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The day after the announcement last week of Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel talked about how Elon Musk is yet another one of these cardboard cut-outs who, like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, John McAfee and Mike Bloomberg (etc, etc) are cultivated by the Deep State to privatize taxpayer-funded, government technology and that the tech giants are just privatized arms of the Globalist intelligence apparatus.

McKibben says that the idea that Elon is going to rescue us and restore our free speech is “Kabuki theater” and a “Complete psychological operation.

“He has been a PSYOP since the early 2000s and we’ve watched him roam around in the PayPal Mafia…And then in 2008, Obama started feeding him cash and he got into the Energy Stimulus and then, magically, he got into the Space Program and then Tesla.”

Several times over the course of their research, McKibben’s team have been floored by discoveries about how the world actually works in the spheres of high finance, governments and telecommunications.

McKibben is the Founder of Leader Technologies and has been engaged in massive forensic research to produce indictable evidence for his case against Facebook.

He claims his 1999 white paper with his revolutionary source code for the scalability of social media fell into Zuckerberg’s hands while the latter was attending Harvard as a classmate of his son. The verdict in McKibben’s case against Facebook said that Facebook HAD infringed on his patent – but that the patent was invalid due to an obscure law.

He found that SpaceX’s portfolio included technology originally developed by a British company called Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) and which had been sold to EADS Astrium, a European aerospace conglomerate that includes Matra Marconi Space and Airbus Space Defense and Systems.”

In 2006, he says British Aerospace (BAE) announced a partnership with SSTL, which McKibben says is the classic, interlocking model that the Pilgrims Society has been using to structure businesses for over a century, putting these businesses under the control of the British Crown through their golden shares.


The Crown’s monopoly on British military technology was privatized in the 1970s, much of it in deals shepherded by Sir Geoffrey Pattie.

While public shares of these companies were issued, the Crown’s golden shares kept control of the company in their hands. He says this is how SpaceX came under the control of the British Crown, as did General Electric and Lockheed Martin.

He also notes “Another announcement that BAE Systems and this SSTL, which is SpaceX have done a joint venture with NASA and the US Department of Defense.”

For the past several years, McKibben has been unearthing the filings of public-private partnerships between US and UK government agencies and corporations that reveal the true nature of our so-called “Special Relationship”.

He’s found that the British Crown appears to “both direct and shill” for BAE, Lockheed Martin, DOD, US State Department, US Patent Office, US Commerce Department, USAID, HHS, DOE, NSA, CIA, FBI, DOJ, Gates Foundation, Wall Street and Silicon Valley and that much of this implemented via members of the Senior Executive Service and Serco

Most Americans are lulled by a sense that the British power structure is friendly to the people of the US. Great pains have been taken over a long period of time to promote this idea, from Hollywood films to the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

But if we look closer, we find that a lot of the psychological warfare being waged against the US populace via the mainstream media, ranging from the Russia Hoax and endless coup against Trump, to allegations of Syrian President Assad’s “gas attacks”, to the entire COVID PSYOP and the war in Ukraine have all been executed by British Intelligence or their contractors.

The seemingly Tinfoil Hat notion that the US lost the war for freedom from British rule during the War of 1812 and that the Crown dictates policy (and almost everything else) in both countries was probably first explained in detail by Dr John Coleman, author of the 1992 book, The Conspirator’s Hierarchy: The Committee of 300, which I read the year it was released and that you can read for free here.


McKibben continues, “Then, we look at yesterday’s disclosure of the sale of Twitter to Elon Musk and what we see is a smoking gun inside that description of the deal…They’ve put out a lot of very good propaganda that’s got everybody fooled that Elon Musk is going to come in and save free speech in America.

“One of the things that’s in there is they are going to ‘authenticate humans’. When you see the word, ‘authenticate’ in anything related to technology and communications, what that means is they’re going to make sure they know who you are, when you’re online, who you’re chatting with and so, they’re ‘saving’ you from the bots.

“They actually talk about this mission to ‘stop the spam bots’. So, in order to do that, they’ve got to know who you are. So, on the one side, they say they’re going to give you free speech, on the other side, what they’re not telling you is, in order to give you that free speech, we have to take away all of your privacy rights.

