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    Comedian Jimmy Dore is a hardcore Progressive who supported Bernie Sanders in 2016. The revelations of WikiLeaks caused him to switch from a registered Democrat to an Independent. He has endorsed Tulsi Gabbard for the 2020 Democrat nomination.

    Dore is not the first person I would have expected to have put together the best presentation I’ve seen about the Russian Hoax and the fake impeachment but unlike 99.9% of his peers in the entertainment business, he’s not a DNC apparatchik.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Go Maria B! I never knew how tough she was, nor how ‘woke’ she is! So that’s wonderful.

      But the Jimmy Dore show – how do I get in the audience? A new fan!!

    • And still Clinton is walking around like she is queen of the planet. Is there no justice left in the US? Maybe there never was.

    • Deplorables unite. Tulsi ain’t perfect but she’s commited to many things we care about. This “progressive” even wants to limit 3rd term abortions, unheard of around DNCland. TULSI2020.

      I just hope Jimmy keeps talking about her and that Hillary keeps boiling over. Great fun to watch!

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