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    *** UPDATE ON APRIL 7, 2021 DC Medical Examiner Releases Causes of Death ***

    The DC Medical Examiner today released the causes of death in US Capitol “Insurrection” but not yet for Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick. No investigations have been released or facts given about what the DC Medical Examiner is calling the “homicide” of Ashli Bobbitt – who was unarmed – they still have not even released the name of the officer who fatally shot her in the neck at close range.

    Four of the five who died were Trump supporters. Two died of heart attack, one of amphetamine poisoning and one from homicide – Ashli Babbitt. All except for Babbitt’s deaths were ruled “natural” or “accident”.

    Three months after the NY Times and the national press corps drowned US discourse over a month with a harrowing but false story about a pro-Trump mob bashing Officer Sicknick’s skull in with a fire extinguisher, they still can’t say what caused his death on Jan 7th.


    Having seen a lot of footage of the so-called Capitol riot; of Antifa breaking the windows, of cops waving protestors into the building, of the Horned Guy vamping inside and others, including Dr Simone Gold walking daintily between the velvet ropes across the Capitol Rotunda, I was convinced that it was a patriotic protest that had been infiltrated by paid Antifa.

    My assessment solidified during the following weeks, given the way the criminal government flogged the event like it was 9/11 Part Two. This, in order to finance a Chinese-style surveillance state out of the most dystopian Hollywood thriller. Not to mention the extravagant histrionics of Rashida Tlaib and AOC.

    The criminal media has made conflicting claims that 4 or 5 people died in the violence at the Capitol and we’ve also heard that three of these deaths were basically due to heart disease. Something definitely has seemed off about these reports.

    Still, I had held out the possibility that the point blank shooting of Ashli Babbitt, the Trump-supporting Air Force veteran was real but after seeing this video, I am convinced otherwise.

    Cutting together the copious cellphone footage from the scene, Wooz News makes a very strong case that the shooting of Ashli Babbitt at the Capitol on January 6th was an Obama Era-style, super fake false flag shooting, staged entirely with crisis actors, fake blood and fake glass.

    Check it out and decide for yourself.

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    • I knew the Ashleigh scene was fake when I saw the security guard on the stairs had a first sided kit strapped to his side and never touched it. He didn’t seem to know he had it on him. Another phony scene was when nobody applied any pressure to stop any bleeding or wipe the blood from her face or prop her up so she doesn’t choke. Seems Ashleigh would’ve been choking and gasping for air if she was shot in the….throat or wherever she was shot.

    • This video is so awesome!
      Well done!

      I was there J6, and on J7 I posted a video about Babbitt being an actor who did not die.

      At minute 12:30 you can see the hilarious fake prosthetic chest she is wearing, while being wheeled outside to the ambulance. The silicone chest still has the manufacturer warning label sticker on it (just under the left breast), hahaha!

      Go to minute 12:30

      Hilariously fake, but still a very sad reality/
      That people still believe the news.
      It’s total propaganda and the masses have been eating it up as the golden truth for decades.

      But videos like yours help to break the programming spells… so keep up the great work!

    • I took a picture of Joseph Clancy as he shot her. And I have the video of him running across the Senate floor. I paid for it on YouTube premium and sat on it for 18 months. Now we have a special grand jury,A federal prosecutor, and enough evidence for numerous indictments.
      Old Terrell Roberts Aaron Babbits attorney literally crapoed himself and deleted his “Christian” Give Send Go fundraiser where he BILKED over $400,000 from Americans. And that same afternoon we called out Lt. Michael Byrds $150K GoFundMe fraud which was deleted in 10 seconds after I posted a public comment on his fundraiser, “You are Royally f##ked”
      We are serving Charlie Kirk live on stage in December 2022 in Phoenix, AZ.
      Trump and His TPUSA false flag mouthpiece will be laying prone in Guantanamo with cotton shirts over their heads and 5 gallons of water poured over them just as other seditious terrorist have been treated overctge years for similar acts of espionage against Americans.
      Retired Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy shot Ashli Babbitt. We have pictures and video. So does CNN, Vanity Fair, ProPublica, Amazon Web services and the Deputy Attorney General of the USA.
      Trump Lied Nobody Died!!!

