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Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt is back with the latest on the CIA’s unfolding UFO “disclosure” operation, which is the next episode of this endless New World Order PSYOP, following the COVID-19 and Warp Speed vaxx PSYOPs.

Having jettisoned Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge, Lue Elizondo is now the new frontman, while Deep Staters, Jim Semivan, Hal Puthoff and Christopher Mellon lurk more in the background.

Christopher Mellon, billionaire scion of the influential Pittsburgh banking dynasty is also a signatory of the open letter last month, calling on legislators to form a “9/11-style” commission to investigate the January 6th “insurrection” at the Capitol. That is all you need to know about him and the incoming UFO disclosure – or at least, about his and Elizondo’s stage management of same: it’s going to be yet another excuse to take away your rights using your own tax dollars.

As Clif High tweeted Wednesday afternoon, “The US House ONLY forms a commission to cover up their crimes.

“JFK = Warren Commission, 911 Commission….& do have we any reliable information from either? So, yes, i am quite sure the criminals in the House are desperate to have a commission.”

Liszt rightly says these guys pretend to complain that the Government hasn’t been straight with you and they pretend to demand transparency – but these guys ARE the government! They are literally still employed by US Government agencies!

“They’re trying to run this thing over a cliff, for money, for narrative power, for control – for global control – to create a One Word Government, in essense, because that’s the only thing that could unite us all against a threat from the outside, right?”

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  • Fallen angels are demons and devils and can pop into and out of our dimensions, after the fall some of these fallen angels made a pact between each other to take human women and have sex with them. The offspring of this deception was a normal size baby that didn’t stop growing at age 19, instead, they grew into giants. The evolutionist, the Smithsonian had most of their bones crushed. Some of us may still carry some of this DNA in us. UFOs pop into our dimension and out of it like demons, they have also been known to feel pain and flee at the name of Jesus! They will try to say we are the seeds planted by aliens and left behind. Trust only in Jesus (Yeshua) G0D the great I AM and creator….please read and study an Orthodox Bible read the lost books too it is your manual for you and your family to navigate the dark times ahead.

  • I don’t believe there are aliens. I believe it’s a massive deception so that we would believe there are. Don’t fall for it. People who claim to have been contacted were contacted, but not by aliens.

  • Disclosure has been happening for a long time by dealing directly with the Public!!!

    The Non Earth Based Societies have tried to go thru Governments and have only been played for their Technologies. Reason being the Technologies have been withheld and extremely Amazing offers of curing most diseases, only to be turned down by Governments. All to have the best weapons over any of the other Countries.

    So We have seen Beings taking their Efforts to the Citizen’s of the World and bypass Governments who never intended to present our Neighbours to the World.

    People know that Aliens have peaceful intent with their being some bad ones too. But the those bad aliens are working behind the scenes. But the Peaceful Friendlies are making contact with the common people for many years.

    We will not buy the Lie of Attacking Aliens as we know they could have ended Human Life very easily a long time ago.

  • What I think that you are not putting together, is that the CIA has been working with Aliens for quite a while. In fact Kennedy was known to say when he found out, “Who are they, and why are they here?”. So the CIA and Aliens are working for New World Order or Total Power Control.

  • Steven Greer says that Lue Elizondo is disinfo and I believe him but some are trying to walk him across the aisle so to speak.

    All the recent photos being promoted to the media, the media’s cover of those photos and political tools like Rubio getting involved, are all part of the plan for false disclosure. They want the fake invasion narrative but even more telling is that these false UFOs are nothing but our own reverse-engineered vehicles that we will use to launch such a false flag op.

    • The germans used the Thule society and researched agartha inner earth. They found sub teranian zivilisations and tech. They had patents allready for haunebu and other crafts. Those things where reported many times to had the german markings under them. So its not ufos its identified flying objects. For me those alliens are low vibrational beings, we used to call demons, or fallen ones. I wouldnt trust them.

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