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Did you get a Snow Squall Alert on you cellphone on December 18th? I did, at 4:04PM. It was strange because there were only a few flurries and little wind that afternoon. I wasn’t sure why the emergency system had kicked in.

The creator of the Where We Go 1 We Go All (WWG1WGA) YouTube channel thinks he might have an idea, referring to Q Post #3705, made on December 17th: “National Presidential Alert System [2]. Why was this created and tested? Political warfare. Information warfare. Q”

A total of 17 posts were made on December 17th, ending with #3717, which reads: “First indictment [unseal] will trigger mass pop awakening. First arrest will verify action and confirm future direction. They will fight but you are ready. Marker [9]. Q”

He points us to the 2011 study by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute cognitive scientists on the social networks. What they found was that 10% of the population is what’s needed to cause a critical mass for spreading information.

Essentially, once an idea is accepted by about 10% of the population that’s typically when it can explode into a mass acceptance.

Interestingly, Fox News host Jesse Watters had just hosted University of Miami Associate Professor Joseph Ucsinski, studying the Q phenomenon who found that roughly 10% of the US population thinks “QAnon is a good thing.”

When asked by Watters if this group was primarily made up of conservatives or liberals, Ucsinski replied, “It’s both and a lot of people assume that it’s a far right-wing conspiracy theory, when in fact there isn’t anything particularly Republican or conservative about the people that follow it.”

As WWG1WGA says, that means about 32 million Americans believe QAnon is a good thing.

“And on top of that,” WWG1WGA says, “you have the entire nation that just watched the President get impeached for something he never even did – tied to something the Swamp’s lead candidate actually DID do and laughed about it at the Council of Foreign Relations!

“I mean, this is the ultimate Red Pill at the perfect time, as we’re reaching critical mass in the Great Awakening and if there was ever a more cut-and-dried way to show your friends how corrupt Washington is,” this is it.

Bringing us back to the Emergency Alert that many of us received on our cell phones on December 18th about a “Snow Squall Warning”, WWG1WGA reminds us that “Where We Go One We Go All” was the motto of the ship featured in the 1996 Ridley Scott film, ‘White Squall’ and which has become the motto of the QAnon movement.

WWG1WGA believes the Great Awakening has just entered a more intense phase and he regales us with many more Q clues and reasons we may have for a positive outlook on our future.

Merry Christmas!

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Alexandra Bruce

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    I think we need to get the word out. The Liberal left are planning to hijack voting machines in the 2020 election, because they know they can’t beat Donald Trump.

    Microsoft’s ElectionGuard a Trojan Horse for a Military-Industrial Takeover of US Elections

    Lee Camp digs into Microsoft & Pentagon fixing election system

    Keep up the great work. Thanks for your journalistic integrity! Kudos.

  • Here’s a noodle twister for you.

    What was the production company that made the movie?

    Where does Trump live now?

    • Scott Free Productions was the company.

      Trump recently changed his residency away from New York to Florida for tax reasons…

      My noodle is not twisting. What am I missing?

  • I’m not to sure about giving trust to someone who has worked for the
    Criminal Intelligence Agency, he has given some info in the past, however….
    Anyway, I hope you have a Very, Merry Christmas.
    You bring us so much information, Thank you, Alexandra!!

  • Thank you Alexandra. A friend sent me a link to a Catholic website which discussed 3 new Satanist books for children that have appeared in the last year. The presenter Michael Voris made the point that the support for that stuff is reaching 10% critical mass. – So I sent her your piece – along with the WWG1WGA video, which offers the uplifting idea that the Q movement is also reaching critical mass. And that means the baddies will not go unopposed. A Blessed Christmas and New Year to you.

  • The only indictments I want to see are the ones that FBI collected with the Epstein tapes, all the CEO’s, politicians, and military personal who are having sex with children and yes this includes the Pig Dershowitz , the not so innocent Trump lawyer! Birds of a feather flock together!Thanks for an informative year Alexandra looking forward to 2020!

  • Thank you, Alexandra, for bringing forward meaningful information that actually makes one go beyond this 3D reality and ask more questions for awareness. After all, being Alive, Awake and Aware as much as we can in every given moment, leads us to take the Action as the Empowered Beings we indeed are.

    Yes! My family and I are truly ready to live in a world where every living thing thrives and not just survives.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and Beyond.

  • Hurray! Thanks for everything you’ve done this year, it’s been a fantastic education. It feels good to be awake.

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