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On-the-ground reports from California are surreal. It’s hard to know what to make of them from 3,000 miles away and especially in light of the undeniable correspondences between images we see here and images seen around Ground Zero in Dr Judy Wood’s book, ‘Where Did the Towers Go?’ where she outlined her hypothesis that Directed Energy Weapons were involved with the destruction of the World Trade Center Towers. This is also what some people are alleging has occurred to cause the wildfires in California.

A subscriber sent me this video with the message, “I personally went to Santa Rosa and saw all the devastation and spoke to at least 20 construction workers onsite. I asked them if there were any ‘anomalies’ regarding the fires and several said that they’d never seen steel melt, aluminum engine blocks melting, with molten aluminum running into the gutters and that almost all the trees and landscaping were still there.”

The video is from APlaneTruth.Info, who has been on a relentless tear, uploading videos and commentary about the Santa Rosa fires, non-stop. The photos show many anomalies but the ones that really give me pause are of the toasted cars. I’m immediately reminded of the work of Dr Judy Wood. In fact, “toasted cars” was a term coined by Dr Wood to describe very similar anomalous phenomena found at the scene of Ground Zero and for which she felt that normal words were inadequate, especially a toasted car, flipped upside down in the blast shadow of the Towers’ collapse, next to the offices of Amex.


This video reports that over one dozen cars were flipped over onto their roofs in one night in Santa Rosa! He asks, “What kind of fire flips 3,000 pound cars?” Likewise, what kind of building collapse toasts cars half a mile away, under the FDR?


As for the melted engine blocks mentioned above, Dr Wood also noted many engine blocks in flames after the Towers’ collapse and she commented, “Is there something attractive about engine blocks? Why not gasoline fuel tanks?”


And as for asking why the trees and wooden structures in California within 5-10 feet of these wildfires are untouched, Dr Wood had the same question about the piles of office paper surrounding the burning cars at Ground Zero: “Why doesn’t the paper burn?”


Dr Wood’s hypothetical answer was that a Directed Energy Weapon of some kind was used to powderize (“dustify”) the primary steel and concrete portions of the WTC buildings, while burning and bending aluminum, yet leaving paper and many other materials unharmed.

The flipped cars  are the result of levitating electro-magnetic field effects and energy interference described by Canadian inventor, John Hutchison and known as “The Hutchison Effect”.

In 2007, Dr Wood sued NIST for fraud in the investigation of 9/11 and John Hutchison filed an affidavit to legally testify to the numerous similarities between The Hutchison Effect and the evidence from the 9/11 attacks.

Unfathomable evil was committed on 9/11, which becomes exponentially more evil if Directed Energy Weapons were used. Are we seeing a replay of this evil in California? Terrorism (regardless of who committed it) is not covered by homeowner’s insurance, so we’re told that nobody wants to talk about the laser beams reported and filmed by some.

The video ends with some very dark humor and I’m reminded of how comedy and humor have all but ceased to exist in recent years, having been thoroughly strangulated by PC culture and late-night Trump-bashing.

We see a comedy sketch, that looks like an ad for the local energy company, PG&E. Ed Burns, Chief Engineer, Wildfire Division says,

“Hi, my name is Ed. People ask us here, at PG&E, ‘How did you guys really start the wildfires? Overgrown trees in the powerlines?’

“Heck, no! It ain’t easy burning down hundreds of houses! Real high-tech! First and foremost, you got to make sure all your houses have SmartMeters – that’s crucial.

“Now, on the night you’re gonna burn, you gotta chemtrail heavily. That makes the air more conductive. Next, turn up your cell towers to high. That’s right, crank them puppies up, as high as they’ll go!

“With the chemtrails, this electrifies the air and gives you those beautiful little tiny blue sparks! Now, have local HAARP create a strong wind – and as a final stroke, boost up those SmartMeters. That’s right, don’t be shy! Turn them up all the way! This turns houses into toast!

“Only really cost us 77 cell towers and some underground cable! But don’t try this at home! We’re professionals!”


For more on Dr Judy Wood’s toasted cars, see:

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  • So much tech against the citizens. True technocrats with laser beams trying to kill off and get rid of rural American citizens. If you don’t know about the eugenicists EU program of agenda 21/30 (especially in America) LOOK IT UP! Not that we can do that now under the new laws of the world wide web.

  • All I can say is that I always dismiss any so-called “expert(s)” who provide their bogus “facts” that deny what is taking place right before my eyes. This clip makes perfect sense to me and those pictures, they are the Real Facts in this matter. Cars do not spontaneous burn or flip over in real life and no “expert(s)” commentary is going to prove otherwise. So thanks for putting this info and video clip on here.

  • Climate change is used as an excuse to shut down discussion of any kind about strange and very out of the ordinary disasters…..floods, fires, earthquakes you know the ‘everyday’ disasters that have been escalating for the past 20+ years . Of course CERN and HAARP & SMART METERS,
    CHEM TRAILS (all of these highly interruptive devices that have recently within the last 20 years or so) landed on our doorsteps. How about 5G?…now this is going to be very interesting.
    I think what is happening in California is ‘DEEP STATE’ at its best! I hope the folks there can stand by each other and get their land back.

