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    COVID-19 is the Green New Deal, by hook or by crook. The Green New Deal is Agenda 21 by another name, also known as Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2050.

    Madonna and other blackmailed superstars are now telling their fans to never go back to their conspicuous consumption ways – the same way that AOC is.

    COVID-19 is a pretext for the roll-out of Agenda 2030 and a “contact-tracing” technocracy, that mimics the NSA’s PRISM in 3D space, that’s being used to build-out the Internet of Things and reduce the population of the US by two-thirds, according to

    Nobody was buying Agenda 2030 from Greta Thunberg, so the Deep State had to hold the world hostage to get its way.

    The Plandemic had been decades in the making for just this moment, evident from the lockstep scripted behavior of global governments. How were they able to pull this off?

    Big Pharma have emerged as heavies capable of staging this planetary coup. They’re perhaps the only cohesive group with financial resources to match the world’s militaries.

    Many mayors and governors have obviously been read-in. We see the exact same pattern in countries like Brazil, where the lower-level authorities (mayors and governors), particularly those on the Left are shutting down businesses and effectively putting their citizens under house arrest.

    We’ve all heard about the “Tropical Trump”. Less well-known are Brazil’s tropical counterparts to Eric Garcetti,  Gretchen Whitmer and Kate Brown, “resisting” their President at every turn. Be it Trump or Bolsonaro, the commanders-in-chief are attacked for the “carelessness” of their responses to the Globalist Pandemic.

    I’m sure there’s a similar pattern in the EU, the difference being that virtually every EU politician is either an agent or a hostage of the Globalist parasitic cabal. This is evident in the video of the Coronavirus Response international pledging event telethon, hosted by EU President, Ursula Van der Leyen, featuring various national and UN leaders from around the world, shown in this superb video by Amazing Polly.

    East-, West- and South Asian states and former Soviet States are seen playing along with the covid psy-op., with African countries also joining in on the charade.

    The Globalists momentarily have Trump on the ropes but he’s using the crisis to his advantage, folding the enemy Federal Reserve Bank into the Treasury and creating Special Purpose Vehicles to provide the interest-free $6 trillion stimulus package.

    We’re seeing the execution of the endless money supply of Modern Monetary Theory. Why vote Democrat to have your Communism, when we’ve seemingly already got it under Trump? All he has to do now is to forgive college debt.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Excellent research and presentation. The puppeteers have stepped into the light (or at least their representatives). We are at the endgame. They don’t win, however. The Kali Yuga is ending. The bigger cycle, Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga and back again, is run by the real head gangster. This bid for world domination by the proponents of chaos and disharmony always fails, as will the later bid for world domination by the proponents of order and harmony when the Satya Yuga ends. Our Winter/Summer is a metaphor for this larger cycle of ten thousand years or more. We are the prisoners of prisoners. Surely the change of Yuga is an opportunity to escape the larger cycle via intent and heart. Freedom lies outside the automated cycle.

    • Sadly, the population as a whole is blind and subservient and hence very few will see the ‘boom’ that this wise presenter sees (rightly) as obvious.

      Notwithstanding, I have been assured that by the end of this year, the medical Mafia will be no more.

      I can only hope that the Remote Viewers are correct?

    • “COVID-19 is a pretext for the roll-out…a “contact-tracing” technocracy, that mimics the NSA’s PRISM in 3D space…”
      I wonder if Pokemon GO was helpful in this development…?

    • I just wonder how many of these “people” made it to Jeffery Epstein’s island?
      Just as another “control” factor.
      And they all profit from it, and lower world population at the same time.
      I also wonder about those stones in Georgia, who paid for those guiding things?
      Does anyone else see this, or am I just dreaming it up?
      Thank You, for the information, again.
      Best wishes, but, it’s going to take more than that!

    • Your presentations are absolutely excellent!
      You connect so many dots.
      You do so much research.
      Thought-provoking and on target all the time.
      Keep doing what you are doing.
      We look forward to each and every video.

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