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Before the Las Vegas shooting, I don’t recall if I’d ever seen this phenomenon before, of synching up several files of cellphone video by their timestamps.

This video is the best of those I’ve seen so far, aggregating over a dozen cameras over the 10:42-minute course of the Las Vegas shooting one week ago today. It is extremely interesting to see how the event took shape using this method and if you’re already familiar with one or more pieces of footage, it’s even more interesting to see how that piece fits in with the rest of what was captured during the same moments.

When I hear the machine guns, I hear the sound of evil. The evil behind each round is palpable.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I am disappointed with you, Alexandra. I appeciate your efforts to post conflicting and controversial information. But when that information is chaotic and missing context, it is a disservice to us all. Please consider how you choose your posts, or choose to frame them better. Love to you, and yours, D.A.D’A.

  • Amazing montage of those synchronized– Important to see all angles while the attack is playing out! Great work, guys!

  • Recorded the sound and will get an accurate timeline for the gunshots and the number of bullets fired as they show up in the waveform clearly bullet by bullet.

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