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The tide might be turning in the cultural aspect of our massive hybrid war, in which we find ourselves. Yesterday, I stumbled on two videos, where members of the LGBT community have reached “peak-LGBT” and now refer to themselves as “conservative”.

Looks like the #WalkAway movement is here to stay. I see it everywhere on Twitter. Many African-Americans are moving away from the Democrat Party, as are women, Asians and Hispanics. Most surprising to me is to see what appears to be the majority of Native Americans are supporting Trump in 2020.

It’s a humanizing moment. We’ve all been manipulated by this hybrid warfare campaign, in which everything is weaponized, especially us against each other.

One of the biggest fronts in the hybrid war involves sexual preference and all of the shame and taboo that make it very hard to break the ideology/programming around it. But Kitty Demure and Arielle Scarcella have broken it.

Kitty Demure calls himself “Your friendly, favorite conservative drag queen”. He has posted the video message below to “heterosexual women who have children” in regards to the Drag Queen Story Hours that are being held for children aged 3-11 in public libraries since 2015. Drag Queen Story Hour (DQSH) is a non-profit organization with fifty chapters, five of which are international.

“I have no idea why you want drag queens to read books to your children. I have no idea. What in the Hell has a drag queen ever done to make you have so much respect for them and admire them so much, other than put on makeup and and jump on the floor and ride around and do sexual things on stage?

“I have absolutely no idea why you would want that to influence your child. Would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child? It makes no sense at all. A drag queen performs in a nightclub for adults. There is a lot of filth that goes on; a lot of sexual stuff that goes on and backstage, there’s a lot of nudity, sex and drugs, OK?

“So I don’t think that this is an avenue you would want your child to explore. They could explore dressing up at home, like we all did; like all gay boys did. We all dressed at home and we had a great time. We had a great time with our girlfriends, putting on makeup, trying on clothes, things like that – but to actually get them involved in drag is extremely, extremely irresponsible on your part.

“And I understand you might want to look like you’re ‘with it’, that you’re ‘cool’, that you’re ‘woke’, that you’re not a Nazi, that you’re not a homophobe – whatever it may be – but you can raise your child to be just a normal, regular, everyday child without including them in gay sexual things.

“And honestly, you’re not doing the gay community any favors. In fact, you’re hurting us, OK? We have already had a reputation of being pedophiles and being perverts and deviants. We don’t need you to bring your children around – so, you keep your kids at home or take them to Disneyland or take them to Chucky Cheese.

“But if you need your child to be entertained by a big human in a costume or in makeup, take them to the circus or something. When they turn 18 then, why don’t you take them to the clubs on their 18th birthday, because it’s an adult thing, OK?

“So don’t ruin your child’s life and don’t ruin us, because that’s what you’re doing.”

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1 comment

  • Values in this life are taught when we are young.
    Let your children be children when they are children, PLEASE!
    Like most things in life, it only comes around once!

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