“And so, in the same announcement, they’ve done both and they put out the propaganda on the free speech part, which has got almost everyone singing Elon Musk’s praises and thinking he’s changed his stripes but there is absolutely no way that that is what’s going on, here.”


The rise of Big Tech can be correlated to the legislative and technological developments created for achieving “Total Information Awareness” in the wake of the 2001 Patriot Act and the 2007 Protect America Act, which directly enabled NSA’s PRISM surveillance program.

Facebook, Google and other Big Tech companies were funded through CIA incubators, like In-Q-Tel and the Highlands Forum. Social media was always intended to be a form of privatized intelligence-gathering, to enable intelligence agencies and law enforcement to circumvent Constitutional law to spy on platform users.

These Silicon Valley datamining and social engineering platforms have since grown to have the greatest market capitalizations of all other corporations on Earth.

With Saudi Arabia vowing to go Green, US-sanctioned countries circumventing the petrodollar, the UN’s Agenda 21 and many European jurisdictions planning to phase out gasoline engines in the next few years, it’s clear that the age of invading oil-rich countries to control their resources has come to an end – and with it, the petrodollar and the Second Generation warfare that dominated that era.

As the US dollar collapses, there’s a rush to roll out 5G and the IOT, which will be necessary for the Global Currency Reset (GCR) and the full implementation of the Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), which may help explain the insane antics we have witnessed to force-vaxx the world’s population, being that there’s a lot of evidence that the “magic juice” contains nanocircuitry to create MAC addresses within the bodies of the vaxxed that are, in turn connected to the IOB.

The same way the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has skirted safety laws around wireless technology and how the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) has been used to compel all big data corporations to supply the NSA with their user data, with “98% of PRISM production being based on Yahoo, Google, and Microsoft” in 2013, Governments around the world and Big Pharma have similarly flouted all laws to force-vaxx the planet.

The military/industrial complex has moved on to biowarfare and to fifth-generation warfare, which is conducted primarily through social engineeringmisinformationcyberattacks, along with emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and fully autonomous systems.

Presumably, this means the rest of our lives will be characterized by the aggressive propaganda and censorship under which we have labored for the past several years.

The Globalists will need to dominate the next era by controlling all of the data, hence the IOT/IOB, where everything and everyone will become a node on the network – and where wrongthink in your tweets will torpedo your social credit score – something that is already a fact of life in Communist China.


Enter the Department of Homeland Security, which was enacted shortly after the Patriot Act and which is currently headed by Alejandro Mayorkas, who last Wednesday announced the creation of the Disinformation Governance Board.

This new Ministry of Truth is to be headed up by Nina Jankowicz, an extreme DNC partisan, who has worked with the Atlantic Council, the Ukrainian government and with British Intelligence and who has referred to Hunter Biden’s laptop as “Russian disinformation”.

In other words, Jankowicz is connected to the same group of Crown agents that did the Russia Hoax and fake impeachment against Trump and who have now driven us to the precipice of a nuclear war with Russia.

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert tweeted on Saturday, “The Ministry of Truth was placed under DHS. Not the FCC, but DHS. You only do that it you plan on having an enforcement component.”

On Sunday, Mayorkas carpet-bombing the media with appearances, in which he channeled George Orwell, claiming his new department was the “Opposite of the Ministry of Truth” and that Jankowicz was “Eminently qualified and neutral” and that his Disinformation Governance Board would not spy on Americans.

Nobody believes him, because the government has been spying on our every move for years and because COVID Hoax has been railroading us into the China Model of contact tracing and social credit since the very beginning.

Because, “Two weeks to flatten the curve.”

Mayorkas also controls US Customs and Border Protection and he is systematically doing everything in his power to undermine his department’s mission, by allowing millions of illegal immigrants, criminals and terrorists to cross the Southern Border.

Who knows? Some of them may be blowing up our food processing facilities, another one of which burnt down in Virginia on Saturday night.

