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In what may be the most important interview Catherine has ever done, former Assistant Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Catherine Austin Fitts joins Dark Journalist and lays out the master plan that covert and overt forces in government, industry and the media are rolling out to control the population through the Internet of Things and the Global Information Grid, running advanced Artificial Intelligence.

The interview begins with Fitts’ excellent analysis of trends in the market. She explains how the world is being divided into a “dollar zone”, which includes the G7 nations versus a group of oil-producing countries, who are de-dollarizing, along with China. The dollar will convert to a cryptocurrency but it has to come off the petrodollar. It needs an alternative to the current energy model into to what she calls an “asset control” model, much like I wrote about here.

“So, they need to come off the petrodollar. What do they need to do? They need to electrify. So, if you look at the Climate Change Op, [it’s] designed to basically force electrification at high speed and allow that group to lock in the global currency…it’s the pushback of the Unipolar model.

“What Mr. Global wants is low cost, low fee, low transactions but on a digital infrastructure where you can also do energy – and you can bring up breakthrough energy as as soon as you have a sufficient digital infrastructure – and you can do mind control.

“Because remember, one of the things you’ve always used the financial system for was control. Now, you have entrainment and mind control and all sorts of whiz-bang technologies…

“What you need to do to maintain that currency global position is you need electrification. You need the digital tracks from space and the sub-orbital platforms to the cables under the ocean, into the last mile of the Internet of Things, into the smartmeter, into the phone – and I hate to say it, with nanotechnology into the brain-machine interface.

“So right now, they are on a tear – think of this like a Gold Rush. It’s the Internet of Things Gold Rush and the winner is the guy who controls the hardware, the digital stream tracks and that’s what they’re building in high speed and if they can electrify transportation and also deliver solar energy from the sub-orbital platform and different technologies like that, they can cut all the oil guys loose.

“That’s the war right now: can the oil producers plus China de-dollarize fast enough to create a multipolar world? Think of it this way: Mr. Global is on both sides. Mr. Global doesn’t care who wins. Mr. global cares that we have a digital currency, so you see, a competition between different factions for the control of the digital currencies, one of my questions before the coronavirus is, are we going to split into two digital systems? Is the solution going to be a China-based Asian digital system and then you have a US dollar-based?”

Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt then asks, “The Trump administration assassinated basically the #2 man in Iran, risking World War III and all these other things that seemed to me to be oriented directly at the oil model, but you’re talking about what do you think was going on there?”

She answers, “I don’t begin to have the intelligence that we need to understand what was going on. Here’s the question: who was it that Netanyahu fronts for? Let me say it this way but I think you know that’s the group that’s backing Trump and they are very aggressive, thinking you know they have Trump at least until January 20th of next year and they’ve got whatever they have to do to start a war with Iran or basically to beat Iran into sanction submission…

“To me, it’s more an organized crime syndicate. They’re making a play to make sure they control that turf. If you if you look at the message to the de-dollarization, if I understand what Mike Pompeo said after the assassination he basically said, ‘We reserve the right to assassinate any leader anytime, anywhere in the world who’s acting against our best interests.’

“If that is, in fact our policy, that was a very chilling message.

“I did the Solari Report last year on the Forrestal assassination and if you go back and you look at the Forrestal assassination, the McCarthy assassination, the Kennedy assassination and that whole series, what it looked like to me, Daniel is at that time, to create the National Security State, you had the fusion of two syndicates. One, was the organized crime syndicate, with the Dulles-Rockefeller organized crime syndicate.

“And between the two of them, they had an incredible presence and clearly the Rockefeller faction had incredible presence in the overt side but on the organized crime side, you’re talking about, particularly if you lock them into London, they basically controlled transnational global organized crime and it really looked like there was a breakout and a fight between the two groups, coming into the 2016 election.

“And here’s the interesting thing: I go back to the first Bush administration. The Bushes were very careful and put a lot of stress on, ‘Here’s the overt world, here’s the covert world…we keep the two worlds separate.’

“The Clintons had grown up in a very small state and were younger and they’re like, ‘Oh that’s too hard! Let’s just get the work done!’ and so they were much more frontal – and literally – I’ll never forget the period…people were dropping like flies! ‘Are we in the middle of a mob war? What’s going on?’

“So, I think what has happened, as the two factions are fighting; you have such profound secrecy and it’s gotten much worse, that there’s a real deterioration in trying to keep the pretense going, that we operate under the rule of law.

