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Dr Andrew Kaufman joins Spiro Skouras with his laser-like way of describing what is happening around the world with this Globalist “pandemic”.

“In an unprecedented way, we see all of the governments around the world, with very few exceptions, all adopting the same policies, all at the same timeframe, right? This tells us that that this is a highly-coordinated effort, internationally and it tells us that there is a group of people or individuals who are directing the governments, essentially what to do.

“This is compatible with a Globalist agenda, moving towards a One World Government, with tighter control over the population, with a reduced population, with a new financial, monetary and currency system, and there’s evidence for all these aspects and I think the overall plan has been well laid-out in the United Nations document, Agenda 21, later changed to Agenda 2030.

“There are many other supporting documents, like you pointed out, the Rockefeller document and there are several others, that essentially gives all the details to this plan and they all correlate to the policies that are taking place right now.

“They basically want to inject genes into us and they’re using this procedure called ‘electroporation’, where they apply an electric current through two extra needles with the vaccine that creates little holes in our cells that allow the DNA to go inside our own cells and then they are supposed to make foreign proteins that supposedly generate immunity…

“They want to make us into Genetically-Modified Organisms, because this is the exact same procedure that they would be using to make a Genetically-Modified Organism.”

Dr Kaufman is risking his reputation and his medical license to get this information out as widely as possible because he doesn’t want his children to live in a world with no freedom, which he believes is where we’re headed, if this isn’t rejected by the people.

Citing the CDC’s own publicly-available data, updated daily on their website, Kaufman points out that there is no “excess mortality” charting. In fact, the number of deaths this season is lower than it has been for the past three years. This leads him to think that this so-called pandemic is a “manufactured public relations, marketing operation.” There is no virus or disease but there are major changes to government policies in all areas that are severely limiting our freedoms.

He says the novel coronavirus has, in fact never been isolated and that its identity is based on tiny snippets of DNA fed into a computer model – which, he says is also how the SARS virus of the 2003 was identified. The COVID-19 virus is being classified as a member of that SARS family because it shares 80% of its genetics with SARS, based on this very slipshod modeling.

For some perspective on how genetically distant 80% is, human beings share 80% of our genomes with cattle.

Moreover, the sample population originally used to collect materials and identify the COVID-19 virus was 7 people – and there was no control group. None of the basic scientific standards have been met in the identification of the novel coronavirus, such as purifying and isolating the virus particle through a filter. Its identification is based solely on theoretical and digital modeling.

These are just a few examples of the bad science involved. There’s much more that he details here. In short, this pandemic a massive medical fraud. 

Since beginning of this #CoronaHoax, we’ve been hearing all kinds of contradictory information about the very nature of viruses, themselves, with some subscribing to Rudolf Steiner’s suggestion that viruses don’t exist at all but that they’re the excreted toxicity of cells, aka exosomes.

Spiro asks Dr Kaufman, “At this point, they haven’t been able to successfully isolate the COVID-19 virus, so we don’t know if it really exists, because they haven’t been able to prove it. And then, the testing, itself is very flawed…resulting in many false positives and the method by which they are testing does not really make sense, scientifically…

Koch’s Postulates, which are meant to prove and…reproduce the effect of viruses have never been accomplished for any viruses – so, would that call into question viruses, themselves, their existence?

“And if that’s the case, then how do you explain when people get sick, like when they catch the flu and they just feel like crap, I mean, we all thought it was viruses. What can you tell us?”

Dr Kaufman says it’s true that Koch’s Postulates have never been satisfied for the disease causation of any virus, which means that our ideas about viruses consist largely of dogma and are based on a scientific system that rewards this theory-based approach.

When asked about the bioweapons angle of this story, Dr Kaufman gives a surprising reply: “I’m sure there are Top Secret labs that are researching all kinds of weapons…but…if there’s really no biological model for a virus to cause this disease, I’m not sure what they’re engineering, exactly.