One begins to understand why newspapers and TV truly are the Dinosaur Media. While their one-way data flows of Fake News may have some propagandistic utility, their low interactivity and low correlation with reality create a Garbage-in-Garbage-Out dissonance which interferes with the project to construct a digital facsimile of everything on this planet and beyond, aka the Internet of Things (IOT), the Internet of Bodies (IOB), the Global Information Grid (GIG) and all of the machine learning and 5G necessary to drive Elon’s Tesla autonomous vehicles and to provide “human enhancement” via Elon’s Neuralink brain implants.

Is this why Elon is trying to corral the distortions caused by censorship and propaganda?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Discernment is a gift from God and truth is obvious when you hear it. This interview is refreshing and well done.
    Thank you Alexander for your hard work and dedication to the truth.

  • Very disturbing information about Elon. Only time will tell if he if has truly had a change of heart in defending Our 1st Amendment Rights. I try to keep a positive outlook,but I agree he has to be carefully monitored and vetted. Juan O. Savin expressed the same concerns.

  • Elon musk has Aspergers – he’s admitted to it; that’s why his speech is sometimes prolonged I found when he speaks.

  • Thank you 2 gentlemen. Fear the Lord ✝️
    I know it’s hard to change, or admit I was fooled…
    Jesus please have mercy on us!

  • God is mad. Everyone better get scared of Him.
    Woe to us. I’m scared of my judgment day. These people aren’t.

    • If God exists, he should also respect our own decision (if it isn’t seriously flawed), because he created us and let it be like this.
      Therefore, I’m not scared as I’m pretty sure that I’ve made best choices even though I can’t compare myself with others.
      Shouldn’t it be like that?
      Or else it doesn’t make sense for us to be scared of God similarly to slaves (ex. covid sheep scared of authoritarians).

      • That’s right Aio. That is where some people get this “Fear God” wrong. The scriptures makes reference to “Fearing God” in the same way you would fear your parents, “not to disappoint”.

  • McKibben and Gabriel repeat the well-worn story of how Rothschild financiers have raped nations for hundreds of years. Ref. They eliminate tracing how the money flow benefits the bankers but merely tout a bogus claim of ‘loans.’

    The European money flow, which was cleverly hidden behind a U..S. government facade of what is now called the Federal Reserve, has been documented with Federal Reserve documents, government statutes, and TreasuryDirect tabulations to show a pattern of embezzlement alleged to fund globalism and the social destruction of the US society. All profit of the Fed legally belongs to the government.


    [This is not to say some of the purloined funds did not go to Musk or BlackRock.]

    • I don’t recall Mike saying that any “purloined” funds were given to Musk.

      He said, “In 2008, Obama started feeding him cash and he got into the Energy Stimulus and then, magically, he got into the Space Program and then Tesla.”

      • It is too easy for anyone to look up this information. It is all public record. Free.
        Musk the magician! Abracadabra and, POOF! He’s a billionaire getting free money from Obama!
        Musk never received actual cash grants … like hundred dollar bills for free loaded on a pallet from the US Government (To Iran) . Tesla received the Energy Stimulus money in 2010 in the form of a subsidized loans (two of them). $465.5 million in total. Which, he paid back … in full. With interest. Earlier than required.
        Unlike Ford, Nissan, Fisker Automotive, Chrysler and GM.
        Ford and Nissan still have not paid it back their loans. Chrysler and GM were on the verge of bankruptcy and had to get bailed out under a different program. To the tune of $17Billion and $50 billion, respectively. Neither have paid it back. Fisker Automotive, the make of a hybrid electric car, went bankrupt in 2013. The loans were still outstanding (unpaid).
        Tesla also received federal grants in the form of allocated tax benefits, property tax relief (State and local) as well as clean energy subsidiaries.
        Hey, if the Government will give you incentives to build a plant where you make electric vehicles, you’d be a foolish businessman not to take them.
        Obama may have been President, but he didn’t personally sign off on those loans and incentives. As in, Obama gave him money.
        Space X got contracts (not subsidies) from NASA, US Air Force, Department of Energy, the Pentagon among others to launch their space-bound equipment. Because their former rocket contractor, NASA, doesn’t do that anymore. They’re too busy trying to convince us that the climate will become a catastrophic event in … what is it, 10 years now? lol And, Space X is cheaper than Russia or Europe’s launch programs.
        More proof of massaging the truth from Mike.
        I can do this all day.

