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    “My name is Andrew Kaufman. I’m a medical doctor and Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist. This pandemic is not a real medical pandemic. The COVID-19 vaccine is not proven safe or effective, because there’s not been enough time. In addition, there is not a clear definition of any new disease for which it can be tested against. There has not been a virus that has been purified or shown to the cause of an illness. Thus, there is no target for a vaccine…The bottom line is that since no additional deaths have occurred in relation to a new disease, there is simply no reason for a new vaccine.”

    Doctors from Europe and the US stand up to the lies of the global unrestricted warfare campaign known as COVID-19.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • So now that the the PLANDEMIC Is in full effect, Seems kind of funny that the big diver jets are not crisscrossing the sky with Chemtrails any more????
      Coincidence?? I don’t think so.
      Have not seen a CHEMTRAIL since the Plandemic was released or sprayed ON OUR HEADS!
      Wake up people, we are being exterminated.
      The Georgia Guide Stones warned everyone years ago that this was going to be done. population control!

      • Oh they’re still dumping the government term = stratospheric aerosol injections ” chemtrails” they’re spraying the S. aerosol injection higher up in the atmosphere. I live in Tulsa Oklahoma. I’m still seeing them periodically but you’re right they haven’t been as obvious since the pandemic.

    • If you believe this garbage, or worse yet, spread it, you deserve to be punched in the most sensitive area multiple times. YOU are the sheep falling for right-wing propaganda tactics. Please don’t get the vax. Catch COVID and repent or die still thinking it’s a hoax.

    • why is ONE Dr allowed to have such power to control & rule over so many countries Dr Fauci/fraud it’s B. gates & other extremely powerful syndicate organizations behind the scheme as Society remain Divided, as they depopulate & destabilize the current & future Humanity

    • Could anyone elaborate?
      They say that Covid is fake, but there seems to be real stories at comment section that somebody actually suffered.
      Were they diagnosed falsely as covid for their death?
      Personally, 2 of my close friend’s relatives just died supposedly by covid infection; but how can I know about that?
      I’ve been reading stuff, and I’m against vaccination… yet I am confused.

      • I had it it was hard to take a breath. I even had black toes Dont believe the lies of the evil one.

        • The evil one is Satan, and he is who controls most of the rats in the DNC, and a good handful of RINOs. They are using this virus to control people, and force a vaccine that is WORSE then the virus, onto people. The lefts true agenda is to destroy the US as we know it, and make it much more like China/N. Korea, etc.

        • You were poisoned. How they are doing it, I don’t know. The test is fake. Responsible for the fake CASES. Your symptoms were cardiovascular, not a coronavirus of any kind. Many doctors, who are whistleblowers, theory, is that they started this thing with poisoned people, so that they could bring about the hysteria, and from that point on, hospitals were paid off to just name any ailment “Covid.”

          • I’m confused because I had Covid, back in November, im a healthy 25 year old. I spent weeks unable to breath, high tempture, severe muscle and head pain, it was the toughest virus I’ve had to fight. If what you are saying is true, what poison was I given? Where, and how was I given said poison? Please don’t take this as an attack on your theory, however, for your theory to make sense….I would need your hypothesis on my last three questions. Thanks

      • This report is BS and Kaufman is a confirmed fraud. i have a PhD in biochemistry. Kaufman is a psychiatrist trying to sell scam cures. If you don’t believe me search for Kaufman quack watch.

        • Hello expert I was wondering, why is it that when my friend, whose a medical professional, in which whom was performing the Clovid test, sent 3 different swabs on completely different weeks that were never used on anyone to be tested all three came back positive for COVID-19. I’m not understanding. She is a GOD FEARING woman and would never lie especially about something such as this. Please give me a little clarity. And furthermore your vocabulary is unlike any EXPERT I know.

      • I personally think they mean it was lab made virus ( not a natural virus ) nor was it as dangerous as Dr fauci & main stream claimed it to be There was NO justified cause for lockdowns B.Gates & other extremely powerful organized syndicates are behind the scheme ” Divide, depopulate & dehumanize our current & future generations

      • Just go to a fact-check web site. If that’s not good enough, go to a media-bias check site. If the fact check site is not deemed bias by several media bias checkers, than your information is good. Or better yet – just go to your family doctor and see if he/she recommends the vaccination. He wants you to live to keep coming in to see him/her. They ALL will recommend the vaccine (unless you have an underlying heath condition for which it is not recommended). If he/she doesn’t recommended it (short a health condition), ask him for his sources of information. If he references a bias web site, ignore him/her. It’s not hard.

