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    In this unprecedented interview with longtime friend Carol Rosin, Dr. Steven Greer provides an information-dense update on Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, as well as a three part “To-Do list”.

    He describes projects involving UFOs as the “crown jewel” of compartmentalized secret government information, more classified than the development of nuclear weapons, such that often US Presidents are not apprised of these facts. He says the way humankind chooses to deal with the reality of extraterrestrial contact and with their advice about renouncing nuclear power will be the deciding factors of our planetary fate.

    He describes what’s happening, up-to-the-minute regarding UFOs and he names the names of key officials from the past who set us on the path we’re on today.

    Here’s an interesting snippet: “There are two pathways that joined each other in the 1940s and ’50s. The first pathway was what was going on with very human scientists who were doing experiments with very high voltage electromagnetic systems that would create a vector into the fabric of spacetime. It’s been called the zero point energy field, which is the baseline energy field that all of space, time and matter are fluxing in and out of…everyone from Nikola Tesla to T. Townsend Brown, whose work became the foundation of the Rand corporation were doing experiments with this.

    “T. Townsend Brown, for example in the late 1920s was doing experiments with certain crystalline materials and metallic materials with voltages going in that would cause mass cancellations – and things could then levitate. Now, this has been popularized and called ‘antigravity’. It’s not antigravity…[It] creates a change in the angular momentum at a subatomic level, where the mass…of an object approaches zero…it becomes lighter than air…velocity is inversely proportional to the mass…the lower the mass, the faster something can go and these experiments were being done in the 1920s. The United States Government took an interest in this and those Black Budget projects were going on during the ’30s and during WWII.” Similar projects were being done in Germany (aka the Nazi Bell).

    This latest briefing by Dr. Greer situates the issue of UFOs within today’s concerns about the environment, the economy, politics, technology, society, culture, spirituality and psychology. Greer goes beyond disclosure, with solutions to correct the current extinction process, announcing a concise action plan toward an ideal yet realistic near-term future that can come true with these specific steps. Greer advises listeners about what can and must be done locally, nationally, globally – and from the standpoint of cosmic unity consciousness – and why.

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    • Fellow Humans Species of earth if I had such a burden as to know a truth and I did not share it with you, would I there fore be a liar?
      With no admonition of said truth and no word of other wise am I a sinner of the Gospel of truth.
      If you go all day and never say an untruth but also go all day never speaking a truth are you fair?
      Is the act of not killing and not hurting the same as not sinning when it is as every day to not do so?
      or to live in a world where every day you have killed and every day you have hurt some one as normal a day as any, then to stop killing and hurting is that in truth as good?
      then is so that some one said to you a truth and you did not tell the truth to other who knew it not, then are you a Lier?
      I know a truth am I less of a friend for not sharing it with others who I speak friendly too and act friendly too?
      would you be a friend too me if I denied you that truth?
      then I well tell you this find unacknowledged a documentary and watch just the first thirty minutes , then I challenge you to do your diligence and disprove it!
      do not go and find critics who abolish it, do the paper chase and find the paper and evidence of proof to be fools, and the things they claim and though their paper trail to be untrue. but you may have to watch the whole thing to do this so be warned this is a rabbit hole and it well make you ask the same to your friends! Am I a liar if I do not tell you a truth a know?

    • Aliens?

      Almost anyone knows what a personality is, whar a person is.
      However……….What is a human being.
      It seems to be so that this is an alien on earth.

    • Has or does anyone else remember the flux liners???? this was the middle to late 60s reportedly having a new form of energy for space travel ect and then it suddenly was heard of no more. Maybe Dr Greer will remember, but he’s a little younger then I. I can remember Sputnik ( I think ) going over my head on a clear beautiful sky as I laid in a field at the back of my granny’s house. The only problem (and why I only think) was that another orb followed it. and yet another crossed in front of it. Maybe today that would not be strange but back then only the Russians had a satellite in orbit a little perplexing to say the least.

    • Why would we shoot down aliens from space or blow them up when the same aliens are supposed to be living here and underground working with us? What aliens do they know they are shooting at and why? It doesnt make sense.

    • This is helpful, very clear account of the secrecy, who is in the know and who isn’t. I’ve seen the Netflix documentary definitely recommend

      • Stephen Greer is very much about solving the energy issue isn’t he. Maybe he’s got a good plan here, everything open source for the world to see. That’s how blockchain was developed right? Maybe that technology would have been seized too otherwise.

    • It would be very interesting to get a meeting to happen between Charles Hall of Tall Whites fame and Dr Greer. They have different versions of what happened during the Roswell Incident. Hence they can’t both be right.

      • Not sure I agree that “global” anything is best. Just makes it easier for those in power — the establishment — to consolidate their power. There are other countries that can lead if the U.S. refuses to because the cancer devouring this planet are banksters. Specifically, central banksters. Now ALL wars are fought at their bidding. ALL foreign invasions and “regime” changes are undertaken at their behest — usually because some country has the gall to decline selling-out their future , and resources, to the IMF (banksters).

        The U.S. was in a unique position to lead the world and has completely sold-out to these scum.

        I look forward to listening but this is almost 2-hours (1:49:27) so I’ll have to nibble in smaller bites.

        But thanks for this site. I just found it and am impressed!

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