    • I have a friend who was a crisis actor in Brunswick at the FLETC(Federal Law enforcement training center). Showed him this video. He laughed hard as he pointed out 20 more things even you missed. D. spent several years there playing as terrorist, bank robber, fleeing felons, you name it. Helped train many a federal agent there. Quit after posing as a kidnapper when he was injured by an overzealous FBI HRT member. Did a little background on miss Babbitt using some of D’s advice. Very interesting what that turned up. Background her before and during her USAF career and some glaring things come to light. You are right. Completely staged and nobody died. Of course as more details come to light expext to see multiple people there at the scene start dropping like flies, just like all those poor doctors who have come forward exposing the Covid scam. COVID was designed to panic people to get the shot. It’s the killer not the virus.

    • Why has no one mentioned that they left with her going down the stairs (17:22 in video) AND that the stairs were controlled by the “police” the whole time? The “police” could have immediately evacuated her down the stairs. No reason for the dramatic yelling by the “police” to get back so the medics could come save her. Unless of course it was all acting…

    • Note the cameo appearance of Ray Epps. And then Ashli Babbitt is convenient;y buried at sea. (Maybe next to Osama Bin Laden?)

    • I saw a video analysis done on this within days of the videos coming out on the internet. It was a woman who said she worked in the Entertainment industry and she also designated the actors by their roles. I am also a nurse and my husband and sons are either Paramedic or law enforcement. All agree this was so poorly done, like when Hollywood gets all those cop and medical shows wrong. You can literally pick out the parts which are wrong.
      What you missed is Thomas shouting, immediately after the shot, its a flash bang.!
      Also on the gurney, she has a prosthetic under that black waistband, there is a clear delineation, straight line, where the prosthetic stops on her chest.

      • I’m so glad you said about the flash bomb.I heard that too.But The latest video out the words were changed to something to “it was a gun or gun shot”.I believe it was Democrats video. Did you see a headseshot picture of Ashli on line ,with orange shirt.It s like a jail or prison orange.On bottom of picture it is from a prison in Maryland Bethesda or Baltimore).I can’t remember the City.I wonder what she did.

    • Even someone with BLS /CPR training can tell you this is malarkey. It also explains why the BLM shooter wasn’t charged.

    • The Premeditated Murder of Ashley Babbitt was a Preplanned Racist HAte Crime.
      In light of the subsequent Racist torture of Political Prisoners in the Washington dungeons it is time to evaluate the Anti-White Hate of D.C. employees.
      THE BEST OF THE BEST: Diversity Hire Cop David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt Was Hired With a Sole Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education — HE RAKES IN OVER $120K A YEAR!
      REDPILLED MEDIA EXCLUSIVE: US Capitol Special Agent David Bailey Who Murdered Ashli Babbitt is a Brazilian Immigrant and Black Lives Matter Militant — HE REPEATEDLY THREATENED TO KILL TRUMP SUPPORTERS ON FACEBOOK FOR MONTHS! (Exclusive Evidence)

    • Training:
      When wounded, elevate the wounded area when possible.

      They carry her down the stairs head first (lowest).

    • Jaden doesn’t flinch when the shot is taken when he is standing right next to the barrel of the shooter for the most part, he just pans to his right as if he knows what to get in the frame. Most people would run, duck, and or scatter upon the first shot, because they don’t have any guarantee there won’t be follow up shots, nobody does that, which is a clear indication they know exactly what is going to happen and that they are safe…

      the muzzle flash seems a bit bright for current modern smokeless powder as even in high speed camera footage of semiautomatic pistols being shot with various calibers the visual signature is much less than what you see here, so this possibly indicates a special effects round so that it looks good on camera. Hollywood does this a lot to make shooting scenes and or explosions more spectacular, as in real life you don’t see that kind of muzzle flash but only on large caliber or hot rounds like my old duty .357 mag . The plum from a gun shot has a very distinct shape where the projectile comes out of the barrel followed by the main plum of burned powered which is much larger when the bullet clears the barrel making it look like a mushroom with a stem in the direction the gun is pointed and can be used to definitively determine the projectile path which is more like an area below or at her waist level like you concluded, which a safer place to shoot a blank round as they can still cause harm at short distances especially if they are souped up with lots of powder.

