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    By officiating the unproven theory that petroleum oil is a non renewable fossil fuel, the oil companies were able to adjust the price accordingly, all the way into the peak oil scare that foretold the calamity of the world soon running out of oil, which further benefitted the industry’s oil pricing schemes.

    The wells never did go dry and the ones once emptied filled back up. So the science we have today favors the abiotic theory over the fossil fuels theory, which is that oil is a natural, renewable component of our ecosystem.

    And we see this in our oceans. Underwater methane lakes, deep below the surface with their own, thriving unique ecosystems.

    And so, the story changed from, “The world will soon run out of oil,” to, “The world will most certainly end if we don’t stop using oil.”

    And because nobody seems to know what science is anymore and most people just do as they’re told, the world IS about to end for millions of people and probably more, because our civilization is built upon fossil fuels and the Powers-that-Be are turning them off.

    Winter is coming and Germany is set to be very cold. Angela Merkel saved her political career by appeasing the anti-nuclear movement and shutting down Germany’s nuclear power.

    Out of 17 plants, they have already shut down 11 and they’re still in the process of shutting down the rest, removing 25% of their power, without anything to replace it, because their Green Deal turned out to be a failure.

    After all the hype, Germany’s dependence on fossil fuel is at 76%, so they are temporarily switching back to coal and oil, but that’s a real problem, because they’ve neglected their own fuel industry and become dependent upon Russia and the Germany government would rather have the country freeze to death than buy fuel from Russia.

    The German economy is based on highly-innovative production, which requires a great deal of energy that they no longer produce and so, running out of fuel will quickly collapse the German economy, which will cause an economic tsunami of destruction throughout the EU and the world.

    And the German government is letting it happen. They could leave some nuclear plants online but they still plan on shutting it down by the end of this year to stay “Green”.

    Some anti-carbon environmentalists are saying that nuclear power is the Greenest option and maybe that’s true but none of their schemes add up.

    So far, the Green Agenda has only successfully accomplished making people feel good about themselves, while they destroy their own society.

    The EU and Britain are actually reverting back to burning wood as fuel and claim that it is “carbon neutral”, which is a lie.

    Societies have steadily evolved towards a cleaner, more efficient energy, starting from wood, the least clean and efficient and moving to coal, followed by oil and gas.

    And now, nearly 40% of Europe’s renewable energy is wood, which mostly comes from clear-cutting forests in the United States.

    This New Green Deal is a complete lie. It’s just another part of the creepy elites’ Great Reset. These elite bloodlines want a new cashless society – but one more like the Middle Ages, which for these spoiled inbreds, is the “Good Old Days”.

    And if they succeed, it looks like Germany will get there first.

    And in the midst of all this chaos, the German government is focused on allowing children age 14 and older to change their gender and first names, without parental permission once a year, for as often as they want.



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    • Planets that have never seen a blade of grass, never seen peat bogs or forests that have a hydrocarbon atmosphere debunked the non renewable bullshit beyond salvation.

      Talking of debunking beyond salvation, the fact that Spacebusters’ most important video, The End of Germ Theory isn’t prominent on every alt news blog testifies to the deep penetration of the anti humans and their acolytes into our virtual world.
      Watch it, share it far and wide.

    • So Germany is “clear-cutting” U.S. forests for wood? Is that why we have so many forest fires here? Things that make you go hmmm….

      • P.S. – thing is the trees don’t ever burn during all these forest fires. I’ve seen a number of them up close and personal when I lived in No. Calif. The homes got burned to the ground but for some reason trees never got burned, just singed a little. To save the wood maybe? Hmm…

    • One satanic cult invented environmentalism, communism, globalism, scientism, Rockefeller medicalism, psychology, feminismEuropeans,…. racism, fluid genders, eugenics, hating god, and white europeans,….

      Wethersfield 99% allowed them to boil the frogs without complaining or reacting.

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