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    From numerous camera angles, what we see here is the collapse of the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11. You will notice a remnant spire from the structural steel, which remains standing for a few moments after the bulk of the Tower’s collapse.

    Then, as if Tinker Bell were hovering over there waving her magic wand, the spire literally turns into Fairy Dust before your eyes. You don’t have to believe me. Just watch it. From several angles.

    The term “Dustification” was coined by Dr Judy Wood among others, like “Toasted Cars” to describe the anomalous evidence at the 9/11 crime scene, for which she felt normal descriptors were inadequate. The evidence was hauled off to the Fresh Kills dump in Staten Island without a proper crime scene investigation and the burnt steel was sold on the Chinese market at breakneck speed, all of this possibly to deter discovery of the “molecular dissociation” Dr Wood conjectured had been caused by Directed Energy Weapons that dustified the towers and toasted the cars. Wood’s exotic hypothesis might make more sense than the even kookier official explanations but we don’t really know what happened.

    Still, I want you to see the image of this dustifying spire in your mind’s eye the next time someone speaks to you with authority about something they read in The New York Times or The Washington Post or about what they saw on CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, BBC, etc.

    I want you to see the image of this dustifying spire when you recall that this is the same Mainstream Media that told you that airliners caused the collapse of the World Trade Center Towers, when expert pilots say they could not have maneuvered Jumbo Jets to nail their targets so perfectly, let alone to fly at full speed at such low altitudes due to higher-density air, let alone with delicate aluminum airframes that could not penetrate the structural steel of the World Trade Center Towers, let alone that the kerosene jet fuel could not burn hot enough to melt that structural steel, let alone that NORAD stood down on the very day that the very thing they were created for and had been training daily since 1960 to defend against – happened.

    I want you to see the image of this dustifying spire when you recall that this is the same Mainstream Media that lied us into war with Iraq and Afghanistan, killing an estimated 1 million innocent people. The Shadow Government people who presided over all of the above and who covered it up not only walk free and are multi-millionaires but many still have jobs in the Government – and guess what? Donald Trump is not one of them.

    I want you to see the image of this dustifying spire when you recall that this is the same Mainstream Media that is shrieking to you every day that Donald Trump is worse than George W Bush and that Trump needs to be impeached.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • People are forgetting the details of 911. At least all the cover-yps and impossible happenings like cellphone use at 35000 ft and aluminium cutting through STEEL BOX GIRDERS. I noticed this before you brought this subject up…and thought it always looked strange. Coming from someone who has been inside those buildings many times, you can’t really appreciate the sheer size of these buildings unless you’ve actually been inside them as well as on the roof or Windows on the world. This has to be kept fresh. and remind people of this demolition of these buildings by our government.

    • “Twin Towers Destroyed Using Clean Nukes”

      memorandums to the President at Robert David Steele website…. NuttyYahoo admitted in Sept 13, 2001 interview on NBC that it required “350 tons of TNT equivalent to destroy each tower”….but this was NOT boxcutters, jet fuel, thermite or Judy Woods DEW….it was Pulsed Nuclear Lasers, 0.4 kiloton placed in each tower basement. Also see

      “Breaking 9/11, Filling in the Map, Tracing the Nukes” at VeteransToday, with 70 article bibliography

    • Dear Alexandra,
      Thanks for sharing the exciting video. I am Architect/engineer. The dustification as seen in the video is for part of structure and not the spire. If you watch carefully the beginning of video the spire went to the left while the object in question is what left from the over heated steel structure.
      Best Regards

    • uh, it doesn’t dustify, it just drops, and the dust from the spire falls slower. it drops straight down, fast enough to leave the dust on it to float .

      something fishy about the buidling falling, but the spire clearly doesn’t turn to dust. in one of the videos you can see the darker part , the spire, drop down.

    • That the MSM is not hawking every 9/11 conspiracy theory out there is not a reason to suddenly become a Trump supporter. That’s absurd. Sure there are unanswered questions about the tragic event, but not even the usual conspiracy sites are talking about it much anymore, having moved on to the Q-Anon craze. Perhaps decades from now, a future generation can find all the answers to the 9/11 tragedy.

      Trump’s unfitness for the office of the Presidency is obvious and doesn’t need any “deep state conspiracy” pushing out propaganda against him. His own statements and actions show a man unhinged much of the time from consensus reality. He used populist rhetoric during the campaign and still does at his rallies, but he governs as a plutocrat favoring the rich and super rich.