“I imagine that it would be extremely difficult to create some kind of biological organism that would cause disease, because most of the time when we have parasitic problems, they’re opportunistic.

“They’re there because there’s something not right in our body and they’re actually trying to help us get rid of that but in the process, they might get out of control and cause us problems. But I’m not aware of any organisms that some in and take over when you’re healthy. So, I think that would be a really tall order and I’m not sure that it’s even possible. 

“But if they did want to make us sick, the easiest thing would be to put toxins into our bodies and there’s many ways this can be done – and that has been done. For example, they’re putting fluoride in our water supply, which is a known toxin to the central nervous system. And even the CDC put out a guidance in the early 2000s, instructing parents of newborns not to use fluoridated water to mix baby formula, because it would affect the children’s neurological development, right? Yet, they put it in our water. You can look at what happened in Michigan, with the lead pipes and the lead poisoning from the water…

“But getting back to the mortality figures, we haven’t seen excess mortality, so if there’s any strategy like this, I don’t see evidence that it’s been deployed. Now, am I concerned that it will be deployed in a second wave or a future part of this psychological operation? Yeah, I concerned about that.”

As for the “Contact Tracing” programs, now hiring tens of thousands of workers, aiming to remove individuals from their homes to put them into a quarantine prison, Dr Kaufman says that the term, “Contact Tracing” was created in the 1931 and all of this has been in the planning stages for a long, long time and that it absolutely does represent an end to our freedom.

The Royal Academy of Sciences journal in May of 2019 dedicated the entire issue to managing a pandemic and methods of controlling the population, which is what “Contact Tracing” is for.

“So, they took the easy way to do this, because if they just come up with a completely fake illness and get everyone to volunteer to give up all their rights, it’s much easier and much less risky than unleashing some kind poison on the population that would really make people sick and die – and that would also put themselves at risk. How would they make themselves invulnerable?

“In a sense, it’s a kind of genius plot but it’s a very sinister genius plot.

“[Contact Tracing] is the next step to further get us to volunteer to give up our rights and this time, it’s mostly about privacy. And they may say that, initially, they’re doing it for the public health but we don’t really know what their real intention is and I don’t think there’s going to be transparency.

“There was a Contact Tracing app…it would give you a red light or a green light and that would be to let you into your office building or to use public transportation. So, these things, where we have freedom of movement, now we have to be granted a privilege based on this…

“One of the [Contact Tracing recruitment] ads that you showed, they were looking for people with military experience…they know how to knock down doors, they know how to look for evidence and trash places, they know how to intimidate people. That’s what they’re doing and their training and their experience in a military operation. So clearly, there’s an intention to use these types of tactics with our own citizens.”

All of this is covered in the 2010 Rockefeller “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” paper, under the heading of “Lock Step”.

Spiro says, “It’s beyond Orwellian…Under the guise of this pandemic, it could be used to achieve many goals…one of them…is disappearing dissidents. Remember, at the beginning of this outbreak, at the beginning of the year? We had see all these videos coming out of China…there were so many videos of men in full hazmat suits…dragging people out of their homes, literally kicking and screaming. And if you look at who was filming those videos…they were *with* those dragging people from their homes. So, how did those videos get shared on social media, with the tight clampdown that China has? I think that there’s a chance that they wanted the world to see those videos and to terrify people…and to normalize the idea.”

Dr Kaufman says that if you want to know what the vaccine agenda is, it very easy to find out, you just need to read their Agenda 2030 documents.

“All of these measures are really voluntary…If we rely on the authorities to give us approval to exercise our freedoms, they’re going to take more freedoms away, as they’ve been doing. So, while I respect people who want to go and protest at city hall or at the state capital, they are coming from the right point of view but they’re just asking the authority figures, the government to give them permission, when they don’t need permission from the government, they already have permission because they have inalienable rights.

“It’s not really a decision for me it’s just what I feel that I have to do to preserve a way of life and the way that I want to live, for me and for my children.”

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