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For those curious about antediluvian civilizations, there may be no place on Earth where one may be more likely to find evidence of it than in India.

In this land, local traditions which are arguably antediluvian in origin are part of contemporary beliefs and practices, coming down to the present from ancient Sanskrit scriptures.

One place, which has recently garnered lots of attention as the possible remnant of a city of antediluvian antiquity is Dwarka, a coastal city in India’s northwestern state of Gujarat, whose name in Sanskrit literally means “Gateway to Heaven”. There have been ruins found off its coast which would have been above ground, when the Earth’s sea levels were roughly 400 feet below those of today, prior to the end of the last Ice Age. There have been structures and artifacts from there dated to be 32,000 years old.

Dwarka is located in the basin of the Indus River Valley, the region of one of the world’s most ancient civilizations in our post-Flood Holocene Epoch.

This 2013 film is by Amish Shah, a young American software developer and self-made millionaire of Indian ancestry. It charts his journey, in search of the so-called “Eastern Atlantis”. He takes us on location to Dwarka and the Arabian Sea, bringing ancient Hindu traditions of wars using “Flying Chariots” or Vimanas to life for Westerners today.

The origins of these legends may very well be of “Atlantean” vintage and the evidence for this may well be found in and around the city of Dwarka.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • If the idiot who edited this film had reduced the volume of the music by about half or three quarters I might have watched the whole thing and learned something useful.

  • Hadn’t seen this one. Excellent choice, Alex.
    AND, you go kid! Keep asking the obvious question–why is there a worldwide cover-up of our ancient past? I know the answer but you are still asking the question, let it lead you and keep it up. Someone in your generation has to grab the baton as the Boomers fade. Handoff!

  • Great selection, Alexandra. Really good work, especially for a young investigator. I was impressed by his salesmanship at the end. Nice find, very interesting.

  • Just another pussy trying to prove ancient history only goes back one or two thousand years BC. Anyone who looks into these things knows that history goes back tens of thousands of years easily. There are pyramids all over the earth and they were not built in just a few years, The truth about earth’s hidden history is cloaked behind the so called deluge that changed the whole earth’s face. If you want to know what man’s history really is, look beyond the flood. The pyramids are some of the only things that survived,

    • It doesn’t appear that you read the article or that you’re familiar with the work of Michael Cremo, who is a fundamentalist Hindu and whose lifework is to prove the extreme antiquity of man, in the millions or billions of years.

    • hen, we must have seen different videos. He never implied ANY such thing! Get off that bong, dude!

    • Pussy? That’s harsh. He’s young, still learning, asking, searching and he’s doing something to forward his questioning with his own funds. One day, if he continues to ask these questions, he could be seen as one of the experts. I wish that for him. He on the right path.

  • Your video was totally fascinating to me and I would love to be a part if your investigations and explorations.


    Ron Loncar

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