YouTuber, Where We Go 1 We Go All (WWG1WGA) just posted this hilarious video, overdubbing a DC Comics’ Justice League cartoon about the supervillains of Legion of Doom, as if they were members of the DNC media establishment.


Meanwhile, at the DNC…

Donald Trump is ruining our plan for world domination!

Quick, we need more narratives to try and stop him!

We can say he didn’t pay his taxes!

I know – he’s a Russian spy!

What if – and stay with me, here – he banged a porn star?

Just say he’s mentally unfit to lead!

Are we forgetting about that word he misspelled? The narratives write themselves!

Remember, when we used Clinton’s love of McDonald’s? He also loves McDonald’s!

Remind me, Gentlemen – who was the last president to be impeached?

Well, riddle me this: What is part-ownership and is the opposite of “out”?

Coh-en! We’ll raid his office and twist whatever we find!

We already tried all of these!

Yeah, it didn’t work!

Order, Order!

I got it! He’s a racist, misogynist, homophobe who’s going to get us nuked!

That’s not a narrative, that’s slander!

We can still use it, right?

Of course we can!

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