Besides his shockingly well-acted televised performance in an actual WWE wrestling match, the most remarkable thing about this collection of Donald Trump cameos in hit sitcoms and cops shows over the decades is the complete restraint shown by the CollegeHumor channel, in simply allowing these TV appearances to stand on their own.

CH totally refrains from editorializing and gives us an unvarnished and oftentimes awkward view of The Donald’s continuous, if slapdash crafting of a public persona, which is now running for President. 

Although Trump portrays his bid for the US Presidency in as flippant and improvised a manner as he does in his myriad television cameos over the years, after watching this, one can’t help but get the sense that he’s been planning to run his whole life – and that in a bizarre way, these TV debuts served as early dress rehearsals for his Presidential run.

One also cannot shake the realization that these ungainly displays would characterize the entire tone of a Trump Presidency.

This isn’t to say that the alternatives are any better.

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  • The best president is no president. We human don’t need a hierarchical society, but a society of responsible equals who cooperate together. We won’t get that with capitalism where people control the lives of others.

  • To John F.
    Your guess is right, I am a born Moslem, does it matter? Put religion aside, we are talking about who’s best for the United States. In political issues Religion should be put aside. We are in the 21st century, and we are grown ups and religion is an inherited concept, we are mainly, born in it. In very rare situations Religion is a matter of choice.
    Just look at the names of all the Presidental contenders 2016, only one name amongst them stand presidential : DONALD TRUMP. He is the trump card, and he will win, Inshallah.

  • Donald Trump is the man that will make America Great Again and he can’t be bought not by anyone or anything he is his own man 100%.

  • A facile egomaniac blowhard with no values besides money and more bilious expellations in a day than all the episodes of Archie Bunker times ten…no thanks!

    This country used to value integrity, diplomacy, honest brokering and the truth…doh.

  • Winston Churchell said that he thought the most important attribute for a President is Character..” Trump has Character”

  • Bernie – after all Vermont is doing pretty good. Why not write something on the media block out in him? May I missed it in truth if so. Love to your posts. Thank you.

  • Why is charisma in politicians so highly valued? What is it we want in our leaders? Why do we need leaders? Does Kamal Hasa think Trump is not a politician? Is he nervous for other reasons? Perhaps he’s a Moslem. All religions espouse justice and virtue as good, greed and theft as bad. How does Trump measure up? How do any of them? Well, perhaps Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders are honest and virtuous, but the rest… but the, how important is honesty, insight, compassion and other virtues compared to, say, a candidate’s hairstyle? Now we’re talking image, we’re talking influence, votes, contracts. Leave the thinking to others. That’s what made this country great, right?

  • Do people not realize that he is being boycotted from countries in Europe because of his blunt and ignorant statements come out of his mouth!
    He is an egomaniac. Having lived abroad myself for 14 years I can tell you most Americans have no idea of how others perceive us . Me.Trump makes us all a laughingstock to the rest of the world.

  • I think Mr. Donald Trump is a great guy and will be a great President of the United States of America. It is high time that a non politician wins the Presidency because politicians work for no body but themselves. At least Mr. Trump says we he thinks, not like politicians who say nothing without studying the effect of each word. Politicians care for no body except the rich and powerful, because the only aspiration they have, is to reach and join that group comprised of the very few. Donald Trump is already there, so he doesn’t mince words. Even his name is presidential, he is highly charismatic . He is out spoken and he enjoys good demeanor.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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