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    Axum, located in modern-day Ethiopia was one of the greatest trading powers of the ancient world, during its height, between the 5th and 7th centuries AD.

    Have you ever heard of the Ancient Kingdom of Axum? I hadn’t, and I’m a reasonably well-educated person. There aren’t enough good documentaries about African history. This independent documentary is beautifully-filmed, informative and well-presented by Harvard University Professor, Henry Louis Gates.

    Founded around 400 BC, the original capital of Axum is one of the oldest continuously-inhabited places in Africa. Axum was a Christian empire – one of the first polities to officially embrace Christianity and it became the locus of a confluence of the two great world religions, which were growing in power at the time. Today, Ethiopia is roughly 63% Christian (Coptic) and 34% Muslim (Sunni).

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    • Of course, we never heard of this mystical place, because it is not a historical wonders in the West, or it will be severely propagandized impresses the masses, whom grievously indoctrinated and dazzled by the imperious West, but clueless of world treasure past of minority nations. A shame and distortion of authentic bygone existence of true humanity, that The West never processed or have any capacities to ever endowed with the very essential human quality and element. “Trade” was never a proper language in the West World, it properly substitutes of true words in the west dictionary of “plunder”, “pillage” and in modern time of “drone”, “bomb” to rob what they need rather than the truly civilized minority nations’s basic discency and understanding of fair “trade”. It is elucidate for anyone see thru the barbarian v. humanity. in short, the basic difference between West v. minority nations. Contemporarily demonstration, Manchester incident promulgated world wide notify the treasured life of The Westerners, yet the millions of middle-east innocent children women, elderly slaughtered on daily basis were never covered by the West New Media, it clearly states that their life’s worthless. You got the idea, distortion of any facet of the history, data, knowledge and reality must be without any stump to be disclosed, challenged and revived to reach a balance society and true humanity survives the millennium generation down the road. or human history will be back to stone age, as we see what The West done to our planet and our universe.

    • Long ago there was a matriarchy, follwoing by a patriarchy as shown in the last history.
      Inside both, the culutures were build up by any kind of gender fight, because of either the importance of woman/mother above father/man or father/man above mother/woman.
      Both cultures fail and will disappear in some time, because of the wars appearing all the time.

      By being human, man and woman come together in self-respect, self-worth and self-love, creating repect, worth and love for all humans.
      This will be the culture for the future.
      By time travel out of the past into the here/now moment, the painfull past will disappear.

      Such a future will appear by living here/now, this moment.
      This way, the past of wars will be past.
      Here is again and again the question; Who/what am I here/now, this moment, the leading spiritual impact.
      Universal life has no human time.
      Universe has no past, because of its steadily transformation and energy flow.

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