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In this Part 1 of a 4-part Series about the Secret Space Program (SSP) and Continuity of Government (COG), Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt lays out the keys to understanding the extreme secrecy of the current leadership.

The National Security Act of 1947 under President Harry Truman created the CIA and a Black Budget system of finance to build a secret infrastructure called Continuity of Government, ostensibly to survive a Soviet nuclear attack. 70 years of covert operations have since rendered official institutions unaccountable to the public.

The National Security State soon ran amok, with the JFK Presidency as an early casualty. President Ronald Reagan later attempted to use the Space Defense Initiative (SDI) aka “Star Wars” for what he believed was the noble purpose of preparing for an alien attack. Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt interviews Catherine Austin Fitts, Dr. Joseph Farrell, Peter Dale Scott, Douglas Caddy and the late Jim Marrs.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Very interesting summary so far and had some revelations I wasn’t aware of before. Ties in nicely with what we know are many distractions going on that obscure many things surrounding this issue and many others. Thanks for posting.

  • Interestingly, Dark Journalist is changing his tune on the SSP (think of his slamming of Corey Goode earlier this year). My father worked for NASA, and after he died, I found PROOF of the SSP in his files. I know Corey is telling the truth. Daniel should by now, too. I hope he keeps fighting the cabal.

  • This web site lacks cohesiveness.

    I came to find out more about the SSP/COG, Part 1 of 4 is so short that I will NOT be back to waste more time.

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