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Phil Schneider claims to have been involved in the construction of numerous underground bases, Here, he describes the early stages of drilling the base at Dulce, NM. He described the shock at discovering a pre-existing alien base, while drilling, releasing the black soot and stench of their lair, which he suspects had been there for at least 500 years. He says that 66 Secret Service Agents and other US security personnel were killed that afternoon because they were not forewarned by their government/employer, who knew all about it.

John Lear, former commercial pilot and an heir to the Learjet fortune shows drawings and describes features of the infamous underground base in Dulce, New Mexico. He has lectured and been interviewed widely on this and related subjects for about 20 years. Like virtually all UFO lecturers, he has been rumored to be a paid “CIA disinformant.”

The human-alien base is said to be located within the Archuleta Mesa on an Indian Reservation of the Ute Nation. The locals in this clip are shown to be very matter-of-fact about the existence of this base and the comings and goings of UFOs.

The underground UFO base at Dulce is the mother lode of many UFO legends. “Nightmare Hall” on level 6 was once said to have housed caged human hybrids, who would beg the rare passerby to kill them, including an eight-armed specimen whose DNA was thought to have been spliced with that of a spider.

Other levels below ground at Dulce reportedly featured large vats of liquid with floating human and animal body parts. “Gray aliens” were said to bathe in this slurry, to absorb vital enzymes and nutrients through their skin as they allegedly lacked internal digestive systems.

In 1979, there was allegedly a “war” that broke out between the aliens and the humans. Over “60 bodies were pulled out” of the base, according to one person interviewed on this show; a factoid that has been bandied about in UFO circles since the early 1990s.

The “UFO Hunters” team is unsuccessful in penetrating the security around the alleged base, so Dulce Base in the Archuleta Mesa remains as mysterious to all but those who really know what goes on in there.

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