      No sense wasting time stating a long case against Trump, as his followers, at the present time, seem to be under the influence of master cult leader.

    • Thank You Alexandra, you have one again shone us not to believe what the “deep state” says. They have been lying to us for over one hundred years. Remember they can and do make almost anyone say what they want them to say. Blackmail, extortion, children’s lives, they don’t care about anything but their objective no mater who they have to kill. Peace be with you.

    • Mainstream media is not in the business of educating people on metallurgy. However, it’s well known to people in the steel business that steel, at high temperatures, may go soft and also may go brittle. Brittle means that it can break into small pieces under strain. This is what we are seeing here.

      But don’t believe me, just search for “brittle steel” and educate yourselves.

    • Does steel turn to dust? All the evidence from 9/11 and the ‘bush fires’ suggest that it becomes molten at best. Definitely energy weapons, but the spire in the film is either melting or being swallowed up by the smoke and dust cloud.

    • This is just MORE BS about WHAT happened instead of Exposing WHO CARRIED IT OUT!
      The Governments of the entire world ALL KNOW…WHO CARRIED IT OUT….Understand???
      As long as there are Governments…NO TRUTH will prevail about WHO DID IT.
      Remember Governments, along with RELIGION are the creation of the “Fallen Ones” from long ago.

    • I personally don’t believe we have any control over who gets to be our next “ruler”. The political “parties” are no different then organized religions, all designed to keep us divided and at each other’s throats. I did have hope for #45 though since he spoke out back when the trade towers went down and identified the situation for what it was. He said he built buildings like this and explained very clearly why it was a planned demolition. He wasn’t “president” back then of course. I was hopeful that when he became “president”, he would bring the truth out. I don’t think that’s gonna happen though now. One circus after another, one disaster after another keeping us all very distracted. The powers that be have a different use for #45 and he knows he’d better follow the plan. Or else. Ugly situation made worse by us ‘commoners’ fighting amongst each other. Time for us to wake up and smell the cat box.

    • There have been reports from professionals in the demolition business
      That the 2 buildings were lased with Thermite. It is an explosive rope that will cut through through iron like a hot knife through butter.
      This activity had to be created at the “TOP”.

    • I agree with you completely Alexandra. And you know what? People can and do come up with all kinds of UNexpert explanations of what is going on in front of our eyes, yada yada. It’s like sitting in a bar or with friends and these people come up with this or that explanation, trying to make themselves like experts. But in the end the question still remains, just like what the news anchor referred to. Where is all that steel and material that SHould have been there? My eyes tell me that what I’m witnessing in this clip is “dustification” or whatever it’s called. All the speculation or so called “explanations” will not alter what actually happened. And that’s a fact, a reality, that is rarely addressed. Thanks for pointing it out with this clip.

      • So true, the dust cloud could be seen from space but the rubble pile was tiny. It looked more like a flattened housing estate. I was working at an architectural practice at the time and the technologists were convinced the whole city would flood, but then it didn’t. I remember thinking how lucky but of course it didn’t make any sense. You rationalise what you’re seeing. Thanks to Judy Wood I now know better, she’s a hero.

    • Since the beginning, I remain convinced multiple military destructive devices were used to assure complete destruction because this was obviously a sophisticated PRECISION military operation. The evidence screams it! The urge to also test exotic weaponry would have been irresistible.

      However, having examined this clip a hundred times in the past, I came to the conclusion the dust you see coming off the spire is likely cement dust as the spire vibrates into collapse. What remained for weeks was steel. What disappeared into dust was concrete.

      In known controlled demolitions, a lot of dust is made, but large chunks of concrete remain. I searched diligently for large chunks of concrete in hundreds of photos and clips in this event and saw not a one, but I saw plenty of cold steel and molten steel.

      • I can give you a simple explanation as to why you didn’t find any large chunks of concrete. The ONLY concrete used in the towers was poured as floor slabs onto a lightweight truss supported base. The poured concrete was only a few inches thick. No where in the building, with the exception of the mechanical floors supporting the heavy elevator machines, would you find thick concrete slabs. When the towers collapsed, the perimeter steel columns were sheered from the floor plates and mostly piled up outward from the 4 faces of the building as you might expect. The floors themselves pancaked and were torn to shreds as the tower collapsed, pulverizing the majority of that poured concrete into the thick dust clouds that enveloped lower Manhattan. The core as shown in the video above, was able to mostly survive in tact, however with no lateral stability and a multi-story pile of debris forming at the base, fell as well.

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