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    RussiGate, voting rights for illegal immigrants and the sudden dismissal of Jussie Smollett’s 16 felony charges are examples of some battlefields in our asymmetrical civil war, in which members of our government are attacking our legal system and mutinying against the US.

    When we see the likes of Beto O’Rourke promising to tear down all the Mexican border walls if he’s elected President and NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio promising free health insurance to all illegal immigrants, along with the endless sedition spewing from supposedly respectable news outlets, we are seeing the agents who are paid to conduct asymmetrical warfare upon us.

    This Brave New World of wall-to-wall Astroturf is brought to us by a handful of billionaires who possess the same amount of wealth as the bottom 50% of the whole world’s population, enabling them to buy the people in positions of influence and who enable them to earn more money and control the populace.

    I predict that Devin Nunes’ prosecution of the RussiaGate hoaxsters is going to become a massacre of pawns forced to fall on their swords to prevent the contagion of liability from spreading to the heights of controllers unseen.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Surely the Billionaires cited as owning the equivalent of 50% of the world’s wealth are only the Front Men. From the time of Jacob Fugger and before the real wealth has resided with the Usurers and Bond Holders. That Trillion or so is the Tip Of The Iceberg.

    • Patrick Gensau

      ” Surely, money is not everything ! ”
      ” Even, if millions were given to the poor,
      without ” REAL LOVE and concern, of the
      Root cause of the problem, it won’t change
      Anything in the long run, mankind need everlasting change which the foundations could
      Only be spiritual .. As, we are of the Spiritual.
      Man has failed to become the ” Evoluting Link”
      As ordained by the ” VERY HIGH ONE ”
      Surely, material things will help but not solve
      The main problem…Like the 9 headed “SNAKE”
      As, we are not ” BANK NOTES ” or money,
      And bank notes can’t be eaten…
      We are ” Spiritually willed human beings and
      Living realities…And not empty machines devoid of Life …

    • Succinct and well written.

      With the rise of Trump and of Brexit, globalism as the regulatory arm of globalization was exposed for its less than genuine agenda. The deep cover of the elite in undermining nations’ sovereignty and citizen’s personal freedoms then had to ratchet up an emotional idealic battle originating in the age old root of greed and power. The strategy is to push our noses in it, weaponizing largely manipulative pretenses amidst some well meaning aims.

      I don’t know if we will ever totally escape greed and power, but the administration of it is balanced somewhat by effective governance. To keep an honest balance in government we each have to take responsibility of our own clear thinking potential so as to really listen, assess and choose wisely.

      It may be time for all of us, we The People, to first assess we cannot differentiate in our own minds what the source of ideology is. We have veins of wisdom and and a legion of confusion all blended in a mental mosaique, influenced by whim and emotion and yes, political persuasion. So we cannot choose wisely as all the components are stuck together. No amount then of resulting ideology can melt the ‘adhesive’.

      If we can honestlty admit that weakness, and that we need help to overcome this inherent flaw, we have a chance to see big picture in an accurate perspective and triumph in individual life, first. Then a naturally occuring adjustment will follow- recognition of the actual source of ideology, simply discerning from what that source is not. Finally our ability to choose wisely will be actualized.

      The clarity of a resulting ‘rising tide’ will redirect human power away from greed and manipulation. We as individuals hold the key afterall, to attaining the higher ground we are given at birth.

    • I began to wonder about David Icke’s insistence that the ‘elite’ are reptilians. There’s no evidence at all and it turns off many people and limits his audience dramatically – is that what he wants? And those who do believe his reptilian story have a sense of powerlessness, despite his pep talks. Rules for Radicals #1: “Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.”

      Now he’s claiming that Donald Trump is controlled by psychopathic ‘elites’, again with no evidence and plenty of evidence of the opposite. Only our actions define us and Donald Trump’s 40 successful years is an open book, so why hasn’t David done the research? Why is he talking shite about Donald Trump? Why is he once again promoting a false sense of powerlessness?

      • There is plenty of evidence to show that Trump is controlled by The Lobby, with the likes of Nutter John Bolton literally calling the shots. “Reptilians” might be a Euphemism to maintain an element of discredibility to prevent attempts on his life. “Shape Shifter” should easily be interpreted as representing the Hydra Headed Monster, an Archetype of the deeply ingrained Jungian Collective Unconscious Mythology – a unity that somehow presents many faces to the world. That Collective Unconscious was denied by Freud to Jung, but Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays manipulated it mercilessly with such gems as “Propaganda” (Goebbels’s favourite) and “Manufacturing Consent”.

        “The Conspiracy” was described to me by the President of Business International (later incorporated into the Economist Intelligence Unit, a Rothschild vehicle), the man who hired Barak Obama straight out of university, as “more like a Big Bowl Of Spaghetti (Stupid, The Big Boss), something that came out of the Middle East”.

    • George and Alex Soros are sociopaths, of course they don’t care about the social consequences of their actions. It’s for this very reason that they align themselves with property and wealth stealing, poverty creating communists around the globe.

      It’s this very reason that they help elect psychopaths into office and why they align themselves with today’s democrats and liberal neo-conmen who love war.

      As long as they can use the CIA and ilk in their global schemes, disrupting systems to create wealth for themselves, they’re good. His social goody two shoes act is a farces to distract from his real agenda of one world communist government knowing his place as an elitist is secure.

    • In the past I felt that David Icke was “out there” and “extreme” with his ideas of just who controls the world.
      Now I find I’m in agreement with most of what he says. I am currently reading his latest book because of this.
      Yes, his position on aliens remains in the “wo wo” realm. But with his logic and impressive deductions and “predictions” thus far….I am hesitant to dismiss any of what he says.
      The world is at a turning point…information is power…will enough people decode this information to benefit our future.
      I, for one, do not like “circling the drain”…..

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