In the early 2000s, Amazon.com was known by many as the company which was destroying the book industry.

More recently, Amazon billionaire CEO, Jeff Bezos became the sole owner of the Washington Post, which he bought for a paltry $200M.

The Washington Post soon became a major leader in the worldwide coordinated propagation of “Russian Hacking” and “Fake News” memes, which erupted out of nowhere on the Monday following Thanksgiving weekend, aka “Black Monday” or outside the US the day known as the last Monday of November.

Suddenly, the New York Times, Hillary Clinton, Pope Francis, community college professors and the fake website, Prop Or Not, were pontificating about “Russian Hacking” and “Fake News” everywhere you looked.

Fake News was code for the Alternative Media, which, via WikiLeaks revelations of Hillary’s spectacular criminality had been instrumental in the upset victory of Donald Trump as President of the US. But when members of the Alternative Media and Trump, himself appropriated the term to report on the so-called legitimate media’s long history of propagating Fake News (in conjunction with the State Department and the CIA), even the Washington Post had to publish a story saying that the term had now lost all meaning.

Less well-known is that Jeff Bezos had also landed a $600M contract with the CIA to provide cloud web hosting and security for the CIA.

On March 2, 2017, Jon Rappoport, who originated the term “Fake News” way back in 2001, when he founded his blog, NoMoreFakeNews.com made a valid point when he wrote:

“Was Jeff Bezos’ cash purchase of the Washington Post a mere coincidence, placed next to his $600 million contract with the CIA, or did he buy the Post so he could offer the CIA an even tighter relationship with the number-one paper of record?”

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  • No one knows how much cloud computing the CIA actually uses, and this would be strictly classified information, so no one has any way of finding out what the true market value of that cloud storage would be. So we have the perfect way for the CIA to funnel the funds to Bezos to be a middleman to purchase WaPo for the CIA. After all these years of Operation Mockingbird, paying off individual writers and editors, it appears the CIA has finally decided to buy the press outright.

  • So, it’s all about keeping secrets, getting paid well to do it, and spread propaganda, same old Nazi’s, oh, excuse me, CIA. Ever since the US became a corporation things have been sliding down, faster and faster, that’s about 100 years. Then take into account that the Federal Reserve has been around about as long, also if you figure in interest rates just looking at them from the start, that there is no way to ever pay them off, even from the first year, and they advance with time. Give me a penny a day and double it every day, inside of a year, I’m sitting pretty, now, multiply that times 100 years, is that around 26 trillion dollars? No, but when you also include bailing out banks, bankers, and their bonuses not paying back anything, then take into account the “black”budget, yea, we be broke folks. Now, what has this to do with Jeff Bezos ? And cloud computing, it’s all New World Order, 1984, started in France in the 17th century, and guess who’s winning? Never mind, I must have drank tooo much tea, I’m connecting dots that maybe aren’t there, maybe….or not. I’m just removing all doubt, by pushing down these keys. LOL!!

  • Let us also remember that Bilderberger billionaire insider Oprah Winfrey is also a major stock holder in Amazon. Hummmm, I wonder how Oprah got that rich hosting a talk show.


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