Now, just think about who went to Epstein island. We heard about the sellers, but not about the buyers!
      It’s all connected!

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