      None of the SWAT officers who were close enough to hear the gunshot took appropriate actions, especially when they don’t know where the shot came from, for knowing somebody was just shot and not knowing who the shooter is only one guy briefly brings his weapon up but then goes quickly back to a low ready position and then they just hang out on the stairs which is a very dangerous kill zone and is tactical foolishness. No SWAT team I ever knew would hang out on stairs unless they want to get killed. These guys are actors or at the least going against training so they can stay in camera near the “Victim” . At the very least they should have maintained tactical advantage and had others egress with the victim in tow in a safe direction immediately. You would never see people allowed to mill around for so long, the team just pretty much hangs out on the stairs doing nothing the entire time but shouting and pointing, the whole point of sending a SWAT team in is to gain control of the situation as quickly as possible …..I might add that for the capital building and what supposedly was taking place the team they sent in was very small you might say disproportionate to the situation.

      it is obvious the backpack is on her back to break her fall…I might mention here to how it’s a woman they push through the window to begin with, I think because it has more sympathy appeal and would garner more attention. Oh they shot and killed a woman……! why didn’t she fall forward? Think about it, she is leaning forward, her head and upper torso which is most of her weight is leaning forward yet she falls backwards, they can’t say the impact of the bullet pushed her back as it should have pushed her sideways if it had the ability to push, when she lands she has her hands in what is called a pugilistic attitude “for affect I am sure” you usually see this when people have head trauma possibly a spinal injury if that was supposedly from the gun shot she would have dropped like a sack of spuds right in the window, instead she conveniently falls back into her photo shoot.

      • If the whole point of the false flag at the Capitol was to damage Trump and his supporters, how would a false flag “killing” of an unarmed Trump supporter fit into this agenda? I’m assuming here that there was only ONE false flag team that day, the one that “breached” the Capitol building. Why would they murder a woman who is a Trump supporter? It would only throw more light on the false flag they were doing and stir sympathy for Babbit. I think Babbit’s shooting was an INTENTIONAL message being sent by the Deep State to all Trump supporters. “We are definitely not above taking you people out and getting away with it!” There ARE actually cut-throat fanatics in BOTH parties, I’m sure, who WOULD resort to murder to make a political statement. Besides, Babbit was right on top of those stairs staring down into a hornet’s nest of anti-Trump provocateurs. She was a witness who might have been eliminated.

        • The killing of Babbit was MEANT to incite a George Floyd style response from the right that could be infiltrated by people carrying weapons at protests in order to create an emergency need to revoke 2A. Shortly following 1/6 there were calls for “armed protests” at state capitals around the country on 1/20. No one attended tho because everyone knew it was a set up. The people who WOULD protest Babbit know it’s a FF. The people who believe it are too disengaged to do anything 😉

        • While we’ve seen evidence (hell, we’ve seen the murders themselves) on the left, there is no evidence from MAGA that there are “cutthroat” people who would murder anybody for their politics– if you know better, pls post. It’s just that I get tired of people being “fair” when this is a one-sided fight.

        • The Clintons resorted to murder several times over their political aspirations. Democrats got their way and installed Biden to a poorly attended installation. Motive: Democrats implementing the unaccompanied alien children sex trafficking program at the border.

    • Y’all are in fucking sane. Quit psyoping the fuck out of each other and get back to your real lives.

    • Y’all are in fucking sane. Quit psyoping the fuck out of each other and get back to your real lives.

    • I count at least 7 phones / cameras. We only see 2 maybe 3 as NORMAL people.

      One is JAYDEN-X. Known ANTIFA. Paid by CNN for interview plus another network. His dad is also high ranking in military.

      The other camera we see is from an INFOWARS camera man. I know Bill Hicks I mean Alex Jones had nothing to do with this but his camera man MANNY was there and his is the other footage we are ALLOWED to see.