“I mean, we’ve literally seen in the last month a state of ridiculousness in and around the Department of Justice…I feel like I’m watching something put on by a joint venture of the Onion in Saturday Night Live!

“…I always say people who win in a rigged game get stupid but what you’re watching is people who’ve forgotten what the facts are. They’re literally operating without proper financial disclosure and feedback loops and it’s almost like, if you can get away with murder using mind control, that you end up mind-controlled…

“If you look at the two factions right now that are fighting for control…you can’t run a country where both sides of the aisle are essentially controlled by dual-citizen passports and people who are afraid of saying ‘no’. So, the US government doesn’t have information sovereignty, doesn’t have financial sovereignty…

“If you look at the faction that wanted to stay Global over the faction that wants to nationalize that’s really a war about ‘How are we gonna optimize economically?’ And one is saying, ‘You have to have bottom-up optimization,’ particularly now that we take the Internet the last mile and integrating it with a real estate.And they’re saying, ‘OK, you’ve gotta optimize’ and at some point, this level of crime is going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg, which is true but nobody seems – secrecy and organized crime profits are an addiction and the people who have that addiction are not inclined to give it up…

“Russia’s the leader of the de-dollarization group. They’re a huge oil producer and they have completely shed their dollars in the reserve currency. So if you look at their reserves, they’ve got Euro, Yen and gold. They’ve built enormous swamp capacity with China and a variety of other countries and they’ve put, for the first time an office of the Moscow central bank in China, which will allow them to swap gold, back and forth, so they can swap currency-to-currency, that they can also swap gold.

Liszt asks, “Why [Russia is] the favorite target of the media over the past three years?”

She answers, “I don’t know, Daniel…I have different theories on this but if you look at what we did since the wall came down, in terms of trying to move with missiles, break treaties and literally surround them…when the wall came down, we raped the place.

“I think the group that raped them – and it was a combination of the intelligence agencies and the Treasury – when we raped them, we decided not to completely wipe out the government, because we didn’t want the nuclear arsenals fall into the wrong hands and from what I can tell, we never thought that they would be able to come back as fast as Putin has brought them back.

“Now, Russia still has major demographic and other problems but as they started to come back, there was a real effort to I don’t know whether it is to turn them into the boogeyman or to encircle them and there are many deep cultural reasons for that war, if you go back through history and I don’t know what the truth is.

“I do think that if you’re going to have a Unipolar model and you’re going to have a model in which you institute slavery – because, really if you look at what a digital currency is,  it’s a slavery system, at least the one being designed and worked on now…

“I think the Russians want to have a human culture and…the Orthodox Church, which in many respects is more in integrity, it’s the real church, in many respects.

“So, whether it’s…an effort to wipe out the Christian thread. Steiner would call it the ‘stream’. It’s almost as though the two value systems can’t operate side by side and unfortunately, if you look at the value system being promoted, sometimes I feel like I woke up and I’m on the wrong side.

“Because what we’re seeing, that impulse coming out of the United States is demonic; it’s a cult and it’s very anti-Christian and very anti-life, very anti-freedom and I can never tell if they’re if they’re simply organized crime or if they’re demonic…

“We’re talking about an occult culture, which is trying to debase art, it’s trying to debase music, it’s trying to debase children…

“When you put down the digital train tracks as the Internet of Things, you’re looking at a biophysical extraction model, so a human being is no longer a sovereign individual in your economic model, they are a resource, like an oil deposit to be managed and manipulated like an asset, and you’re going to extract not only data but you’re going to influence them to do a variety of things that make you money or help you…whether it’s do a school shooting or you know buy an SUV online or watch pxrnxgraphy or you know whatever whatever extraction you’re up to…

“So the question who is this?…The reality is we’ve had transnational organized crime getting richer and richer and getting away with stuff. I mean, the more they get away with, the more it works for them and so we’ve gone kind of beyond the pale.

“So, part of this is not necessarily that there’s some guy up in the sky, planning everything but you have technology running ahead of our capacity to govern it…but if you look at the mandate to do vaccines, that’s a perfect example of what’s really going on because we have an intentional effort to basically reduce a significant portion of the population to a state of chronic disease…

“Once America has worked through the Jim Comey, McCabe, you know all of the FISA court stuff, once you’ve worked through all of that, then then what happened with the FBI, Malcolm X or Martin Luther King, it suddenly makes much more sense…

“If you if you look at 5G, AI, space, all these issues, we run the risk that the world divides into two domains. So, think of this as a digital infrastructure and the financial system that plays on that digital infrastructure.

