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    “Is it possible that Brian Stelter is a homicidal pedophile who has systematically targeted, kidnapped, raped and killed more than two dozen children on a private island in the Caribbean?”

    This side-splitting parody piece uses the same tactics that have been used against Donald Trump throughout the Robert Mueller investigation.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Corporate Propaganda Media Network is in a state of schizophrenia…the rich will eventually eat their own…cause that’s what they do!

    • Just point a finger, well maybe a camera as well, and make a few accusations about anyone, doing anything, and you have MSM today. If you like being lied too and misled, just turn on the T.V. and be there instantly. Do I need to give details? No, just accusations. But in this case it just might be true.

    • Journalists are tasked to cover a story and type a 400 word description of the events. Most stories can be covered in about 30 to 60 words, leaving 370 to 340 words. If you must turn in 400 words and you fall short by 80 percent the average reporter just makes shit up. I have seen this personally happen to a friend of mine. I would trust Jack the Ripper before I would trust any MSM “Reporter”.

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