      Also BABBITT is the ONLY FEMALE.

      CAPITOL POLICE: Who do I shoot


    • Excellent break down & the Comments from the EMT’s & LEO’s are very good! It is very apparent these morons were crisis actors. You can look back at so many other major tragedies & see crisis actors & so many times see the same actors move from one location to another. Sandy Hook was the first time I recall seeing a slew of crisis actors. Our government has gone so far down the sewer that when President Trump took office and said he was going to drain the swamp, that was a promise that he is currently fulfilling. For all of you who support him, just realize that he is still the President. He invoked the Insurecction Act before Creepy Joe did his illegal & fake inauguration. I call it that bc it did not occur at the White House despite what you think, nor did it happen on the correct day & time. It actually was held in GA in Tyler Perry’s studio where this clone of Joe lives & operates bc the WH is shut down. And it was the day before very early in the morning not at 12:01 pm nor was it presided by the correct official. He also did not swear allegiance to protect all territories both hear and abroad which is part of the oath. It was all a lie. But I digress, tribunals have already started & many of the elites have already met with their judgment for crimes against humanity. Currently HRC is undergoing her trial! At some appointed time, Trump will reveal all of this & take his rightful seat as President but for now, the military are running things under his command. He will return but there will be changes in DC which have already transpired. Stay tuned! Pray without ceasing for we are living in evil times!
      Thank you Wooz for the awesome video & thank you @IrishEyeSee, @StephanieG ,& @CathyRN for all of your especially wonderful comments!

      • What Tribunal? Stop, just stop it!!! Miss me with that, “Don’t worry about it, everything is being handled by the real good guys, but they’re doing things undercover in secret, so they don’t tip off the bad guys”.. 🐂💩 We spent the last 4 years listening to this crypto fill in the blanks on yer own deadlines come and go vague mystery soap opera film flam!! We The People Have Had Enough!! We are on the verge of civil war in this country and we are on our own. Those “good guy upper military brass that were fighting the “Deep State” all got forced into early retirement or fired under Obama. All this fantasy Tribunal nonsense needs to stop..

    • a false flag is not a fake event. real blood, real dead body, etc. it is when you have your own people dress up as people you want o frame and create outrage against, and have them go kill someone or trash the place.

    • Thank you so much for getting this out! This is what I was thinking on the day it happened. Democrats paid people to do this to make Trump look bad so they could start 2nd impeachment!
      Again, thank you!

    • I’m not a doctor or a cop but at one time I was a volunteer EMT for two years. I’m sorry, there is just too much chaos. The police would normally move people away from the fallen people before bringing us in and keeping others away to keep the crime scene intact, so that it can be photographed… especially if someone died. I’ve been at enough crime scenes and car accidents, and the first thing the cops do is keep the crime scene intact. It gets roped off before bringing us in. This was when I lived in NJ because the cops don’t want anyone getting hurt or injured including members of the EMT staff. The pack we had to carry as EMT’s was heavy over 50 lbs., minus the oxygen tank, which generally has wheels on it, because it’s pretty heavy. THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL THAT THESE ARE COPS OR REAL EMT’s. The camera and reporters would be pushed back from the scene for their own safety. That’s why God invented macro and telephoto lenses. The EMS/EMT protocols were not followed and they are pretty standard nationwide. This single EMT if he was an actually EMT trained technician should be fired but I’m sensing he’s not a real EMT. He did nothing to her or for her. It was just total bedlam. The guy doing CPR isn’t doing it correctly. Your heart is in the middle of your chest (a little to the left) not above your left boob and he’s not counting as he presses, there is a rhythm to performing CPR. Five presses and stop breath 5 times in their mouth and back to CPR. He NEVER once takes his back pack off or offer her any aid, he didn’t even put gloves on.

      THEY ARE DOING EVERYTHING THEY TELL YOU NOT TO DO at a crime scene and yes, this would be a crime scene. They would NEVER pick a person who was injured and carry her downstairs like that… that’s a no-no. We would put at least a temp c-collar on her neck so she couldn’t injure herself even more by turning her head. I was part of a three-man team and we saved the life of a cop who was shot by the suspect when his partner didn’t holster his gun correctly. He grabs the guys gun and shot the other cop at point blank range. The cop lives but never returned to duty. It’s a very stressful job and the County had finally hired a full-time crew.