  • Hold on. I’ve researched the SSTL connection with Space X. Space X bought a 10% share in SSTL in 2004 according to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). These records are publicly available at the SEC. As they said, it is an asset in Space X’s financial portfolio . However, the agreements that followed were for Space X to provide the lift vehicle to place SSTL satellites into space. NOT a technology exchange. The only technology shared was to facilitate the satellite launches, that preserves proprietary technology of both companies. With the investment, Musk was put on the Board of Directors for SSTL. No one from SSTL was put on Space X’s board. Additionally, the two corporations were never merged. SSTL has no vested interest in Space X. So, when BAE partnered with SSTL in 2006, Space X was NOT part of that partnership, other than being a 10% shareholder. Same with the “golden shares”. The Crown did NOT gain any interest or acquire any shares in Space X. So, there are no Crown “controlling shares”.
    Shares are never “merged”. Corporations are. Especially, between public and private corporations. SSTL is public. Space X is private. If Space X acquired SSTL, there would be an SEC record of the acquisition. Same if SSTL acquired Space X.
    So, when McKibben said, “While public shares of these companies were issued, the Crown’s golden shares kept control of the company in their hands. He says this is how SpaceX came under the control of the British Crown …”
    Again, Space X was never a part of SSTL, or visa versa. Period. The Crown may control SSTL, but it doesn’t control Space X.
    McKibben said, “Another announcement that BAE Systems and this SSTL, which is SpaceX …” Sorry to repeat, but the bit about SSTL “is” Space X was erroneous.
    Here’s my thing; Why would they intentionally mislead their viewers regarding this, especially since it is easy to verify the truth?
    To take it further – What else are they … inferring to be true?
    After researching this, I will never trust ANYTHING these people say. Ever.
    Sorry, Chica. You know I love ya. This is no reflection on you.

    • Space X is a Psychological Operations against the People of the World as is NASA as is
      Satellites. As is their Nuclear Vessels/bombs that do Not exist either.
      Which means these 3 Musketeers are part of a Psychological Operations against us, the people. & Anyone who believes a 19 year old kid has such clearance is….
      They are Selling illusions, that’s all folks!

      • I’m sorry .. What? What 19 year old kid has anything to do with Space X and SSTL?
        Here I was, thinking someone would debate me on the merits of my post. Not embroil me in the finer points of Eric Dubay’s resurrection of Samuel Rowbotham’s “Earth: Not a Globe (Circa 1881). Oh well …..
        The flat earth thing is … Well, you can believe whatever you like.
        Personally, when the answer to the question is, “They are lying. Those photos of a globe are fake. All of them. Even those made by Chinese satellites. Those are not satellites you see through a telescope. The Nikon 900 digital camera videos on youtube proves it. The space industry that employs thousands of people is nothing but an abomination. Same with surveyors, sailors, pilots … They are all in on it. They want you to be fooled into thinking the earth is a ball. But it isn’t. It is a flat surface with a dome that has lights that blink at night. The Firmament. Because the Bible says so. And, of course the Bible is a history book. The earth is 5,500 years old. Dinosaurs never existed. More lies”.
        Because, flat earth.
        Forgive me, Jay. I don’t know what I was thinking. A momentary lapse in critical thought, obviously. I’ll have to start self medicating.

        • Mark, I always find it strange that people actually believe Water will stay on a ball. But I feel the most important point on my comment is the Nuclear fear mongering they have presented since Hiroshima & Nagasaki.
          The 19 year old kid was Gabriel’s claims of having “Special intel of Russia” when he was in the service.
          Furthermore, I did not mention Eric Dubay or flat earth, I clearly made a statement about Satellites, do you really think were flying around “Space” with a lot of Space Junk?? You clearly do not understand the impossibility of what they present, nor put much Critical thinking into it. I know Contruction Engineers & they would laugh at the notion of having to account for “Curvature of the earth” while blueprinting their plans, especially on Highways.

