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It’s been proven that gun control cannot work in the US, where the Right to Bear Arms has been enshrined since the country’s founding. Most gun crimes are committed using illegally-obtained guns and the states with the tightest gun control laws (California, Illinois and New York) have the highest incidence of gun crimes. Gun control cannot solve gun crimes in the US, it will simply feed illegal gun trafficking, an activity that Mr. Operation Fast and Furious enjoys.

Alexandra Bruce

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Alexandra Bruce

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Sorry bud, I get the overall hoax, but 19:20 is not the same guy. Look at the whole ear, it’s a different person. Eyebrows also are different. Everyone can get over-zealous, but using things that do not match up is discrediting the whole argument.

  • Great job! Same guy & the reason for the chin strap adjustment is to hide the obvious dimple in his chin! The dimpled chin is another ID mark along with the mole on his right left cheek.

  • We’ll Elle, do you think the others could have worn their sunglasses also, since I’m sure they noticed how bright and sunny it was while driving to the drill ? There is no doubt that this TRAITOROUS POS was trying to hide from the cameras, and very little doubt that he wore his sunglasses to help obscure his identity. Since he does seem to fit the definition of a cowardly type of fellow. Just look at the way he holds the guns, like YUCK, like they were made out of cat crap or something. Obviously, on the second day of filming the drill, he opted to walk around without those horrible implements.

  • Excellent detail work in revealing this hoax. Not that a segment of the populace was not already on to the hoax because we were. However, he’s led the viewer to the obvious conclusion via well researched, open-source, video and made connections that were NOT obvious. Very well done. Have only one comment on the contents. Sunglasses were apparently necessary that day. It was really sunny as can be seen in the later clips where people without glasses are holding up their hands to block the light. But that does not take away anything from the rest of his research.

  • Everything about this federal ruling body is a lie, a fraud, a false-flag or other crime. There is only one solution: We need to remove the federal “government” from this country. Now. Right now.

  • Great job by a concerned citizen. It is properly termed “Maya”…the Illusion/delusion of Brahma. The Indian Yogi Yogananda: ” we are all actors on Brahma’s stage and he places us as he will and wear all play our roles.” Sandyhook Elementary school was at 36 Yogananda St. Gene Rosen can be seen in “Vanilla Sky” talking to his family at end of movie while locked in virtual life…and that is not David Wheeler: it is Vaddi Rehlwer…I just showed you how a “Spell” is placed. Good luck to you kid.


  • This actor is a traitor to the United and and his horrid wife.

    Dummied down and brainwashed, it is sad and distasteful to see this happening to people.

  • they always say there are two sides to a story. I hope the idiots in this country wake
    up to the other hidden side of this BS. You have to be so programmed or moron, not
    to see this evidence. It goes back to reflect on 911, Boston bombing, Ruby ridge, Waco. Ok City bombing, Its disgusting to watch this, then try and share it with so
    called intelligent people, and they refuse to read or watch. We get what we deserve,
    but no all of us deserve what we will get. Thanks to all those who keep trying to wake
    the sheeple.

  • Excellent exposure of the deception !! You are correct in saying that we are doing no favors allowing the false narrative to continue. My family will not accept the truth unfortunately.

  • Law abiding citizens will obey the law. Criminals by definition do not. To them a gun is just a tool that helps them gain control over their victim. Any gun law that we enact will be broken by evil men,and only serves to increase the number of people who can no longer protect themselves. Countries with no guns still have murders committed, the criminals simply stab or beat their victims to death.

  • When will they begin to take down the Second Amendment. and who will do it? If one wants to blame Obama they’d better start soon. He has one year left in office. So far all I have heard is that background checks are being sought after. I see nothing wrong with background checks.

    The problem I had with this film is that all the time was spend on the redundancy of exposing two actors amidst the Sandy Hook event. They did it ad nauseam instead of showing HOW all of the public murders were faked.

  • I don’t usually answer misdirected comments ..this one takes the cake…most gun crimes are committed by abusive husband or boyfriend, accidents in households, gangs,and States that have more regulatios DO have less deaths by guns..I don’t know where you get your far as the founding fathers go ..every one can have a musket

  • Problem:
    Wheeler has a chin dimple and a scalloped upper ear in the compared photos with Aldenberg beside. Aldenberg has a rounded upper ear and no chin dimple. These are things that do not change with wait and age.

  • AND please do not forget that FAU in Boca Raton FLa. FIRED Professor James Tracy….’just before Christmas……His final day was last week…..He was one of the
    first to realize that Sandy Hoax was just that……a government made for TV movie…..
    all in the name of taking away our second amendment and right to have arms….
    Dr. Tracy has paid the ULTIMATE price for TRUTH…..Don’t let his departure from
    liberal Florida Atlantic University have been in vain!
    God Bless AMerica..and Free Speech…..especially when it’s the TRUTH!

    THis is a sad commentary….please watch the video…then decide for yourself.


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