Dr. Simone Gold – The Truth about the CV19 Vaccine

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On January 3rd, 2021, Emergency Physician, Dr. Simone Gold gave this gobsmacking talk on the Great Awakening show about the breathtaking skullduggery that was coordinated worldwide across governments and health agencies against the drug, hydroxychloroquine, in the ordering of needless masks, lockdowns and now, in mandating the experimental vaccine.

I recommend that everyone share this with their normie friends and loved ones.

Dr. Gold says, “I come before you on behalf of America’s Frontline Doctors, which is a volunteer physicians organization that we started specifically to combat the serious and life-threatening disinformation that has really taken over America and really, the entire Globe.

Dr. Gold decided to speak out after she prescribed hydroxychloroquine and zinc to a COVID-positive patient, who recovered completely in 48 hours. However she, herself was called into see her Medical Director, who threatened to fire her, while her State Board threatened her with a potential investigation of unprofessional conduct.

“We are licensed as individuals. It’s actually against the law to have a corporate practice of medicine…it has to be the individual doctor physician, that’s why patients go to multiple doctors.

“It’s very, very scary stuff. I’ve been a doctor for a very long time. Before me, my father was a doctor. I’ve never seen anything like this, where we have groups of physicians or scientists or government bureaucrat agencies essentially lying to the American people and people across the world.”

The publication of fraudulent studies in the world’s pre-eminent medical journals, including The Lancet and the draconian decrees have crashed the world economy and resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

The experimental vaccine has not been shown to reduce mortality, in a disease which already has an almost non-existent mortality rate and there’s no evidence that it stops transmission. Why is the vaccine being mandated, again?

Dr Gold raises the very real security threat of mandating an experimental vaccine. “What if, for example you’ve given that vaccine to all of your healthcare workers and you’ve given that vaccine to all of your military and all of your police officers. I find this shocking, as a public policy matter, that we would even consider giving anything to our healthy first responders and frontline people who defend our country…It’s so shocking to accept that kind of risk.”

She ends her talk with a call to action. “We, at America’s Frontline Doctors intend to fight th urge that’s sweeping the globe to mandate people taking an experimental biological agent. This is a big fight we have on our hands…we’re very concerned with private businesses mandating this; employers, schools and travel – airlines, in particular.

“You can imagine if all the airlines got together, the CEOs and said, “You know what? We’re just going to mandate this – the 6 biggest ones all got together and said that. It’s just like the masks, right? You can’t avoid their mandates. This is a very big problem. So, America’s Frontline Doctors is tackling this. We intend to talk to the decision-makers in the airline industry.

“One of our tools in that battle will be to go in armed with at least 1 million signatures of human beings who are going to say, “No! We are not going to do business with anybody – and we’re not going to comply with anyone who’s going to mandate this…everyone hearing this can agree, we don’t need the CEOs of big companies forcing experimental biological agents on anyone…

“We are going to be at their mercy if we don’t get ahead of them. We must get ahead of that bad decision that they seem headed towards making. Qantas Airlines has already said that they’re going to do this…

Sign the petition and get everybody you know to sign it!

She says, “This is your life! Are you going to be able to travel?…frame this as a Human Rights issue. You can’t mandate that human beings take experimental biological agents.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I have interesting observation.
    4 of us adults were were sitting around laughing and being quietly silly. Not one of us had the covid vaccine. Only one person had a covid test in the nose.. we were playing with a beer opener. On the forehead. Two people were magnetized to the beer opener, two people were not.

    Question is do you think they….gov is injecting something into people as they shove the test pipe into peoples nose

  • My sister in-law had stage four breast cancer 25-20 years she had all the radical protocols. My cousin’s wife had breast cancer 21 years ago with light treatment. Both recently had the COVID-19 vaccine. I don’t know which one. Now both have the same type of aggressive breast cancer and they both started chemo at the same time. Not related, the only thing they have in common is breast cancer and the vaccine. The type of is -3 or 3p, I’m not sure of the terminology. To me, it seems a little more than coincidental.

    • My mother was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in July. She had the Modena vaccine in March. She’s had mammograms religiously for years and nothing. Now suddenly, stage 2 triple negative breast cancer. She started chemo Aug 26. I can’t help but wonder if the vaccine has anything to do with it.