          • P.S. I live in the Chicago area and on a clear day you can see the State of Michigan from Chicago.

        • Doug Gabriel never said he had anything to do with SpaceX or SSTL.

          He has said in the past that he served in the Army in signals intelligence on a small Aleutian Island in the 1960s, intercepting Soviet communications.

  • Thanks for covering this! I wish more would go to Aim4truth! I hope you include it this Thursday on your AMP Report which always fills the bill! Best!

  • The official “Crown” in Joly Old Eng Land is Waddesden Manor and the proprietor is Jacob Rothschild, the uncrowned King of Eng Land who owns every square inch of Eng Land.
    The Professional actors who play the “Monarchy” and the “government” in Parliarment are just “front women and men” who are well paid for “services rendered” and Rothschild & Co pull the strings behind the scene. “The Synagogue of Satan” in Jolly Old Eng Land has been pulling the strings behind the scene for centuries, and one of their chief Agents was the Asiatic Mongol Khazar “Chew” mass murderer, Winstein Jacobson, whose parents were Polish “Chews” who went to America in the hope of making a name for themselves but failed, so they came to Jolly Old Eng Lang and Jenny Jacobson, the creature of Winstein Jacobson, parasited herself into the British Establishment in order to make a name for herself and palm herself orf as an English High Society Beauty, but the crone was as ugly as her monstrous son Winstein Jacobson, and I am sure I read somewhere that men paid Jenny Jacobson to have sex with her, and it was even rumoured that Kind Edward V111 was one of her lovers, and if it was the case, King Edward V111 was either desperate, or there was no accounting for taste, one mans meat, as they say, is another mans poison.

  • The deception is so many levels deep that it’s hard to know which lie to focus on… The bottom line – however – is that the ones who believe that they have the “right’ (rite?) to control humanity and control the world want the vast majority of us dead. The others they want totally controlled as part of the “internet of things” . These people (?) are luciferian psychopaths ..

    • Terry, you rely on your own intuition and what you see, what you experience.
      Never focus on any lies, that is why they put them there.

    • RE “These people (?) are luciferian psychopaths ..”

      That’s a misnomer.

      There is no need (but heaps of popular WANT) to use fabricated ABSTRACT OTHERWORLDLY notions such as “satan” or “the devil” or “lucifer.” There is no mystery of evil. There’s only a lack of knowledge, true understanding, and denial of reality ….

      Evil on earth, which DOES exist abundantly, is explained coherently by EARTH-BOUND true reality (again, there’s no need, only want, for OTHERwordly mysterious mythical concepts, see cited site above).

      Fantasies have only ever distracted GENUINE truth-seekers from the true evil and so religions (fantasies) have been helping to MAINTAIN evil on earth for thousands of years… The referenced article explains how this has come about, and continues…

  • Hi,
    This is the 2nd Best column I have read on this topic and technically this article is better than the other article from a different website.
    IF Elon Musk owns Neuralink ,
    Imagine IF you had to Have a Neuralink Brain hookup link inorder to use Twitter.
    I predict lots of people will fall for this when the time comes to implement it.

  • I knew right from the start Elon was NOT on our side! How can anyone be so gullible?!
    Fool me once! ..i lose ALL trust!!
    The media is nothing but a BIG propaganda lying Macine!!

  • Here’s a typical CIA game from 1945.
    Collect the Ukrainian SS galacian division,collect their families…..all in northern Italy . Then call them refugees and train them in anti Russian subversion for a later date. No war crimes trials for these killers.
    I want ALL Ukrainian facists out of the UK. The UK support for this propaganda war comes mainly from uke Brits,completely ignorant of their ancestors roles in war crimes from ww two. Musk is a patsey. When his starling system is ready ,then and only then will you realise that he’s totally naked in the shower playing around with the poison Vax players from the start….you LL all be trying to scream ” I can’t breathe’ when Starlink is ready.

  • This makes sense.

    How can a billionaire become successful without being corrupted by the one that owns money?

  • I watched the entire interview. Actually, I’m not sure what I believe or who to believe… I should have listened to the whole interview before I commented previously. These seem like nice people though.

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