      The rigid cervical collars sometimes don’t fit some people’s necks, so we had adjustable cervical collars with Velcro. I saw no one take her pulse either, watched her breathing, check out her nails, helps gage how much air saturation she was taking in, how well they are breathing, rapid pulse, rapid breathing, nausea or vomiting, if they say they are going to vomit, you roll them on their side, so they aren’t swallowing or choking on their own vomit. If she was shot, she would be in shock. That’s why they send at least two EMT’s, preferably 3 to a scene you have to work fast to save their lives. We would put pressure on the wound to slow down the bleeding. I saw none of that here.

      First thing you do is up on a Ambu bag to help her breathe THAT’S THE FIRST THING YOU ALWAYS DO, even if they say they’re okay, you still put it on. You would carefully place her on a Spinal or Trauma Board to lay her on and get her out of the scene as fast and as safely as you can. You idiots don’t pick her up, you roll her onto the board while someone holds her head still, even with the collar on. Then you place her on the gurney. You have no idea if there’s a spinal or neck injury, so you take precautions. If you put a trauma c- collar around her neck, it would’ve helped control the bleeding too.

      But you can clearly see them pass a pouch to her and placing it in her right hand. She would also be in shock, getting shot can be very traumatizing and she would be in shock. Moving her too hard or too fast that could cause serious and permanent damage to her neck and spine. I’m sorry I’ve seen better acting from a Telemundo soap opera. Stepping in the blood is another no-no. It sometimes happens but they collect the boots. Knowing that the Viking guy is an actor from Phoenix, Arizona so these must be some of his amateur thespian friends. Word of advice keep your day jobs. This was pathetic. I hope this helps people understand what happened here and I hope sharing my EMT knowledge helped.

      These morons think by putting on a MAGA hat or t-shirt, waving an American flag makes you an automatic Trump supporter but there are other things that occur too. I’ve been to two MAGA rallies and there was a camaraderie and mutual respect for each other. We actually were able to convince two Anti-Trumpers to walk in with us and they had a great time. Everything they were told, the opposite happened. There tends to be violence or fighting at Democratic rallies, that doesn’t happen at a Trump rally or at least the two that I attended. As we waited for the speakers to show up, we sang God Bless America, the Star-Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, God Bless the USA, American Soldier, My Country ‘Tis of Thee and there was another that I don’t remember but I think it’s from that Country singer Tobey Keith. I don’t follow him so I’m not familiar with his work. Somehow, I don’t see that happening at a DemonRat Rally. Songs about hating America would be on their agenda, I would think.

      • Thank you. I have been waiting and searching for an EMT to respond to this shooting on Jan 6 at the capitol building. I am a nurse (12yrs so far) and though I haven’t been in many trauma situations I thought this whole situation was very suspicious, w everything you pointed out. Viewing the video of the shooting the days right after it happened I was just shocked at the reaction of the cops to the woman shot. I knew something wasn’t right right off. So who is the woman they’ve been showing in the news.. A Babbitt? This situation means that many congress people, along w C. police were involved in this set up. I’m 49 and I just can’t believe we’re living in such a mind blowing amount of corruption surrounding us everywhere. Our government is literally a criminal enterprise and I don’t know if anyone really cares, except us the people. This doesn’t even include the other world entities- globalists, WHO, UN, CDC, EU…. I mean the evil list goes on and on. I just pray everyday for our country and work to keep my relationship w God strong.

    • I’m a registered nurse, but I don’t think it takes one to know that chest compressions aren’t done on people who are awake with their eyes open.
      My husband and I stood about 30 yards from the Capital building. Afterwards, we could not believe what we were hearing about that peaceful event… and how we’ve been thought of for having been there. My oldest son has turned against me.
      Thank you for this video.

      • He turned against you because you’re batshit crazy and believe outrageous conspiracy theories. Ashley Babbet is dead, plain and simple. She’s dead because like a lot of other trump clowns she broke into our capitol building while the senate was counting electoral votes. You people are sick.