    • the vaccine has been mandatory. we cannot resist either way. all health workers are forced to do it if they want their work. if this vaccine was life saver then it would have costed thousands so as only the elite can have access on it. making this vaccine mandatory , plus giving money to whom does it says a lot…

      • we CAN & MUST resist!!! As if our lives depend on it!! No, health workers shouldn’t be forced to choose to vaccinate & spread false information and put toxins in their bodies to keep their jobs in the health care field.

        • I agree totally with this but people won’t resist because they want to keep their homes and feed their families I’m praying gd will expose the truth but my hopes are waning!

        • Your absolutely right! Although, I’m afraid at the end of the day, it will be made mandatory for me as a healthcare worker. I know this much. If I stand by my convictions, knowing how deadly this jab truly is and I refuse and I do the right thing, God will support me! He will provide!!

      • I also feel like losing faith these days.
        I’m like where the h*ll is God, isn’t he supposed to give us choice?
        If it isn’t God, we’ve got to make things happen, but how….

        • It’s in revelation . Pestilence, plaques will kill 1/3 of the people on earth. But those who didn’t die from these still did not repent.
          God did not do this …it comes from the enemy Satan. I do not trust the world as this time right now is all the signs of the last days coming together. Wrongs will be come right and vice versa. Pray and don’t stop lest uay not be saved.

      • pharmaceuticals will never give up this mass production product as they PROFIT along with B.Gates & other extreme Elite powerful organized syndicates Their purpose is to destabilize humans their goal is to eventually depopulate

    • They’ll never see it. The vaccinated have hardwired mind control courtesy of the shot. They are no longer fully under the control of their personality anymore. AI systems have them jacked into the Cloud through their nanites.

    • The people that want to get it go for it get it do your research is your criminal companies pharmaceuticals etc. and there’s a book out about what’s really going on in this world. The covid19 test is bullshit and that’s a scam to it’s not a test they want to ship everybody. 911 to coronavirus by Zach hubbard. If you believe a puppet then its sad

    • 4 people in my inlaw/ family have had covid with five living in the same household 1 exposed and never tested positive . All recovered with very mild Symptoms. My mother in law 80 yes old with COPD and Diabetes. Only had a fever!. We were all exposed in my family at one time or another. Never had Symptoms. We Will never get this vaccine.

      • Household of 6 for thanksgiving. Daughter tested positive for covid and she had a sore throat. She helped make thanksgiving dinner for 6 people no one else got sick. Covid is a scam that the world leaders are using to take over the world. They needed the US to be on board and as long as trump was president they couldn’t get the us on board. Now that Biden is president they can proceed with their plans. Vaccines will weed out the weak and the ones that take the vaccine and survive, the ones that are strong enough to survive will serve the leaders. Do not take this vaccine

    • I also have heard this vaccine is NOT new—that it’s been in the works for many years waiting for this virus because it was known that this virus was coming.

    • Bullcrap. My brother-in-law was in icu and intubated with it, my best friend had it, etc, stop with the qanon bs

      • The beauty of freedom and America is that you can take this information and move along! You can mask yourself, get your vaccines, etc. However, you don’t get to dictate what we do with our rights and freedoms. I don’t know what Qanon has anything to do with it, since Qanon is anti-pedophilia ( I thought everyone was EXCEPT pedos).

        • There is “Q”, there is not however, “Qanon”. A bunch of “QANON” are just regular folks, calling themselves that. The truth comes from “Q” and disinfo comes from “Qanon”s. Hope that helps.

        • you are awesome!! agree 1000%!!! sucks that Diane your brother in law and best friend had it- but the vax is full of toxins. you a Christian? you should be against the vax and abortions. they are tied together. go to do your research. You a Christian? another reason to be against the vax is its a gateway for the mark of the beast. Qanon has NOTHING to do with the vax. Nothing to do with the virus. period.

