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Things are getting ugly out there. At the recently-held Contact in the Desert event in Joshua Tree, Corey Goode and his promoter, Richard Ramsaur put up huge signs, claiming that Linda Moulton Howe would be involved in their upcoming book project.

She knew nothing of this and has demanded an explanation from them.

Why would these people do this? It kind of looks like Goode has been set up to be discredited by the very man who launched his unlikely transformation from a Citrix Systems Engineer into an Empath within an interdimensional Secret Space Program.

The planned book was/is to be part of this 3-year marketing campaign to release video games and other content, based on Goode’s unproven and likely spurious claims, all the while co-opting young people (dubbed “Corey’s Kids”) to help sell this space fantasy IP to the next generation. Attendees of UFO conferences tend to be Boomers or older and Ramsaur is clearly aiming to expand his business into a younger market base.

Daniel Liszt points out that the Blue Avian illustration has its right hand up, making the exact same gesture as the occult goat/hermaphroditic deity, Baphomet.

Just yuck.

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  • Does anyone find it a little unsettling how much the Satanist Roger Richards/Ramseur (RRR)looks like Robert Pastrelli of the movie ‘Eraser’ (and others) in the portrait DJ shows? Given the nature of the subject matter surrounding RRR I’d doubt Mr. Pastrelli would be happy about that. (Apologies Mr. Pastrelli.)

    As it was noted to me today, the marketing tactics being used to pull-in the targeted young are the same ones used in Nazism. Reminds me of what Corey Goode say in one of his very early interviews when asked how he could work with Reptilians because they were so creepy, dangerous and awful. Paraphrased he responded: You’ve never been around Nazis.

  • Good work, Alexa, and thanks for putting this out, Daniel. I Hate marketing sales scum liars who knowing try to defraud others. Can we have Goode arrested for fraud?

  • It’s evident that your excellent report is diplomatically avoiding any mention of David Wilcock who earlier appeared on stage with Mr Goode in one-on-one Q and A interview with Mr Goode. I like David very much. He has been physically threatened in months gone by when Project Camelot to his rescue (in a emotional night of protection and shielding during a live interview designed to protect David) and now it appears something even more sinister yet, has been wrapped around David’s good name. Of all the names and personalities floating in the wake of these new revelations, David’s innocence seems to be the most trampled upon in my opinion. I should like to see David protected again as I suspect there are negative beings that have targeted him for more abuse.

  • Thanks for posting this. The more that comes out about this Goode and his unproven claims the better. Sadly, many well meaning folks have been taken in. Hopefully they will correct their course sooner rather than later.

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