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Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews Michael Cremo, author of ‘Forbidden Archaeology’, a book which presents evidence for the extreme antiquity of humanity, among the many examples of which include tools discovered in the US in Carboniferous strata, a geological era formed 60 million years ago and finely manufactured spheres uncovered in South Africa, found in strata from two billion years ago.

Cremo is also convinced of the potential involvement of extraterrestrial cultures in human development, based on on ancient Hindu and Jain accounts of vimanas.

According to the Ramayana and other Sanskrit accounts, vimanas were capable of projecting themselves into multiple places at once, in what today could be described as quantum superpositions. They were thereby impossible to defend against.

Vimanas were said to be deployed in the destruction of the city of Dwarka, an investigation of which was recently featured here. Dwarka was described as an ancient paradise that resembled Plato’s Atlantis.

The similarity between modern-day UFO sightings and the detailed ancient descriptions of vimanas is certainly a compelling argument for the UFO phenomenon’s involvement with humanity for a long time.

As a fundamentalist Hindu, Cremo disagrees strongly with the current accepted scientific claims that human beings arose as cave dwellers around 200,000 years ago and that human civilization is only 6,000 years old.

His book, ‘Forbidden Archaeology’ catalogs numerous artifacts and physical evidence for an advanced antediluvian culture that existed not just before recorded history, but predating it by 10 million years (!) Cremo sees a massive cover-up of our ancient history within scientific circles, who’ve dominated academe with an extremely limited, scientistic materialism for the past two hundred years.

Controversial and informative, don’t miss Part 1 of this exciting Dark Journalist episode.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Although I’d heard Cremo speak, I just purchased his book, Forbidden Archeology, after watching the video. OMG, it arrived and what a tome! It’s small print and footnoted to the nth degree. It will take a few months to get through it. I’m sure it will be worth the battle.

  • The first time I came across Michael Cremo I had just installed StumbleUpon, and I was doing a history stumble, Wow, page after page of fantastic information, that was in the early 2000’s and I have consumed a lot of “facts” that history, in books, covers up. But I have been out side the box most of my 65 years. And thank you Alexandra Bruce for bringing this subject back up again.

  • Since you’re interested in the truth, here it is…

    This entire existence is an illusion.

    We don’t belong here. In truth, we are not really here. We are only aware of being here.

    The human body is nothing more than a battery for sinister controlling entities playing out their virtual reality scenarios at our expense. And, in most cases, we are oblivious to their activities.

    Invoking The Light is the only way out of Darkness and to rediscover our true selves and reunite with our true preexisting forms beyond this illusory existence.

    • Perhaps existence is an illusion, but a good one everyone believes. The only support you need to have is The Light forces, and turn away from all the dark forces that are tying to suck you into their realm. If you believe in God, that is the only answer, you will be protected. There is nothing as you and I can do as to what is going on, except to be thankful for life and love in your heart……this is what the dark forces hate…..they only feed off your negativity, depression, unhappiness.

  • Loved this, Alexandra! Coincides in so many ways with the story line of my huge novel that I began writing almost forty years ago.. part one is over 800 pages and while now published and on sale on several websites I still can’t afford to promote it! To understand the basic significance of what I am saying just read the preface on the Amazon link.. Feedback, by the way, from friends and neighbors that I gave free copies to has been all the reward I’ve needed for my work and has given me the incentive to publish part two which is almost completed!

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