    • This seems to have been very well done. What I’m wondering is about the person who filmed all of this. Was it on a cell phone? But, how did he or she get away with videoing this and so close? Wouldn’t any of the people involved in this wag the dog event. have noticed this person videoing it and caught them and put their hands up or just taken their phone or camera away. Other than that this is really amazing. I suppose it was very confusing there with a lot going on and who would notice one more person filming it with a phone. And who cares because the main thing was to get the scene set up for videoing and the photoshoot so big deal a real Trump supporter is there videoing the whole thing. It would never have been their concern that someone was videoing this whole thing. The most important thing is to get this out to the media and bingo it runs like wildfire all over the country and the world in which they were successful at. This was obviously a battle that they didn’t have to be all that neat and clean about unless someone like you guys got this, edited it and hopefully, you get this to Trump’s lawyers so that they can discredit this whole impeachment scam. Otherwise, it’s a waste no matter how well you edited this well done video.

    • And all this cheap theater resulted in the ongoing dog-and-pony show trial of the former president. It’s just a distraction to cover for more insidious and covert things going on behind the scenes…..and NOT in our interests. DC does NOT represent the PEOPLE.

    • Between my wife and I, we have over 50 years of law enforcement experience including being at many shooting scenes and we have never seen one like this

    • Wow this analysis really sucked. It didn’t prove anything, it was just a bunch of sophomoric spastic cringe comments coming rapid fire, tryin to confuse the viewer.

    • Sum1 said a fed agent posted that…idk…that wud b a trip!!
      The ‘medic’ pronounced her ‘dead’ nside the buildin’, but y’all can clearly c as she’s wheeled out on the gurney, her eyes r OPEN…guess she 4got she was pronounced dead…hahaha…
      Where is the funeral obit n San Diego, I wud think if she was killed by a Capitol Police, that wud hav been a major story and pics sumwhere!!
      Whovah this Woos dude is, he’s a riot!!…pun ntended!!!
      TOTES LAME!!!

    • Does anyone know anything about the two police officers that committed suicide after the riot?
      I’m am wondering if they were in this video???

      • I saw a video early on – three of them were interviewed. They said they were shocked when they were given the day off. They expected to work long hours that day. Those three cops “committed suicide” or more likely were suicided.

    • The woman that was shot in the capital was Ashli Babbitt. She was from San Diego. I have tried googling for her Obituary and Funeral. I find nothing in the San Diego Newspaper or any where else. Has anyone seen anything about her funeral or obituary? Something seems odd here.

    • I Can also tell you why its fake Dig up some real footage of real shooting soon as the gun goes off everyone thats not shot is running full speed anywhere but where it happened . That thing was so fake its reticula’s









      ONE OF YOU

      • I’m a Registered Respiratory Therapist and worked ER and ICU at a university level one trauma center. I agree that shit was staged. May they all burn in hell

      • I agree w you! The other disturbing part of this whole mess is, we don’t hear from any public official… aside from Trumps people… questioning this very situation?? Nevermind all the evidence of the stolen election. It’s like we are living in an alternate reality! Are there any people left w authoritiy who have some kind of integrity??! I am 48 but can’t imagine what the older generation is thinking and feeling.

    • Most of us Supporters for Trump , knew this was not the Rally people doing the damage in Capitol, so many articles that never seemed right trying to blame Trump supporters and Trump also. The Democrats pre planned this we all felt they did, they are all mental cases in Government and also all these GOP people who turned on him. 2022 will change that , if we citizens have a choice then, and the Democrats don’t get their communist America!! We have to stand up and fight for America and our freedoms!! Pray for all your worth people !!

    • That is certainly news footage that won’t be aired on CNN anytime soon! I have a feeling that many Congressfrauds have some explaining to do…

    • So Ashli is now ashes or enjoying a highly compensated invisibility in some little traveled enclave?
      I must say, Wooz nailed the details in a gut wrenching reveal…TPTSB are suffocating in their own hubris, greed and inhumanity…imnsho.

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