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    Lithium batteries are prone to do this…

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Not only are they prone to doing this the chemistry of lithium batteries is such that if exposed to oxygen & air they explode immediately. Safely try poking a hole in a Lithium CR232 to try it out yourself or watch people do it in videos! The explosions & fires are usually caused by people error, over charging and leaving devices plugged in all the time is horrible for any battery lifetime. If something is charged unplug it immediately, at 100%, the chargers keep initiating the charging cycle to check if the battery needs more.

      This can happen to just about any battery as every charge hydrogen atoms form from the reaction building up inside the battery over time. If you visually inspect your batteries at least every other time you charge them this would prevent fires as endorsed by Smokey the Bear. Upon examination of the battery if one notices bubbles, cracks, wearing, stretch marks, melting, etc. dispose of the battery immediately at a proper facility and warn the people accepting the battery. If any of the above is visible it’s a clear sign that the hydrogen has built up inside the battery and want’s to be let out.

      If only energy technologies weren’t so suppressed and their inventors killed or folded into the DARPA energy continuum human civilisation would have clean, little to zero cost, overabundant electricity. What ever happened to cold fusion, zero point, magnetic(Tesla et all), ether/plasma. The joke is that batteries are a redundant legacy technology & anyone who’s even done cursory examination of a few publicly available energy patents would demonstrate this.

      All of these technologies are locked away until the profit margins decrease enough from the old technologies to introduce new ones in the name of profit, power & control of these technologies. I bet there is at least a dozen working technologies & inventions that would solve the energy problem forever. I wonder if occupying the Department of Energies around the world en mass could being massive attention to this problem?

      Thanks for reading my rant. Rant out. As always thanks for the light show Alexandra!


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