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We are in the throes of a UN Agenda 2030 attempt to collapse our civilization, to break down independent food producers and distribution networks and to consolidate these under Globalist conglomerates.

Shad Sullivan, a fifth-generation southeast Colorado cattle rancher joins Patrick Bet-David to talk about the future of the cattle and meat industries.

He says he became alarmed when he received an email from the United States Department of Agriculture, which described crops getting plowed-up across the nation and the “dumping” of milk, chickens and hogs.

Sullivan says, “I believe this email was to prepare us for that possibility with cows.”

He says that, at the same time American producers were being encouraged to destroy their herds, cheap beef was being imported from the Third World.

“We are importing beef and we are destroying our harvests at a time when people don’t have jobs…We don’t want the government getting in on our beef industry.

“Sonny Perdue, he’s a Globalist. Two of our four main beef packers are Brazilian-owned and they’ve been caught in these fraudulent cases in their own country. What do you think they’re doing in the United States?

“There will be a takeover of our industry and then a lot of these producers will become serfs to the oligarchy and I think that’s where we’re headed. We have to be able to feed the world at a profit. We can’t do it at a loss. Who fills my shoes now in this time and age? Nobody. Only multinational corporations.”

We have been watching the slow-motion sabotage of our civilization. We must do everything we can to roll it back and to never be put in this position again.

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