Comedy has become so crashingly un-funny that YouTuber Dave Cullen’s critiques of it here are much funnier than the so-called comedy he lampoons.

I used to occasionally run comedy clips from CollegeHumor but watching their latest material, it’s like being in a re-education camp, force-fed stuff I’ve been inculcated with since childhood. How the Hell did comedy morph into a Soviet gulag?

There’s this pall of unreality hanging over the West. From Fake News to Fake Comedy, nothing is safe from the Fascistic ravages of weaponized Political Correctness.

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  • Just remember where increasingly vulgar, albeit PC humor originates. The hard-core Communists in a group known as the Frankfurt School. This group of mostly Eastern European Communist Jews, setting up shop in Frankfurt, Germany, fled to the U.S. in the 1930’s and set up shop at Columbia University in NYC. How & why, might one ask, would our nation allow hard-core communists to become leading teachers at a major, public university? Because our financial institutions were hijacked in the year 1913, with the creation of the Rothschild’s private, centralized, bank, which has never been audited, and is known as the “Federal Reserve”. Control the money, control the social engineering. A major goal of communism is to destroy the family unit, thereby making people increasingly dependent on the increasingly centralized government. Observe our nation today, the family unit lies in tatters. The Frankfurt School, which like a virus, infected almost all of academia over the decades, created “Critical Theory”, which includes “Critical Race Theory”, a non-stop & steady attack on all traditional Western values. Humor is often used in this agenda.
    TV mind control programming is a major tool for the social engineers. That is why the Jews, Sarah Silverstone, Oswalt Patton, and Dan Harmon are getting away with making jokes about raping children. It is why Hollywood, also controlled by Jews, has sheltered pedophiles, as well as rape in general.
    Pedophiles are now being referred to as, “minor attracted”. Transgenderism is being promoted in our public schools. starting at the age of 5. White people, especially males, are being openly condemned by professors and the mainstream media.
    Combine the religion of Judaism, that is based on violence toward any non-tribe member, for clearly Yahweh is a psychopathic god, (have people actually read that book?) unfortunately for the sane, so many are brainwashed & they can’t see it. The bloodline families ruling the world have strengthened the psychopathic gene by inbreeding amongst themselves for millennium. This is what we are up against.
    Get rid of your TV, or hook it up to the internet, cancel your cable TV, boycott hollyweird, they are using encoded sigils in their media, at this point. Even though it is well documented, people still deny that Jews own the mainstream media, run the centralized banks, and dictate U.S. foreign policy. Who do you think is behind the censorship on the net, while promoting degenerate filth? It just amazes me, the level of intimidation and denial. And stop with the, “they’re not all that way”. They are supposed to be so genius and highly intelligent? correct? Then how could they possibly not know their tribe’s dark history? They like the perks. It behooves them to believe they are perpetual victims.
    From the prestigious science journal, Nature: Variations of the DNST3 gene make Ashkenazi Jews 40 percent more likely to develop schizophrenia and similar diseases.
    Posts like this one, however are being censored, so we can hardly complain about censorship, when the so-called resisters are censoring the most important info. I often feel like I am surrounded by brain dead zombies and willful morons.

  • I loved comedy! I no longer watch it or can find any great comedy anywhere.
    George Carlin…..told it like (OK how he saw it) but where does comedy come from, except from one views, experiences & observance of what is happening in ones’ world.
    I guess comedy today really does spew views of a world no longer free to laugh at the arrogant, silly, struggling, calamity of the people who live on the planet. It’s an observance of intolerance & fear. So sad!
    I wonder what would have befallen the comedy of George Carlin today!

  • Originally, Political Correctness meant “show respect for others.” Which is what I’m for. Now we have this anti-Political Correctness that endorses the use of racial and ethnic slurs, constant profanity and be sure to drop an “F-Bomb” in every other sentence, and vulgarity everywhere.

    Call me “old fashioned,” but count me out on the “anti-PC” movement.

  • All THIS Program is about is more BS “TRUMPISM”…I like to think THIS site is NEUTRAL about so-called “Forbidden Knowledge”?…Its OBVIOUSLY part of the “Propaganda” machine in SUPPORT of the NWO.
    Their is NO WHITE SAVIOUR coming Folks!
    Ps; Its also anti-Female…at a time WE NEED FEMALE ENERGIES!!!

  • My guess is they’re following the social engineering playbook planned with an HRC ‘win’ and they’re all completely delusional.

    I checked out an article at Vice mentioned in the video and an article suggestion popped up, so I followed it and OMG. Check this out – the unspeakable is apparently comic gold for the SJWs – obviously another attempt to normalize evil. And what a contrast to Silverman’s b.s. diatribe – sickening. ..
    ‘Three Busy Debras’ Is a Play About Psychopaths with an Interest in Incest and Brunch
    The irreverent, possibly genius show features necrophilia, the Holocaust, 9/11, Kony 2012, kidnapping, pedophilia, suicide, mariticide, masturbation, infidelity committed with ghosts, and all things Debra.

  • I stopped watching all the major comedy strings because they are now, 2 years later, still bashing a man I didn’t even vote for. I feel the they along with our Congress, State Representative’s and Media spew such hate that tv has become mentally exhausting.

  • Comedy? Really? What’s funny about vicious mockery?

    It’s not comedy, it’s political correctness demonization of western culture, the very culture that permits mass production of counter culture psychological warfare masquerading as “comedy” and it’s not by accident.

    This trend was spearheaded by Robin Williams years ago during the sexual revolution. Potty mouth Williams couldn’t string a sentence together without foul language. Arrogant anti-Christian Sarah Silverman is proud of her hatred of our American heritage.

    All this is supposed to be entertaining? For whom?

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