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I have a source who was a member of the Intelligence Community telling me that a life-or-death struggle between different factions of the Deep State erupted publicly yesterday.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) and Chairman of the United States House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform has requested of former Director of the FBI, James Comey all of his memos while in office, including those relating to the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, the DNC, Anthony Weiner’s computer, etc., etc., etc., to whatever extent that these exist.

Chaffetz said that should Comey fail to comply and not submit every single memo during his term of office, that the Oversight Committee would subpoena all of them, including one that allegedly memorializes Trump’s request of Comey to quit the investigation of former National Security Adviser (for 24 days), Army Lt. General, Michael Flynn.

Since yesterday, the Mainstream Media has been reporting as if Trump did, in fact give this order to Comey, which they’re suggesting constitutes Obstruction of Justice, an “impeachable offense”. The MSM has been reporting things as if Trump’s been tried and found guilty without any charge. However, the point is moot, because Comey testified under oath on May 3rd, that he was never pressured by anyone to stop an investigation, as documented by C-Span, here.

Also, today at 5PM on FBN, Alan Dershowitz asserted that the scope of Mueller’s investigation is restricted to criminal acts – not political acts – and that Trump has violated no criminal statutes. He added that even if Trump did ask the Russian government to help him win the election, it might be terrible, politically but there is no statute against it. It’s not a crime. He cites Reagan’s collusion with the Iranian government to not release the hostages until after he took office. There was no statute against this, so it wasn’t a crime. Furthermore, Dershowitz says, Trump’s firing of Comey is not a crime, therefore, obstruction of justice is off the table. Other legal experts are saying that if Comey didn’t report criminal activity committed by Trump to the DoJ, then THAT would be a crime by Comey!

My source says that if Comey did create memos to record his meetings, they could reveal potentially incriminating information about former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, John and Tony Podesta, Bill and Hillary Clinton and possibly Barack Obama, which could lead to an implosion of the US Government on a scale that is unimaginable. He’s suggested that 100% transparency on these alleged memos would result in the personal destruction of roughly 30% of all members of the US Government plus a significant reduction in the funding for the Deep State.

Every memo will be seized by the Special Counsel – all of the Weiner evidence, everything (!) Importantly, the memos would reveal the nature of Comey’s relationship with the Deep State. As we know, Comey was General Counsel and Senior VP for Lockheed Martin.

Considering all of the above, this cannot be allowed to happen. Enter Robert Mueller, who is one of Comey’s best friends!

Mueller was the Director of the FBI prior to Comey and he was appointed yesterday by Deputy Attorney General, Rod Rosenstein to be the Special Counsel to investigate Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia. The primary function of this legal action is actually to create a vault for Comey’s memos. The immediate effect of Mueller’s appointment is the prevention of anyone except for his investigative staff from ever viewing these memos, including members of Congress.

Only if it is deemed appropriate by Mueller’s bosses (whoever they are) will this information be released.

According to my source, Mueller is not a fan of the Clintons, despite how the Mainstream Media is trying to spin the news of Mueller’s appointment in this probe as terrible for Trump and his agenda.

Then, there’s the issue of Trump’s budget, which he’s scheduled to submit to Congress early next week. My source is telling me that it contains budget cuts of between $350M-$700M, part of which includes the funding for the provision of ammunition to both sides of the conflict in Syria.

As an aside, my source has informed me that Trump’s Syria bombing in April targeted the ammunition storage facilities, at the Shahryat air base, a place nobody talks about anymore because it was supplying ammunition to BOTH sides of the conflict, which is basically a Deep State war-profiteering operation, involving not just the US but Russia, the UK and France.

Essentially, Trump’s budget cuts would deprive the Deep State from a significant percentage of its funding – and they don’t like that, so they’ll stop at nothing to remove Trump from office.

I’m told that since there’s nothing criminal on Trump to impeach him, Congress may attempt to pursue the 25th Amendment of the Constitution, which clarifies what happens upon the death, removal, or resignation of the President or Vice President and how the Presidency is temporarily filled if the President becomes disabled and cannot fulfill his responsibilities. There is talk among some members of Congress who plan to prove that Trump is “Not psychologically fit for office” and therefore must be removed. The 25th Amendment would immediately be in force, were Trump to be assassinated.

There’s an outside chance that either Trump or the Deep State will stand down from this standoff.

Now, THAT’s a Reality Show!

Alexandra Bruce

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  • Man, she really did not want to hear about any actual laws from her interviewee Harvard Law professor, instead she sought only to extirpate an accusation that would go against Trump. How blatantly obvious. I’m no Trump fan but I’m certainly bidding time in hope that the Deep State war will burst wide open exposing all such employees for what they are–yes-men answering to an illegitimate government. The Deep State’s game plan of ignoring all facts/evidence/law in order to create for themselves a constant, beneficial public lie that leads the ignorant, willfully ignorant and stupid to be more so–if you tell a lie long enough it becomes true–is evident. Over decades, the talking heads have become so used to making an accusation against a person and subsequently leading the populace, though deceit, to try that individual in a public forum that they’ve come to believe they ARE the law. Their rhetoric is reflected in the many statements we’ve heard emerging from both public and private sources about the use of governmental processes to bring down a “thing/person” when they clearly know nothing about those processes, let alone the law that governs them. The previous election BS comes to mind.

    I find this woman’s blind adherence to the Deep State narrative, as well as her obvious dedication to spreading it, deeply sickening. A true believer, no doubt. At least the professor set her straight on the law.

    The summary was much more interesting. Thanks Alex. If you are able to do so, please keep us up to date on inside info as it comes to you.

  • Thanks for an excellent well thought comment Alexandra. From the UK’s Mainstream Media it appears that Trump is in turmoil not governing, just fire fighting. It is obvious that the Deep State exists. There is a danger that when Trump visits Britain people are more likely to point and laugh than to protest because he is portrayed as a Bozo. Why do we never see his wife acting as first lady in the media?

    • Allegedly the family is in fear for their lives. Ivanka and her family have quietly moved into the White House for increased security, according to my source. I’m guessing Melania, being very protective of her son and she doesn’t even want to move with Barron to Washington, at all.

      It’ll be interesting to see how this all play out. It’s awful to say that it’s like something out of an ’80s action movie, like ‘Running Man’!

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