      • My mother supposedly died from it. But they only did a rapid test and nothing more. After a week in ICU, she improved. But they kept giving her fluids and her lungs filled with fluid, as the pneumonia was dissipating. She also had been on blood thinners for years. The doctor at first was giving her lorazepam, but her blood (INR) was over 10 therefore very thin. The doctor insisted the nursing staff withhold anymore o the lorazepam (Ativan) as it slows respiration. Plus my mom’s blood pressure dropped severely at night during sleep. I had to leave and called the next couple of days because I could not stay due to work. At midnight I called the nurse and she told me my mom was sleeping and that she just had given her a couple of doses of Ativan. I was like, ‘What?” Next night, the same, then they call that she passed away. The kicker is they did not even write COVID as the reasons for the death. But now after I bitched, they amended the Death Certificates to reflect. The treatment killed her.

      • Do you know why that is? Because instead of treating your BIL and best friend at the *beginning* of their illness, when they became VERY sick, they were then stuck with a ventilator, which does nothing for getting rid of Covid. They merely ASSUMED that a ventilator was what was needed because Covid is mostly a respiratory illness, but as you noticed, ventilated patients DIED. If people with Covid had been given Ivermectin, HCQ, fluovoxamine, curcumin, budesonide, zinc, intravenous Vitamin C and D, or a host of other prophylactics for Covid THAT ACTUALLY DO WORK, the number of people lost and very ill would have been cut down by huge percentages. But NO. They would not allow any of those of those to be used. COVID is not the problem, you see. It’s merely the vehicle for the medical community and those who give the orders from the top of that community who are to blame. Fauci, the CDC, the WHO/Tedros (who is a WAR CRIMINAL and NOT a doctor, btw) have all gone to great lengths to lie and obfuscate the truth for their own gain. You need to WAKE UP and do some homework on your own on the background of all of this mess that we’re in. Stop listening to the mainstream corporate media (all media is owned by only FIVE conglomerates), stop reading things like MSM and Yahoo news, and DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

      • Backwards thinking liberal, they probably died because the lieing government would not let any Doctors start immediate treatment, people were told to wait until they could not breathe then go to the hospital. 7-14 days they would have developed blood clots in their lungs by then and that would be the end of them. Most people that perished were not pictures of perfect health either. Sorry for your loss.

      • Do not get it!!after dose 2 couldn’t breathe or make it to bathroom peed on myself didn’t drive 4 days too dizzy been 5 days feel like crap. No medical history or issues. Never again.

        • No, it’s not too late for Diane or anyone else who took this poisonous shot. Suramin can stop the replication of the spike proteins this gene modification concoction is causing your cells to produce. It can reverse the damage already done to your cells. It is found in the pine needles of most North American Pine Trees. Not Ponderosa Pine or Yew they are toxic. Most Pine Tree needles are packed with Vitamin C and are very healthy to consume. But it is the Suramin in them that will stop the effects of this most evil serum. Take a handful of pine needles cut them up and pour 4 cups boiling water over them. Simmer for 10 minutes and drink 3 – 4 cups a day. Good luck. And for those still on the fence don’t touch this shot! Tell them to shove it up their you know what.

    • I wish those who are taking this vaccine had researched first! Those who have are calling this a conspiracy theory! What is sad is in a few years they will see that the vaccine was the conspiracy!

      • They’ll never see it. The vaccinated have hardwired mind control courtesy of the shot. They are no longer fully under the control of their personality anymore. AI systems have them jacked into the Cloud through their nanites.

    • We are at war. Medical fascism. Fascism can manifest in economics, religion, social structure, politics, because it has one thing in common. No discussion!. Nuremberg code : Article 6, section 3. Informed consent. Data Harvesting of D.N.A. is what the p.c.r. testers are taking. etc. What are they hiding. We have to get control of our local governing bodies and the police have to protect us ordinary folks. World War 3. Something is very wrong. Thank you for your voices on this difficult subject. Nature is not our enemy. Be Blessed.

    • Martial Law. Marshalling. Marching. Mergers. Martyrdom. Murder. These familiar terms of conquest are named after the planet of conquest: Mars. The origins of these words suggest systems of control imposed upon us by humans who associate themselves with the planet Mars.

      • Last time I visited Luxor Temple with friends, one found a stone which emits a strong vibration you can feel when you stand on it. Inexplicable!

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