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    This is Part 1 of The Truth Factory’s series on the vast Jeffrey Epstein network.

    She gives a great recap of the absurd details.

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    • The only problem with this video, is simply that Epstein is not dead! His vibrant Bioenergy is alive and well in Jerusalem at this very moment!

    • ADRENOCHROME ! ADRENOCHROME! ADRENOCHROME ! It was all about ADRENOCHROME and how they make it . Every year, six million disappear worldwide, and get turned into ADRENOCHROME. All you have to do is perfect a test for instant ADRENOCHROME detection, and the problem could be solved.

    • “Epstein is obviously dead..”

      Really? Given the conflux of fuck-ups, it’s more likely his death was faked. He would’ve known they were going to arrest him when he returned to NY. How did the cops know he was going to be at that airport on that day? This was all a part of a plan to fake his death, to either squirrel him away for later testimony of treason and perversion by the ultra – rich Satanists, or, to get the authorities off his back while he gets plastic surgery in Israel, to spend the rest of his life away from the spot lights.

      He MAY have been murdered, and that is entirely plausible. What is NOT plausible is him committing suicide. The authorities would make this claim through blackmail, bribery or fear, as we know how the Clinton’s like to murder tattletales.

      But how could our DOJ be so reckless to let Epstein get murdered, unless they are a part of the corruption. Put the spotlight on Barr & company. Perhaps Red Reddington of tv’s “The Black List” has it right about the cabal and the depths of their reach. The only way to rid the world of these fuckers will be for US, the People, to either overthrow our criminally corrupt government as the Declaration of Independence tells us to, or to take the law into our own hands, and use the guns we have to get justice.

      Either way, Trump has 4 years to do the right thing and get these bastards, or it will fall upon better shoulders.

    • “Epstein obviously murdered”??


      Given all the tech & personnel f-ups, this was more likely an escape than a murder, but a murder is possible, as is one to coverup his escape.

      Think of it – how did the cops know he’d be on that specific flight, at that airport? The guy had several planes. Plus, he obviously had inside intelligence with the DOJ, so he’d KNOW they were coming for him.

      But as part of an escape faking one’s death, followed by plastic surgery in Israel, then laying low, he could easily emerge as Yousef Al Bhagwani (whatever).

      This seems more likely, given his high spirits in the days before the “incident”. The photos of an Epstein body double (the ears especially give it away, but the nose, some other features give the possibility this was another corpse – perhaps Hillary’s brother?

      It would be possible for the DOJ to arrange a faked death, if they were going to use him to get Clinton, the Royals and other pedophile Satanists, but the DOJ seems too corrupt for that kind of quality planning and personnel, given the infiltration of these units by blackmailed/bribed/ compromised figures. So THAT points to his Clintoncide, which is infinitely more believable, given the numbers of dead whistleblowers around the Clintons (#ClintonBodyCount).

      It’s easy to imagine an inept Barr (and his father’s connection is very problematic – he ought to have recused himself months before), so if the DOJ is that inept, they should ALL be replaced. In fact, that they didn’t take Epstein more seriously REEKS of either obfuscation and corruption to either get him out, or have him killed. One thing is for certain,


      You’d have to be a gullible idiot to believe that lie.

      So why does the media & FBI/police, DOJ lie about his death (his escape, I can understand, but death – if they were NOT corrupt, they should have said “we f’ed up”. Instead, we get more of the same.

      We have to take a long, hard look at our authorities. Washington seems so corrupt, we should overthrow it (according to the Declaration of Independence, we are long overdue to replace the entire system). OK, let’s give Trump 4 more years to clean it up, but c’mon, who seriously thinks he’s going to go that far?

      Our law enforcement departments and bureaus are half corrupt, from racist cops who murder unarmed black folks, to their complicity in everything from drug and human trafficking, to extortion and worse. Then there are the petty, inept or corrupt judges and prosecutors who make a mockery of our legal system. Perhaps it is time for We the People to take the law into our own hands? Perhaps we must become judge, jury & executioner, as those charged with that awesome duty have been failing miserably?

      We’re almost out of time – if we don’t get on the ball and clean up the system, then we MUST overthrow it. And that’s not sedition, nor treason, that’s PATRIOTISM.


    • And, Trump’s conveniently excluded connections to that “terrific guy who (also) likes his women on the young side?”

      • One accepts that P. Trump is a typical sexist guy, whom has made many mistakes in his life, of that there is no doubt. But unless you want to develop into ‘brainless mush’ under the auspices of Silicon Valley, Google etc and the Deep State, I would really recommend that you accept, that despite his many past failings, he is fighting to save your life!

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