  • i get emails from Frontline Doctors Dr.simone gold but i cant open or play any of them, i tried on the internet and get the same result…

  • My father passed away 11/30/2020 at the age of 83. The morning of his death, my 49 year old brother, handicapped, tested + for Covid. He had a mild cough for 5 days. The day after my father passed, around 3 PM, my brother’s breathing became quite labored and his O2 levels were 80. He went to the ER. They got his levels up to 98 but could not sustain it with their ALLOWED medications and steroids. His condition was downgraded and upgraded several times but the prognosis was that he would recover, be out of the hospital within a week then to a rehab facility. But his O2 levels dropped to 60. He went on a ventilator and passed the following afternoon.

    While we mourn the passing of our baby brother, we are more angry than upset because, me in particular, know that HCQ + Zinc works and they were forbidden to treat him with it. These are crimes against humanity. These people should be rounded up and put on trial for what they have done to the population.

    • I am so sorry for your great loss. And you are absolutely correct. I say this to people and they do not believe me.

      They have the nerve to keep on going at it now, and with Biden mandating the masks and Faucci …. it is disgusting…

      This is the World Order/Reset they are trying to push world wide. That is why they didn’t want Trump, cause he was against it….

      I am not a Democrat or Republican . But I am with the person that I see cares about humanity and his country…

      My husband age 54 got the Covid, 2 days fever and a couple of days cough and a little problem breathing right. I refused to take him to the hospital and or doctor.

      A good thing he listened to me and I was giving him tylenol for fever, making him 3-4 times a day tea with ginger lemon and honey and had some soup here and there. I went and bought Vitamin C and Zinc. within the 5th day he was up and running like he didn’t go through anything.

      I was with him in our bedroom and didn’t have a mask or gloves or anything like disinfection stuff and so on.

      I didn’t get it. Also my grandchildren were at my house too. They didn’t get it either..

    • Thank you
      I will upload it on the Free Speech Social Media Site

      It is Not Censored/Own Servers/Totally Independent

      Join us and chat with everyone, in organized various chats. Also upload any videos you want to share directly to this site.

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      Please share it with everyone that wants to socialize in a free speech site

  • Dear Alexandra,
    This good doctor and her colleagues are probably enemy number one for the despicable ‘Evil’ Cabal. I can but hope that ACIO and the OFOT are protecting her with Sentient Beings.

    If you connect what we know about Bill Hates’ intentions regarding the sterilisation of women etc., and the ‘Evil’ United Nations Agendas 21 and 30, you have an ‘Evil’ intent that I fear most of humanity would find it hard to comprehend.

    There is no doubt that the the ‘despicable, ‘Evil’ Democrats’ are making it very clear to those that are listening to them, that they do not give a ‘sh*t’ for the human race, as long as they can hand everything over to China, Xi Ping and the CCP.

    I saw a clip on BBC News recently when two young girls out in the street somewhere in New York, were interviewed by a hapless BBC correspondent. When he tried to persuade them that Biden had won, one replied ‘have you been watching CNN?’. No, the reporter said, I am from the BBC; which caused the two girls to giggle ‘he’s from the BBC’! They’re as bad as CNN they laughed and walked off in disgust.
    What was so striking, is that the BBC perceived that their stance and position in society is so impervious, that by showing the interview, they believed it made the two girls look foolish. Without realising that it was they that looked so blatantly, damned stupid!

    Concerning Simon Parkes, I am glad to see that he has removed that painting of him, from his website. It was the last thing that he needed to convince a thoughtful viewer that he was impartial and of the utmost integrity. I also note that he has been silent these past couple of days.

    I can but hope that from now on, viewers of his videos will recognise that a proportion of what he is told is complete ‘bollocks’ intended only for the Cabal?

  • I am saying no to the CV19 Vaccine. I will not allow biological agents injected in to my body. The vaccine test period was rushed and only approved for emergency conditions, long terms effects not trusted.

  • Hmm, Gold barely scraped the Service and has humiliated herself for her profound lack of knowledge!! Just another drug pusher, who will enforce her claims???? Nobody!!

  • The same number of people that died this year died last year and will die next year. It’s all the same, very rarely do the averages go up or down regardless of the causes of death. The Chynese virus is a weapon, not through the disease but the reaction (omnipresent fear) to it, that is how the people are being controlled.

  • I have a medical background and agree with Dr. Gold. This video should be seen by everyone. Dr. Gold is a beautiful human being who cares about humanity.

    • Dear Mary,

      I could not agree more. Here in the UK, the population at large live in ‘stupidly naive’ utter fear of this version of a ‘cold’!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I would like to comment in a big way regarding the lecture this exemplary doctor gave but first I need to test whether my comment will remain or will the slate be wiped clean by ‘Evil’ forces alien to us both?

  • I admire her. Poor thing got arrested by the Commies for being at the Capitol. May God’s archangel Michael slay the evil around her

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