“One is controlled by China and one is controlled by the US and those are what one writer called the “AI Superpowers”, because their ability at AI, in technology is racing so far ahead of everybody else’s.

“And if the coronavirus is biowarfare, then there’s a chance it’s to make sure there’s only one digital domain, not two.

“The danger is not that we militarized space, the danger is that we’re militarizing everything…the first thing you need to understand about cybersecurity is there’s no such thing. These systems were created to basically control and compromise security from the get-go, so there’s only cyber insecurity, there is no cybersecurity.

“So if you look at where this is all going, you are watching war built, you’re building the whole global economy around digital infrastructure and then you’re using that digital infrastructure as a war domain. You’re using space as a war domain. You’re using the financial system as a war domain, You’re using lending as a war domain. You’re using drugs as a war domain. In other words, what is it on this planet that isn’t being weaponized?”

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  • Since “AI” does not exist in our reality and only in the realm of science fiction (see Dr. David Berlinski -> ) a technically accurate real world name would be “Aggressive Software Algorithms” a.k.a. “ASA.”

    The paramount nefarous monstrosity of the sinister agenda of power and control down to the micro the spiritually first born of the Devil are seeking is breath-taking beyond words at times, unrestrained megalomaniacal omni-control. Their plans ultimately will not work out as well as they desire for there is one God who is the only perfect righteous judge and i take complete comfort in knowing that one day sooner than later, the uncountable and immeasurable amount of pure mind-boggling utterly abominable satanism/evil that the Devil’s children have committed for so long, shall indeed be brought to justice and will eternally pay for their absolute evil they have committed to all mankind.

  • Thank you Daniel and Katherine for an interesting discussion. In terms of the Corona Virus vaccine I think they (the powers that be) will not be able to avoid using it on the medical staff initially because kids are not really getting that sick, and doctors, nurses, policemen, and all public servants are dying. Of course, the vaccine would be deadly because the virus is mutating so fast that it is closer to Ebola and HIV then it is to the flu. The lab animals all died when exposed to the wild (mutated) virus after the vaccination. The immune system goes into hyper inflammation, the blood pressure shoots up, and the body goes into failure. So it would be too obvious to lose all those doctors, nurses, policemen, cab drivers, etc. Just a thought…We need to stop viral replication rather than create anti-bodies.

  • Sheldon Adelson runs Netanyahoo, is a casino magnate billionaire, has major hooks in to GOP and is a HUGE Zionist.

    “Now, you have entrainment and mind control and all sorts of whiz-bang technologies…”

    Yes, like Remote Neural Monitoring and the skynet downloading of the personal body electric network for pain and life reduction and much more.

    I believe that the corona-virus is aimed at countries that do NOT have water filtration infrastructure, easy access to anti-viral compounds, etc. ie – Aisa. I believe that the bio-weapon was made in China in Wuhan and released purposely into the public in a major trading hub knowing that international travelers and business men would contact it and bring it abroad. Total initial target is overpopulated asia – aimed at rural and lower income folks who have to boil water to kill viruses and no knowledge on how to protect themselves. The flu is more dangerous than corona-virus with a little knowledge. Most antiviral complainants like disinfectant and chlorine dioxide will kill it, and protect you, even if you contact it.

    Therefore, the death rate here (from the virus) will be comparatively small.

    • I agree with you more so than not, but may i ask, how are you using the word “skynet” ?

      Also i kindly suggest to consider the CV is bio-engineered with HIV in it which you can find evidence for on And that you can also consider that if take the time to watch the videos taking by cell phones openly and secretly by Chinese people who are posting it on-line you will find medical workers admitting the virus is killing thousands and they are cremating so many and can’t keep up (you can find such direct admissions in this video – ).

      Also, perhaps you may find this link interesting;


  • Very interesting question, who is running planet earth right now? We could also ask what is our natural state? I don’t think it’s natural for us to live in a satanic world.

    • Well according to God/Jesus in the Holy Bible, ultimately the Devil has been given temporary rule over the Earth in a certain capacity. What is our natural state? Well it is natural to live in a satanic world since Eve and Adam sinned. For me as born again from above remnant believer, the true natural state is living in a world before the fall as described in the Book of Genesis.

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