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This is Daniel Liszt, Dark Journalist’s Election 2016 Special Report featuring me, Alexandra Bruce in the first segment and then Dr. Robin Falkov of Event Horizons Radio in the second segment.

I discuss the unprecedented details of this wildly leak-driven Election, several days prior to the disclosure by Dr. Steve Pieczenik, that WikiLeaks has been used as a channel by over 15 US intelligence agencies, to systematically undermine the Clinton Campaign, in a soft counter-coup against the soft coup that has been committed by the Clintons via the Clinton Foundation over the past several years, with their corruption and co-option of everybody of strategic interest to them and their agenda to return to the White House.

This is the most leak-driven election in history, due to this covert campaign which has used WikiLeaks to expose the emails of key figures of the Clinton Campaign. The Benenson Group’s “Salvage Report” – which was leaked by Anonymous clearly shows that one’s exposure to Alternative Media is a major determinant of how one will vote.

Of those polled in the Report, those who only watch the Mainstream Media had a much more favorable impression of Hillary Clinton. Those who were exposed to Alternative Media tended to have a negative view of Clinton and to have a more favorable view of Trump (I screwed this up, during the interview). Those who have not been paying attention to the flood of leaks are more likely to vote for Hillary. In this poll, that group is over-represented by women and non-whites.

Besides WikiLeaks, there have also been leaks by the decentralized hacktivist group, Anonymous, by embattled New Zealand Internet entrepreneur Kim DotCom; by DC Leaks and by Clinton “Fixer”, Jeff Rovin, who broke his 27-year silence with his withering revelations published by the National Enquirer about the inconceivable depravity of both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s activities, which he actively helped to cover-up for the better part of two decades.

One of the craziest-seeming leaks but potentially the most serious was that of the Benenson Group’s FIRESIGN “Salvage Report”, in which Clinton’s top strategist runs through scenarios that would prevent Trump supporters from going to the polls to vote. The options include a fake holographic “Alien Invasion”, that would terrify the public on election day and throw the results into chaos.

The advanced brainwave entrainment frequencies and 3D laser FIRESIGN technologies proposed for deployment by the Benenson Group are above Top Secret and it’s unlikely that either Joel Benenson, members of his staff or anyone in the Clinton camp have the security clearances to know the details about it, let alone to discuss it as an option to be deployed in a bid to win the election. This fact could actually land some of those people in some very hot water.

That aside, there are rumors that FIRESIGN was tested with success in the theater of a Middle East military operation. In that particular case, it is said that images and subliminal themes of a religious nature were projected onto the skies above the battlefield and into the minds of those targeted, causing a large scale surrender of enemy soldiers.

In the second part, Dr. Robin Falkov opines that the Trump presidency may be the last chance for America to wrestle control back from a variety of special interests unified by a Transhumanist agenda, including Common Core, Open Borders, Mandated Vaccines, The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Centralization of Power via a powerful Artificial Intelligence Global Control Grid.

Don’t miss this fascinating Dark Journalist Special Report on Election 2016.

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  • The road to the truth is never easy, it will hurt for a while, but it can set you free, maybe for yourself, your future, your children. Life is not a bole of cherries, anyway I wish us all luck to be done with this “election” b.s. As long as we don’t end up with Killary Klinton, and the entrenched pentagon warmongers. This country needs a complete house cleaning of so called “civil servants” the ones who don’t get replaced at elections. Because they don’t like change, they want the gravy to keep flowing. Lots of luck on that one,LOL!

  • You guys have to wake up to the bigger picture.

    WikiLeaks allows the people in control a never ending supply of excuses to manipulate and control the agenda. People were starting to wake up to what was really going on So what better way to maintain control by making all that information public and then use that information to covertly continue to control both sides of any issue.

    They create the problems expose it to the people and then create so called solutions while at the same time continuing towards the original agenda. By releasing certain information to the public when they need to it diffuses their anger allows those in control almost limitless opportunity to control both sides of any agenda.

    A example of that is the NSA. It is now common knowledge that everything we do is been tracked and of course people demanded change. So congress put in regulations to control it, but when you look closely at those regulations it did not stop anything. What it did was give the illusion to the pissed off masses that concerned people had put a stop to it. Which in turn shuts them up when in reality it continues unabated.

  • Trump has been propped up in front of the American people, to make them think that they might have a chance.

    They do not …

    The future of America is carved up in a smoke filled back room. Orthodox media is nothing but a “curtain”. The profound effort we make to analyze the election is nothing but a waste of time and a distraction.

  • It’s a battle between the new oral sensibility and the old literal sensibility. Rappaport called Trump ” a cowboy with his mouth on Go” which is true and very funny. The “establishment” is an obsolete form based on print literacy. Officialdom’s speech-givers memorize and might as well be reading their speeches. Trump is a spontaneous, confident speaker who does not need to rely on pre-written material. This capacity gives him great power with people whose sensibility has been shifted from literal to oral by electronic media, especially the internet.

    “Conspire” comes from the Church in late-Medieval/early Modern era when “rebellious” churchmen would discuss – outside of official meetings – dictates that had been put in print or writing with which they disagreed. These rebelling churchmen would have to meet secretly and whisper – con/spire – to consider their differences with the official Word-in-print. Obviously, this conspiring is highly offensive to the established literati.

    Some things never change.

  • Excellent interview. I agree also with your caution that we “might get Internet censorship from either candidate.” My sense is we are in a momentary, transitional state of innocence, where the Calvary arrives just in the nick of time, in the form of the newly announced soft revolutionary anti-Hillary force. But revolutions seem to always morph into endings we innocent following masses neither expect nor want.

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