    • Gosh. I wish 3 of my adult children would wake to these facts. The daughter had and she is ten years younger. They hide their heads in the sand and think IM crazy.
      Satan sure is the god of this world right now and the creep in Sacramento holds that position too, along with the others. Not for too much longer then they are going to enjoy the flames even more.

  • A subscriber wrote in with this comment:

    “Hi, I just moved to Reno, but was living in Sebastopol at the time of those horrific Santa Rosa fires. Sebastopol is west of Santa Rosa by 8 miles. We get winds off the Pacific as a rule, so when that insanely high wind came out of the east, I opened the front door for a time to realize fully that it was even happening! What I saw in the eastern sky were weird other-worldly sparks. The sparks didn’t look blue to me, from my vantage point, but the sparks were definitely surreal.

    “I went to bed shortly thereafter. The next morning I learned of those dastardly fires. I’m a native of that region and my heart sank. What the hell was going on? We had been attacked; I knew that much.”

  • FACT: The Luciferians/Satanist LAST gasp before their EVERLASTING Removal…Its called “The Scorched Earth” scenario Folks. They believe if they cannot RULE, then nobody get it.
    Unfortunately for THEM…It is DAMNED to fail.
    Divine Providence can overcome ANYTHING the Luciferian/Satanist think they can destroy.

    • There is a kill grid in place disguised as cell phone towers… these death towers need to be disabled before the psychos can trigger them in a last resort scenario.

  • This is what happens when the level of technical education of people reaches sub zero. Pop science sketches aren’t real science, you know. Science-fiction movies and X-files episodes aren’t real science, either.

    Fact: Engine blocks are often cast with magnesium in them. Magnesium is a metal, but can also burn very fiercely and at high temperatures.

    Fact: When a full gasoline tank explodes, the explosion can be so strong as to flip the car.

    Fact: Bits of paper can be lifted with the wind. Strong fires cause their own wind, because of the heat they generate. Some paper will burn, but some will be lifted by the wind and arrive somewhere in the surroundings.

    Fact: Steel goes soft at relatively low temperatures. It may melt at 1400C, but it already goes soft at 700C. Most people don’t even know how to tell the difference between a bit of steel that has deformed because it went soft, and a bit of steel that’s actually molten.

    Fact: Aluminum melts at 600C, which isn’t too high a temperature for an extensive fire to reach.

    Fact: Temperatures in California have been rather high all summer. That has dried the place up. So when a fire starts anywhere, it spreads very easily. And when a fire reaches inhabited areas, some spots of high-temperature fires may appear, because some things that burn at high temperatures will burn.

    Fact: In spite of the high temperatures in California, which you couldn’t easily prevent (you could have tried, climate change is actually real and there are things you can do about reducing your energy use), there are a number of things you could have done to reduce risk. Like being aware of what sorts of things are a fire hazard. But of course, some people hate personal responsibility, and prefer to blame disasters on God or perverse government projects. Go ahead. Convince yourself that you are not to blame for the slightest bit of this. Be a good whiner. Enjoy the consequences.

    • Yes, and then the trees didn’t burn because….they are a fire retardant. FACT? And 911 was caused by jet fuel. The only place on Earth that steel framed buildings have been turned to dust with fire. What a crock of shit!

      • Sorry, my comment was not for you James (Your comment is spot on) but for Maria above. She’s likely on contract with our dear Uncle Sam.

    • Maria your facts are soft, 14oo degrees to melt steel, i don’t think so, 600 degrees
      for aluminum, not a chance. Did you google these facts ? Or maybe you found them on
      wikipedia. I am pretty sure that i will leave the personal responsibility to the slugs that
      are performing these experiments on humans and the earth. In my world, i see with my
      own eyes, and use my common sense skills to determine when someone is trying to sell
      me rat poison disguised as skittles. We are under attack, and if you are to blind to see,
      you had better get better glasses.

    • Are you the best and brightest from Tavistock? So, where to next? How much doth the queen pay for mere servants?

      Altitude adjustment is normal upon reentry and touch down/

    • You watch too much tv.
      Gas tanks do not “blow up”. They whoosh quite loudly, but won’t whoosh your car upside down.
      Why do you suppose “mag” wheels are no longer available? They catch fire with friction heat. Race cars found magnesium to be too incendiary and none too safe, so wheel makers moved to aluminum alloys. Engine blocks would not function if made with magnesium. The friction alone would ignite the metal.
      As for the rest of your gibberish, your employer will see these debunking comments, of which there be many, and you will have to pay the money back!

    • Big crock. How do trees burn only inside…or from inside first? And if a car explodes a flies up in the air it probably won’t land in same place as they did in NYC….parallel parked.

    • Bwaaa—hahaha!
      You SUCK at your shilling, btw. Granted, it’s the script provided to you. But it addresses nothing, states nothing, proves nothing. Just nonsense.
      9/11 redux, people. But the propagandizing won’t be as easy this go-round.

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